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Yay, a contest! w00t! etc. :)
The contest is simple: get the highest score on Minesweeper and win ^__^

There are three categories:
1) Beginner
2) Intermediate
3) Expert

Each category will have a winner. There will be no 2nd or 3rd place, unless I believe that the scores between members were frustratingly close.

Be honest.(!)
Have fun.
Don't break any fingers ;)


This contest has ended! *^___^*

The winners will get a place in the Elftown Book of Records. I'm still thinking about the actual reward.

How it works
Below these words you'll find the three categories I talked about. You can enter your score in the category it belongs to. As soon as someone beats your score, he can replace your score by his own. This way, we'll have three current scores (1 for beginner, 1 for intermediate and 1 for expert). If your score is in one of the categories at the end of the contest, you win!

As proof you could upload an image of your cleared minefield + score to the wiki. Or a photograph or anything. (but this depends on how honest you all turn out to be)

Any questions left? Just ask me ;) (me = [Janouk] :p)
Check wikipedia if you have questions about the game: Minesweeper.


(Just to get inspired; these are the sort of scores I'm looking for. I'm not competing, but this is all I've been able to do so far..)



Winner: Beginner

Name: [Kahri]
Total number of mines: 10
Score: 10

Winner: Intermediate

Name: [Nite_Owl]
Total number of mines:40
Score: 48

Winner: Expert

Total number of mines:99

Username (or number or email):


2009-01-31 [Artsieladie]: You should have a "Print Screen/SysRq" key (unless you are using a Mac on which I don't know what the key is titled). If you look to the top row of keys on your keyboard, you should see the "F12" key, a space to it's right, and then to the right of the space, should be the "PrintScreen" key. Open up a graphics' program, even MS Paint will do. When you have whatever you want to capture positioned on your monitor's screen, hit the "PrintScreen" key. In your graphics' program click 'open', then 'new'. Then in the 'edit mode', click 'paste', and your screen capture should go pasted right into your 'newly' opened canvas. Different keyboards and different programs might alter these directions slightly though. Hope this helps. :)

2009-02-01 [Nite_Owl]: If you're using a laptop with Windows, there's a "PrntSc" button at the top, but you need to hold the "fn" at the same time for it to work. Then copy it to MS Paint, save it, and upload it :)

2009-02-01 [Kahri]: Ok thanks, I will give it a shot.

2009-02-01 [Artsieladie]: Thanks, [Nite_Owl]. :) I can't use a laptop, because I can't see the screen well enough. Ah, [Kahri], success I see. :)

2009-02-01 [Kahri]: Yup! Thanks a bunch.

2009-02-01 [Nite_Owl]: Very nice Kahri :) I've only been able to beat expert two or three times, and I accidentally erased the scores a while back :/ I've been trying to do it again, but I don't know if I'd be able to beat that score haha

2009-02-01 [Nite_Owl]: Oh wow, I'm so mad right now. Right after I left that comment, I decided to play it real quick just because, and look:


*grumble pout swear* -_-'

2009-02-01 [Janouk]: Hehe, I hate when that happends, you just have to guess for that last one :o

2009-02-02 [Kahri]: Ya, that's junk when it happens. As you can see from my box, I've played 860 some games and only won 94. It's a tough one.

2009-02-05 [Janouk]: Wow, you're fast! :o

2009-02-05 [Kahri]: Haha, thanks. It takes a lot of luck though to get that perfect minefield that you can just sweep through. (puns totally intended).

2009-02-15 [Janouk]: Well, I guess [nobody]'s going to win the beginner-section :)

2009-02-18 [Janouk]: Is there anyone who could help me promote this thing without spamming? *will bake cookies for you :p*

2009-02-22 [BlackTearsCry]: lol, yea.. no one did beginner.. and lol funny how the Intermediate beats mine.

2009-02-22 [Janouk]: Yay, there's a beginner now! :)

2009-02-22 [Nite_Owl]: Well, that's because I've beaten it a lot, but its rare that I have an actual mouse to use, so I can't put up the actual screenshot just the score. I'll probably play it sometime when I'm bored and put it up :) For now its all yours

2009-02-28 [Aeolynn]: <img:stuff/kimrecordmines.jpg>
does this count?

2009-03-01 [Janouk]: I'd say that it does, but you're still slower than the winner :) You did good though ;)

2009-03-01 [Janouk]:


We have two winners <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>
Ultimate champion of minesweeping is [Kahri], who won both the Beginner (10 sec.) and Expert (160 sec.) section! *claps*
Our other great winner is [Nite_Owl], who won the Intermediate section with a stunning 48 seconds!!! :p

2009-03-01 [Janouk]: (Prices will come later on ;))

2009-03-01 [Nite_Owl]: Aw, sad, I was about to put up a new score :( Oh well, I'd feel bad to win everything. Shouldn't have procrastinated, huh :P

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