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Welcome to Metaphysics!

A Mind's Journey

Have you ever become lost in an enthrallingly beautiful daydream or imagery so frightening that you crashed back to ordinary attention, needing time for things to straighten out so that you could separate yourself from the dream? Perhaps you never did. Such experiences fade rapidly from memory so that you can't even remember what the dream is about. It is easy to pass off these happening as your imagination having "play time" or to attribute them to fatigue. But deep down is a nagging thought that the dream portrayed a vital part of you that was attempting to surface. Such experiences are common to us humans.

Have you ever thought of a friend - wondered what he was up to, when to your surprise, he called? Much more disarming are the times when you sensed the illness, even death, of a loved one, immediately denying its truth until the sad news came.

Have you ever answered a friend's query only to hear - "I never asked you that question, I only thought it." Close friends regularly do this.

In your travels, have you ever found yourself in a strange place, come into a new country with unusual sounds, smells, buildings, and people who dressed and looked different from those back home, when suddenly your wonderment changed into a deep attunement, a deja vu experience? Somehow, you knew about this new land and what to expect.

Have you ever entered a building, a historical or sacred place, and believed that you've been in the exact same atmosphere before and you could sense things you "knew" didn't exist there, yet your experience insisted that this was real? If we allow it, this happens often.

Perhaps more usual, have you ever heard music or sounds so ephemeral that you soared to some magical place? Or was it an art object, perhaps of a sunset or a peaceful wide valley, that lifted your thoughts beyond the scene on the canvas, away from the shapes and space to a deeper meaning? Sometimes when we are in a place dedicated to the divine, we feel spiritual vibrations all over our bodies. It can seem strange that certain sights trigger moods that don't seem directly related to what we are seeing.

All these examples are hints from your subconscious mind, about past lives, your inner child, forgotten memories and the passion of your soul. your soul has carved its name upon your body, each soul is unique and on this earth for a purpose, to learn and teach.

- [DanClark]



- [DanClark]
- [Skife]



- Metaphysics: Aura by [DanClark]
- EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) by [Skife]


Brief Outline:

Mystical experiences must have some deep, hidden reality because they contain such sensory, motor, cognitive and emotional stimuli. Certainly the label "Imagined" does not fit. It is noticeable that when you talk of such experiences you feel happier, moved and maybe even emotional.

So why is it that mystical experiences generated so much emotional excitement?"

Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.

Metaphysics: Aura
The study of the aura, or energy field, which surrounds all things. their perception, manipulation and modification.

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)
The study of Paranormal communication through magnetic recording equipment. The spirits of the dead are thought to try to communicate to the living via cassete tapes, video cassetes, through the background noise and white noise through the television static. This is new with me as well, and I am researching information on it now.



- Radha: The Power of Divine Love
- Prema

- Questions of a Metaphysical Nature
Just a few questions posed in comments to which I have an opinion to share. Feel free to add your own comments about the topic.


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2007-12-23 [Sunrose]: I thought I did, but it's possible that it was undone by [TheRogue] :)

2008-04-27 [SilverFire]: I have an objection as it were, to what is in this section being classed as 'Metaphysics'. I don't see any real metaphysical content to these classrooms. Metaphysics is a philosophical field about attempting to discern what exactly things such as 'time' and 'change' are, and whether they exist, not about auras or EVP.

2008-04-27 [Imperator]: What do you suggest should be the name of the department instead?

2008-04-27 [SilverFire]: Both would fit under 'paranormal', I think. 

2008-04-28 [Imperator]: If you feel that "paranormal" would make a better title you may transfer this page and change all the necessary links but I don't understand what is discussed on this page well enough to make decisions like that.

2008-04-28 [SilverFire]: Not metaphysics. :P I know metaphysics well enough to know that, since it's philosophy, but I don't really know much about what is actually on the page.

2008-04-28 [Estantia]: There isn't really much page-wise, and there have been plenty of discussions on true metaphysics, but simply no pages on those subjects.

2008-04-28 [SilverFire]: There isn't anything page-wise, and I found two metaphysical debates, one on time, one on possible worlds, mixed in with epistemology, ethics, and other areas.

If at least some metaphysical discussion has gone on, good - but anyone looking at this page for information is going to be completely led astray by the content of the wiki. The Metaphysics needs to be more than a few comments here and there.

2008-04-28 [Estantia]: #I'm not disagreeing there, but don't know enough to make a page and I think the teachers are fairly inactive.

2008-04-28 [SilverFire]: I can put up a few notes and such on actual metaphysical topics, it's just what to do with the current content. 

2008-04-28 [Estantia]: is there a place already for paranormal things? I would expect the religion one to be somewhere. EVP IS phenomena though.

2008-04-28 [SilverFire]: There is a religion one somewhere, I didn't think EVP classed as a religious experience, though. :P And even belief in aura's doesn't require an organised system of belief about a deity. hence the suggestion for a 'paranormal'. I don't think there is one yet, but it would be easy enough to set one up. The question is if it is worth setting up, if the classroom is dead.

2008-04-28 [Estantia]: it pretty much is dead that's the only thing... i don't know if making it paranormal would help or not.

2008-09-22 [stevenp]: so really what has happended on this site it seems that all of the orginals are dying off and elftown is losing its spark? am i the only one seeing this?

2008-09-22 [The Voice of Difference]: No, Elftown is dying off, it just has some die-hard fans who really appreciate it, and then the losers who want to fuck it up. It's entertaining, actually.

2008-09-22 [SilverFire]: *agrees with [The Voice of Difference]* I think that part of the problem is that some of the older members suddenly realise that most of their friends have left, and instead of going out and making new friends, they just assume Elftown is dying, and start telling everyone that.

2008-09-22 [Estantia]: Really? That seems a bit silly, I manage to make new friends through rping fine...

2008-09-22 [The Voice of Difference]: Some people don't like RP-ing. While others thinks they needs a DM (Excuse my reference).

2008-09-23 [stevenp]: i will agree with the above statements, now that i have settled down in a stable location again, (i quit fema) ill be on more often again and will do my part, and thats why i asked a question and didnt state anything because i still love the site and want to stay a part of it

2008-09-23 [SilverFire]: You can make friends through doing more than RPing, though, I'm sure Estantia meant that only as one example, not as the only way. I make new friends through messaging people when I see something funny or interesting in their house. :3

2008-09-24 [Estantia]: Yup, got it in one SilverFire, not to mention link hopping, I think I managed to get from Calico's tutorial to Lerune's grey walker character a few days ago by doing that...

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