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Photos from the church election in Mikaelskyrkan in Ryd, Linköping, Sweden.

The Swedish Church is a Lutheran church that basically all Swedes became a member of before. It eventually separated from the state, but still the normal political parties are represented in the election.

One problem is that the church has a lot of money and not so many are voting, so bad elements might gather some friends and take charge of things.

But as you can see from the photos, people in Ryd were pretty active and hundreds of people voted and that church will not see that many people for a long time.
30 minutes queue at 19:00. It became a little longer than that before becoming shorter again.
We got a nice lecture about the history of the church. It was a storage for grain before, but got rebuilt in the 1970ths. And now it is one old building (in red) and one new building (ahead).
More queue
I'm having some "fika" (juice, coffee, buns, bananas and stuff) after the voting that the church was offering. Coffee
The old building and the service hall.
Yepp, it's the Swedish church.
The Church's organ
There is a second floor that can be used if there are many people on the service.
Mikaelskyrkan from the outside. The new building
The bell tower.
The old red building (that do look like a barn).
Mikaelskyrkan again.
And the cross.

/ [Hedda]

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