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A Tribe of Wraeththu, or hara, by [awallflower] for the
Wraeththu Online RPG at



Mitexi Tura was the founder of the Tura tribe. He was a military medic at the time of his inception and continued his work in the medical field once he became har, embracing and using his new found abilities in the art of healing. 

It was only a matter time before hara began to gather around him to help those injured in fights not only against humans, but against other tribes. His military background had instilled in him a deep seated need for order, creating a tribe achieved this. When the Wraeththu and humans clashed Mitexi and his group of hara were there and ready to help. 50 hara followed Mitexi and Blithe into the city when the caught wind of the plans to bomb the city. They planned on helping the hara who could not escape, but as it was no one could escape. 

As time went on rumors began to circulate of a group of these strange Wraeththu who were gentle, men who wanted to be incepted, and who were brave enough, started to seek Mitexi out. It was then when Mitext began to lay out rules and form a tribe. And to this day the hara of the Tura tribe only incept willing humans, and use their powers for healing. 

Two years and a change of cities the Tura tribe was firmly established. However Mitexi was killed in a raid of the Tura’s base, by the military in the weeks after the bombing. Blithe, took over leadership of the tribe then. 

Many of the Tura tribe hold Mitexi as a god like figure and pray to him. They believe that while his physical body is gone Mitexi har Tura will forever watch over his children. 

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