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Midsummer Tantrum

By: [Eyden13]

"Muhaaaa." I shank back away from the endless evil laughter. The wind blew through the golden apple trees, the grass rustled, clouds fluffed, and the Queen of the Summer Fey stood erect, laughing like a maniac. She was only twelve. "Bow down to my power," I gulped and retreated. I was going to murder who ever gave her chocolate cookies with nectar. When I was the farthest away I took my chances and ran for it. For now the Other Servants would have to tend to her.

I hit a tree, or at least I thought it was one. Once I gained my balance I glanced up at the object of my whiplash, a man. More specifically a well built, strong fey. I circled him, poked his solid biceps, and gave him a look over. He fit the Summer Fey bill- lean, tall, tan, and strong enough not to die on impact. He would do. "Come with me." I grabbed his wrist and started dragging him towards the direction I came from.

"I'm flattered by your enthusiasm, but don't you think we should wait till after the feast?" I dug my nails into his flesh, drawing a bit of blood. He was going to get what was coming to him.

Suddenly a man whizzed past us in the air, only to crash into a near by tree. Tightening my grip we slowly crept closer.

"I need you to stop her from killing anyone," I said pointing to the queen. "While, if too can, not getting yourself killed in the process." His eye quirked, but he stood up and whipped off the grass from his clothing.

"She is just a child." I snorted, and no sooner later he was sailing through the air. His tri-golden, brown eyes wide with surprise. I rolled my eyes and looked at the queen.

Even though she was a child it was evident that she was going to be a beautiful woman. Her curly blonde hair was in perfect ringlets, and her green eyes shined with excitement and glee. When she was sleeping I would run my fingers through her hair to keep her calm.

"Just a child," I mocked as I helped him up.

"Don't gloat, it doesn't befit you." Once he was back up, wiped his clothing, and tried yet again to calm the girl down. Yet again he went sailing through the air. This process continued for several more times even with the sun barring down on him. I couldn't help but to admire his determination. Not to mention watching a six foot man working his muscles would turn any girl giddy. On the eleventh tree he hit I decided it was time to end the man's suffering.

The queen was huffing, and her energy was almost depleted. It was also time for her nap. Before the guy walked back up I put a hand on his chest to stop his. An annoyed express ion flickered across his face. I had been forgotten.

"Aisling that is enough." I said, my tri emerald eyes never left his. "Plus you're destroying your precious apples.

"But..." She pouted.

"Enough," It held enough force behind it where her complaints stopped before they really got started.

"All right." She said, still pouting.

"Now who is a good sister, and will go take her nap." I said softly, and I knew she was truly tired when The queen smile then ran over to me, hugging my legs. "I'll wake you for the feast." When I mentioned for one of the frighten servants to come take her to take a nap a young girl quickly took the queen. "Now where should I start?" I said out loud thing about the damaged clearing.

"How about an explanation." The guy said, which startled me because I had completely forgotten about him.

"Well My name is Lily Oakshine, Sister to the Queen of The Summer Fey. Thank you for the help, someone gave her sugar, causing her to have enough energy to power the sun." Ironically the sun was quiet bright. "Now if you will excuse me I need to clean this clearing up for the Midsummer Festival and feast tonight." I turned to go back to my business, but the man came up from behind me and wrapped his arm around my waist, which drew me close to him.

"My name is Luhn, and I demand payment for risking my life with a twelve year-old." He grabbed my face and kissed me. The freaking man really kissed me. My eyes widen, since he surprised my I gasped, and my body went limp. "Make sure you remember my name Lily, because you'll be seeing more of me." He walked away, the shadows swallowing him. I touched my lips, Beltane was defiantly going to be interesting this year.


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