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Player: [*Phoenix*]

Roleplay: The Random Life Story

Name: Miya (real name Micarla, Princess)

Gender, Age, Race: female, 17(her real b-day's March 28, 1989), part-dragon human(aka Draconian)

Clothes: She wears anything hip, Gothic or rocker style. Lots of flames, black, and accessories. Has to wear a green gem necklace for magic.

Appearance: Shiny black hair with red highlights, blue eyes, red wings and scales on her shoulders. 6' 1". 185 pounds

Personality: Kind, happy but can get easily offend depending on what you say. Can transform into a full dragon. You mess with her friends and you will pay.

History: There is a group of Elders called the EAC--Elder's Adopting Company--the Elders are secretive and what they do is get toddlers out of bad family.(i.e. abusive, neglectful, etc.) They find worthy mothers--The Spiritual Mothers--and have the kids adopted by that family. They have to make sure species go with species.(i.e. dragons with dragons) The toddlers memories are erased from when they were born to the day they were adopted. The mothers' main job is to raise the kid and give them a past that is easily believable, a new name, birthday, and life. There heritage cannot be traced. The Elders and Mother know there real info. Miya's mom was one of those mothers. The biological parents are never given the whereabouts of there taken child(ren) and if the Elders find out that they had any contact(i.e. note, messenger, letter, ect.) they will be killed..

Current occupation: looking for a job, but can't find one due to her "strange appearance"; searching for her lost family

Physical Skills: swordsmanship and can kill a guy with a slice of her claw, and can knock him out cold for days at a time with one hit (put a guy in coma for 3 1/2 months!)

Magical Skills: Lvl. 5, but can get unbelievable power in full dragon form

Strengths: Powerful magic and swordsmanship(she prefers her double bladed sword), good with guns too.

Faults and Weaknesses: Magic is concealed within her gem and power can die down, then she sleeps for at least a day. Love of singing.


Companions: best friend Sasha, Brevian, Alex, Zack

Current Weapons: her double bladed sword, gun, bow and arrows.....

Other: Really strong when in full dragon form. She is adopted and has no memory of her past until 3 years of age. She has no idea of who her real family is.



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