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Mike Mignola: Hellboy review

This has been on my "to read" list for a while and finally I bought myself a copy.
Mike Mignola's Hellboy includes the following three comics of the series: The Seed of Destruction, Wake the Devil and Almost Colossus. It tells a story of a character named Hellboy, a demon summoned to earth by the nazis to bring the destruction upon the world - instead he ends up investigating paranormal activities and fighting beasts.

The Seed of Destruction is a story on how Hellboy first came to Earth and how nazis and their acquitance, famous Russian Rasputin, still try to get him on their side.

Wake the Devil tells about how nazis again wish to bring evil on earth, this time is a man who is believed to be a vampire.

Almost Colossus is the shortest of the comics and is about man made being, homunculus who is torn between being a man and a machine.

Mignola's style reminds me quite a lot of Frank Miller's style. Both use black ink and shapes of light and dark strongly to create a visual effect. The character of Hellboy is all about violence and sarcastic comments - at least so it seems first.

Mignola mixes history, lovecraftian horror and science together and creates a brilliant piece of comic which has been seen a cult comic - and for reason.

This is one comic everyone who claims to be a comic fan should read.
/ [Caterin S.]

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