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2009-10-04 18:03:27
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Sorry folks. As you have probably guessed, I have abandoned this project. I created this world when I needed to vent in an insane violent way, and, well, I don't need to vent anymore, so I feel unmotivated. Sorry!


<img150*0:><img50*0:><img180*0:><img60*0:><img100*0:><img100*0:>The list of persons is ever expanding, so expect more.

So, comic, maybe, here's my thoughts at the present.
Detective Dwendel, a robot, and his rookie partner, Mark, a wombat who's the second picture in, are on the case of the murderer M. M... I feel uncomfortable speaking in the third person. I hardly show up. It's more about the other characters. Then there's police chief T rex, who is somewhat based on my gramps. T rex used to work for the British secret service and he has tons of flash backs to when he was working for the crown with his old partner Dolphin with Robotic Legs. There is also a private detective/police helper... outer named Jebus Jones who always gets nailed to things. Then Vultchie who just... sits around in the background and is creepy. Oh, and Mayor Baboon. He likes asses. Not in a perverted way, making it all the more confusing. There are more to come, I'm sure. They all work together to try to get me behind bars but odd things are always happening so it's hard. Oh. Then there's the general public. They are stupid, panicky and can't make decisions for themselves, and they all look like variations of the 3rd guy in.

Mobster M: The Comic

It liiiives!!


- I've added an update section.
- I have failed at making the cover for issue one. I will try again.
- I think I'm ready to start this... I just need to figure out how I'm going to color the walls/floors.
- I have invented two new characters and will scan them after I fix Jebus Jones.
- <diary:1040161>
- I have the rough draft of the first 5 pages done.
- I can be more amusing in english.
- TWO FIRST PAGES ARE UP. Make sure you start at the first page. The most recent page is up now, so if you look at it, you'll be missing a part, so go right to MM: i. The pages with stars are done, the ones that are listed have been planned out but haven't gone into their final form.
- Cover up. I'm on the fence 'bout whether or not I like it.
- New page!
- Fixed up an old page. I miss this comic. I very well may continue. Sorry for the wait.


<img100*0:!ByYncke.png> by [Yncke]! <img200*0:> by [Hendercrazy]!<img200*0:stuff/Small%20M!.jpg> by [Evilmonk]!

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Will be watching eagerly! :3

2008-07-30 [Calico Tiger]: i m in ur wiki wotchin ur comick

2008-07-30 [Yncke]: Je mets ce wiki en observation! *sourire*

2008-07-30 [Mekashef]: Ahaha! It's the second time in as many days that I hear my French referred to as "tongues." Peut-être est-ce bien la langue du Seigneur? :P

I like the idea:

2008-07-30 [Nocturnaliss]: C'est une pensée très agréable, chère M >D this is one wiki I must watch. I already love Mobster M so much <3

2008-07-30 [iippo]: Hmm, is there a relation to Le Chevalier Noir that torments Scrooge McDuck in two comics by Don Rosa (who is the best duck-comic author in the univars!)?

2008-07-30 [Kay-chan]: I speak absolutely no French. This'll be entertaining.

2008-07-30 [Janouk]: Ah, c'est très bien ça, les anglophones qui essayent parler français! ;)

2008-07-30 [Mekashef]: C'est mignon, n'est-ce pas?

2008-07-30 [Janouk]: Hehe, peut-être mignon est le mot parfait! ;)

2008-07-30 [M!]: Ok, according to how many watchers this dished up in such a small amount of time, I'm thinking I basically have to make this comic. Or I may get hurt.

2008-07-30 [Nocturnaliss]: You've got that right :E *brandishes frying pan*

2008-07-30 [Yncke]: Very certainly *gets out a very stale baguette* (*with a file in it* (*a heavy file*))

2008-07-30 [Janouk]: *sells pitch forks and torches*
(O my, we're going mad! <img:44166_1164557382.gif>)

2008-07-30 [Kay-chan]: ...*gets out an attack kitty?* I'm not very vicious... ;__;

And PS: I know a lot of Spanish, so I can figure some of that out. JANOUK. >.O

2008-07-30 [Hendercrazy]: YES! Make the comic or suffer no lead; lead poisoning! *Readies sharpened pencils as weapons*

2008-07-31 [Kay-chan]: ...those have graphite, not lead... >.>

2008-07-31 [Hendercrazy]: That's why I said "no lead; lead poisoning". :P

2008-07-31 [Kay-chan]: Yeah... I reread that... still confusing. This is because I am sleepy.

2008-07-31 [Hendercrazy]: XD That's okay. :P I should've said "non-lead, lead poisoning".

Anyhoo... [M!]'s putting up new characters!

2008-07-31 [Nocturnaliss]: I guess she took the threats seriously. ... good << XD

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