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2007-03-23 04:07:13
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Language, Grammar and Script of Minotaurs

Ancient Minotaur (Minos) and Modern Minotaur (Minoan)



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2007-03-05 [Torr-maat]: I'll have to work on a stylize version of minoan and ancient minotaur, in fact I think I'll go home and start waving miy magic caligraphy pen and see what I cna come up with, it might be totally different from the previous version I came up with, though I think it will be a lot cooler....

2007-03-23 [xido]: Yes, and also see Titanic Language and Script for some hybridized glyphs if you want, since Titanic was an influence. I am sure that Jeremy and Vince will be able to handle it if you change your own language after a few years of consideration. ;D

Titanic is actually based loosely after Hebrew icons.

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