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Minor Clans

From Fantasy Endangered Species List

And Non-Polled Races of The Creature List
From the Fantasy Minority
From the Elftown Clans
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     The Minor Clans come together to give a voice to those not normally heard in the hustle and bustle of fantasy/fiction life in the RP Council of Polyhieronia. These Clans and Factions come together in times of need to speak a voice for the FESL, the Fantasy Endangered Species List and its members.

     When an issue is undecided by the RP Council's two Houses (known as a 'Split House Vote' as opposed to a 'Unison House Vote'), the FESL Leader & Moderator - who is the singular voice for the decisions of all Minor Clans - will vote either in favor of the views if one House's decision, or come to a conclusion that finds the middle ground. Typically, the Minor Clans will seek the assistance of the Human Clans when reaching this decision.

Creatures of The Creature List:
  - Halfling
  - Hobbit
  - Leprechaun
  - Brownie
  - Dwarf
  - Goblin
  - Orc
  - Minotaur
  - Tauric Creatures
  - Gnome
  - Drow
  - Pegasus
  - Drider
  - Shapeshifter
  - Gnomes (unless they join forces with the Dwarfin Clans or Halfling & Hobbit Clans/Tribes) - Gnome Races
  - Gargoyle - Gargoyle Races
  - Nagas, Serpentfolk (Yuan-Ti), Ophidians, and Lizardfolk - Reptilian Races
  - Planar Races
  - Beastial Races

Elftown Clans:
  - Dwarfin Clans
  - Nilbog Clan
  - Halfling & Hobbit Clans/Tribes
  - Shifter Clan
  - Sci-Fi Factions
  - Underdark Clan - Drow, Derro, Duergar, Svirfneblin, Spriggan, Illithid
  - Rephaim Clans - Rephaim, Titan Description (Titans), Giants (Giant Races)


Laws & Clan Structure:
     The FESL Leader is the singular voice of all Minor Clans. The FESL Leader can voice the Clans' singular opinion in favor of either House in a 'Split House Vote', or come up with a new conclusion that satisfies both Houses (the GOP and MGP).


The Fantasy Minority House Leader: [Earoluim] (Were Clans)

Tentative Minor Clans & FESL Leader: [Kim_Lundin] (Dwarfin Clans)
- Fantasy Endangered Species List

Other positions:

Important Polls / Notes / Updates:
  - [Kim_Lundin] is the tentative FESL Leader until a Council member is named to lead the Minor Clans and FESL.


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