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2008-09-26 14:21:18
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2004-04-21 [StupidStuff]: Done for now

2004-04-23 [xido]: Holy shit, dude, this rocks.

2004-04-23 [StupidStuff]: thank you I try....

2004-04-27 [xido]: I think it might be nice for their counterparts on the other side of the world to have similar castes, but different names, since they've been divided so long. The Twisted Horns should be the Noregad, and a red-furred, red- or white-horned variant, known as a Monan, or what THEY call a 'Red Horn', even though not all of them have purely red horns....some have white horns, or a streaked or gradient look of either white, pink, or red horns. Gogann is a Monan, and the father of a Twisted Horn, along with a Noregad female. Monan are related to Horns of Lok, Red Horns, and Twisted Horns. Monans prefer Cleric, Paladin, or Sorceror as a class, with a lean toward transmutation and shapeshifting.

2004-07-30 [sealaryn]: can people join and how do you me name is sealaryn

2004-07-31 [xido]: yes, what class/caste are you interested in? [Torr-maat] is the one to message about a game... it may take a little while.

2007-05-03 [xido]: I just changed ownership of this, but it is still only editable by its owner... now you. ;)

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