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2004-04-16 17:02:01
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Tairu walks into the ring, stands on his starting position, his two-bladed sword leaning on his shoulders. A red rag hangs in front of his mouth a covers his shoulders. Throwing daggers on a place where he can easily get them and kukri's ready to be unsheeted at any time. He patiently waits for his opponent to appear.

And appear he does right in front of his face and states the rules:"you will not be able to defeat me because this is a testing match so i am using an invincibility spell at all times but i will still feel the damage you do i will just recover after the worst of the pain is doneand i can not kill you either but you have no spell on you so I will be going easyif you pass the test yu will become my right hand man and i will teach you the magic of your choice.but seeing as im the teacher you must get the first move. 3 . . . 2 . . .1 . . . . . .BEGIN!

Tairu's eyes narrow. "So I will damage you, but you will restore immediatly? In that case, my Called Shot move won't be very effective. Shame really, I like that one."
After these words, which are quite some more than he usually says, he grabs his Two-Bladed Sword and stands in battle position. As he got first move, he figured he might as well begin good, and start with a Critical Edge.
the blades swing around, Tairu moves quite fast, taking in 3 diffeent stances which each were just distractions before the blow finally comes. A slashing blow is rapidly coming towards his opponent's neck, which would clearly be sliced open entirely if he couldn't evade.

miaki places both hands on th flat of the blade and does a handspring og of the sword kicking tairu in the nose sending a violent stream of blood from his nose."foolish move!"

Tairu's touches his nose and feels the warm blood over his lips. He doesn't do anything about it, he just removes the rag away from his mouth, so the blood begins to stream to the sides of his lips, forming a red mustache of blood. He grins.
"So you catch blades, do you?"
Then he carefully takes a stance, legs far apart, but stable. One of the blades rests on the ground before him, the other one high in the air behind him. The blood is dripping on the ground now, and Tairu stays still.
"You wanted to fight. You may be the teacher, but you're also the attacker. Be what you are and attack then."

"ill do that" he cracks a grin"right after a word from our sponsers . . . . . . .Just kidding!" So you want an attack ill give you one all of a sudden miaki starts spinning faster and faster and faster until you can no longer make out any part of his body he slowly moves forward untin hes just out of tairus reach and with his sharp reflexes took 2 throwing stars and hurled them at his hand s thus ending the battle "if you cant hold your weapons you cant win. good try kid. your in"

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