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Michel Koiter
3 May 1984 - 18 March 2004
A great artist, an even better brother. 19 years of age is too young to have left this world, but he did. Michel will always be remembered by those who loved his art, but even more remembered by his twin brother René Koiter. Below will be a few links to his websites, visit them if you wish. You can learn more about Michel and René Koiter, together known as TwinCruiser. Fairly new artists, a lot of there art can be seen in the WarCraft RPG books. Their signature is R+M in a box. The rest of their artwork can be seen at the first link below. Thank you for taking the time to visit this wiki, and rest in peace Michel.

Just to clear this up, René and Michel Koiter, R+M, were together known as Twincruiser. - The main page for R+M artwork. Visit this link without the /index1.html to view René Koiter's memoriam to Michel. - As of the June 10th, in dedication to the works that both Michel and René did for WarCraft and their own personal art, Twincruiser now have their own gallery here. Michel and René Koiter are the web hosts and masters of this page. and - On June 10th, René updated both of his websites. There is now a memorial at both pages. You can learn more about Michel's cause of death, and René's admiration of his brother. Please stop and visit these memorial pages. - The WarCraft RPG home page. Michel and René Koiter's artwork is featured in the Manual of Monsters, the Alliance & Horde Compendium, and Magic & Mayhem.

Memorium - A place to see many memorials, including this one, on elftown.

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2004-03-31 [WarChiefFanguan]: I'll get us started on comments. Michel was such a nice, creative and all about wonderful person. May he rest in peace...and this loss is really hard on René, I hope he can get through it.

2004-03-31 [WarChiefFanguan]: (pay your respects here)

2004-03-31 [kadoofhell]: Its a sad thing, for one to die so young with still so much time on this shity earth. Maybe in some ways its good because he dosent have to deal with this world. But its also bad and sad because he left behind his family most importantly his twin brother. He will be truely missed and even though i never knew him theres a place for him in my very small heart.

2004-03-31 [Phoenix_Tiger]: Wow, I'm 19, and that is WAY too young to heart goes out to his family and especially his twin brother, even though I do not know any of them. Rest in Peace Michel Koiter.

2004-03-31 [kattikawn]: I'm just curious as to where you heard this. I've been following Twincruisers' website for probably two years now and am greatly saddened and shocked at this news.

2004-03-31 [kadoofhell]: its on their website site theres a momoreumy there

2004-04-03 [GregowicH]: i knew their art, and deeply respected.. it's very sad news... and it's even more sad, knowing he was so young...

2004-04-04 [ToxicBlackMess]: R.I.P

2004-04-04 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: I have added this Memorial to Memorium for Chief, it is always sad to see people die so young.

2004-04-23 [OceanBorn]: I know this is ahorrible to ask, but, how did he pass?

2004-04-23 [WarChiefFanguan]: Honestly, I wish I knew. He wasn't a close friend of mine, just an artist that I truly admired. I spoke to him and his brother a couple of times, but I never realy knew which one replied to my e-mails. It doesn't say anything at their website, so I assume they want to keep it private. At the young age though, there can only be a few possibilities. I will name two of the most obvious, but do realize that these aren't facts. I don't know how he died. He could have been in a car accident, specifically one that involved a drunk driver, seeing as how he was going to college.

2004-04-23 [WarChiefFanguan]: Another thing, which I have no idea if this is true or not, is that he could have had some sort of medical condition, like a heart disease, that killed him.

2004-06-18 [WarChiefFanguan]: An update on Michel Koiter: His brother, René, update both of their websites. There is now a memorial for Michel at both websites. In these memorials, it states that Michel died of an unexplained heart failure and that the cause for the heart failure is a mystery to the medical experts who exaimened him. They tested René to see if he had any problems since they are twins. He checked out fine, and it's still a mystery as to the cause of the heart failure in Michel Koiter.

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