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Metaphysics: Aura

Welcome to Metaphysics: Aura!

Teacher: [DanClark]





Brief Outline:

1. What is the Aura?
2. Seeing an Aura
3. Aura Healing


What is the Aura?

Simply put, the aura is a field of energy emitted by all things.

(If you want to put this in a movie context, the aura is the 'force'.)

If we put a scientific spin on this: all matter is comprised of atoms, all atoms are electrically based (or have a potential energy stored within them) and it is the energy of the whole that is the aura.

Living things tend to have a greater aura than 'non-living' things. (I use the term non-living only because examples of the latter will be given later on in this course.)

Now we have a very basic knowledge of what the aura is, lets learn how to be able to ‘see’ it.


Seeing an Aura

There is no spell, or potion, or magic trick to see an aura. We all have ways of interpreting energy in various forms (ie. Sight, hearing, touch). All we now need to do is retrain our eyes to that level of energy. The actual information is there, we have just blocked it out as a type of background noise; similar to the way people who live in the city block out the sounds of traffic.

First look into a mirror, then change the point of focus from your body to a point ahead or behind your reflection.
If you are having difficulties changing your focus point try placing a small object between yourself and the mirror. Focus on the item, but observe yourself at the same time

You should see a blurred halo surrounding your body. This is your aura.
(Don’t worry about color, or intensity just yet. Those things will come in time, first you need to get used to ‘seeing’ the aura)

Now you're able to see an aura (I hope), next question would be: what do I do?

At this point, you have several options, each based upon personal beliefs and proficiancies.

Some people are natural healers; the type of person who often worry about friends, family and strangers. They are the ones who are always trying to help.

Others are more combative and/or secretive. These would use a more aggressive form of aura manipulation.


Aura Healing

Using the aura to heal is simple...and as with all simple things, it is difficult to explain how it can be done. (but I'll try!)

Everything has an energy field, living things have a field that is stronger and more fluid than inanimate things. each individual; with training; can manipulate his/her energy field to produce a desired result.

Let's look at some examples:

You have a cold. There is a living thing inside you causing unwanted reactions; in short your body is 'dirty' or 'contaminated'. For this particular problem I would redirect my energy flow to remove or wash away the undesired element. (This begins to touch upon other beliefs such as Chakras).
Visualise the flow of energy as water(I choose water based upon my Zodiak sign. If you feel more comfortable you can use another element as your purifier).

The water flows from the soles of my feet up through my body and out past my head. I find that the choice of direction is important, as much as the visualisation itself. Life on this planet tends to grow upward, drawing strength from the ground and reaching for the heavens. For this reason I allow and direct the flow in the same direction as is its natural path.

Healing is also a state of mind, think of it as a visualisation for you body to understand. Healing is a physiological reaction to a specific stimuli.

- You cut yourself, you bleed, your body attempts to clot it, your cells begin to repair the wound.

Now understandably, that is a very simplistic view of how your body reacts to 'stimuli'.


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2005-04-05 [DanClark]: Exactly, and the fact that the choices are related to how and who you are.

2005-04-23 [Valient Tragedies]: i think you should do healing for the next topic

2005-06-08 [DanClark]: Thank-you Vampryc touch...i think I will. Sorry for the lack of content, courses and work were unfortunately eating my time. I will endeavor to write something, at least once a week.

2005-06-08 [nokaredes]: I'll write something every time someone else does...if I have something to say. (aka, I won't say something useless) Only one more month of classes! :D

2005-06-09 [Amon Ra]: People some help!?! Can everybody see somebodys auro. I mean either I can't see my own aura, or I'm dooing something wrong, or I'm just 2 tired (it's 05:15h in the morning). I tried focusing but nothing, I only see two blured images of me but no color around them (besides that everything is normal). Help

2005-06-09 [nokaredes]: I haven't really been anle to see my own aura yet...try looking at someone else's

2005-06-09 [Amon Ra]: I'll try. Thanks

2005-06-09 [Amon Ra]: But how. Is it the same as when when you'r looking at your own aura?

2005-06-09 [nokaredes]: I don't know, considering I've never seen my own...I usually see the auras of people I look at for long periods of time, such as teachers. *shrugs* Maybe someone else can help you more than I can.

2005-06-09 [Amon Ra]: I'll try some tomorrow.

2005-06-10 [DanClark]: OK... auras react to people differently (speaking in a sense of viewing) I know some people that can't 'see' auras, but are very adept at feeling them. they say that they can feel the energy surrounding someone and the emotion of the person is felt as well. Although it can be frustrating not being able to see someone's aura, those people I know who are limited like that happen to be some of the most gifted auracal healers.

2005-06-21 [ArienT]: I can see a fuzzy halo around things if I concentrate, but I'm pretty sure it's just after-images. How can I tell?

2005-06-21 [DanClark]: It's hard to's not actually seeing' persay...more perceiving. You sense the aura, the sight of it is merely a trigger, or focus. How can you tell is more seeing a difference in different people

2005-06-21 [nokaredes]: After images tend to be the same or a similar color as whatever you're looking at, but aura colors usually contradict each other and the subject. Also, an aura vanishes from sight faster than an after image.

2006-10-05 [DanClark]: One year... A truely truant teach I am.

Any interests that would like to be discussed here?

2007-03-08 [nokaredes]: ...I guess not.

2007-05-14 [The Voice of Difference]: I've found that I can easily manipulate my own aura, and sense the aura of those around me. An example would be the kid at my left standing by my computer, out of the corner of my eye, the aura around him seems blu-ish, but the girl behind him seems to be more of a red. When I tell people this, the reaction they have, is they say that other people have told them that before; if they have gone to find out what one of those Kairi(sp?) pictures shows. Is this abnormal?

2008-07-27 [Naraxa]: Excuse me sir I am having trouble seeing my aura, i tryed the way you outlined focusing on close and far objects but retaining sight of myself in a miror and nothing, no haze, nothing? what am i doing wrong?

2008-07-31 [The Voice of Difference]: Maybe you just can't see it. It may just not be your thing.

2008-08-30 [Naraxa]: oh. okay i thought that all living beings had the capacity for second sight, so to speak

2008-08-30 [The Voice of Difference]: Really? That's kind of ill-guessed...

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