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2004-10-29 16:59:31
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Elftown Merchandise Logo Competition Submissions


CONTEST CLOSED: Go vote on Mainstreet!


[Anvikit] .. Might change the blue highlights to a different color .. just wanted to get this in before the deadline

[Aristotle] - Larger, more detailed version availible, but I can't upload it to Elftown.

Drawn by [BirdHouse107] just a logo I came up with.

[Bratt] If you wanna see the WIP of this you can go to


Ill try to get a pic up of closer detail where it has some of the members here name on the shop signs. I kinda rushed this so its not as nice as I hoped to finish it. :) I still like it tho!

[Bliz] - Been practicing my realism. It took me forever to realize there was this contest, so then seeing that, I got the idea and decided to put it down. this was done completly digitally, with my lovely tablet. Wish me luck ^^

[cipher_felsong] - Sorry, it is kinda big. I'm new to this uploading stuff, so I couldn't figure out how to make it smaller. Scan does little for colours. Really bad quality- looks much better and detailed at higher res. Could add border or simply have fade into white. Elftown is the symbiosis of the young and old, the experienced and the novice. Helping one another in our growth.

[Dirty DaVinci] - Good luck to everyone! There are some great submissions here. This is going to be a joy to participate in...PS: Thank you, magnolia ;)


[davis van] - This is just an update of my earlier one.This would actually go great as a sticker or a bookmark!


[davis van] - My second one.I had to delete the other one because I didnt have a Photo Shop copy of it...Oh well,I think this one is better.It'd be great to make it a mousepad or something.

A map of Elftown with water... finally :)



Updated version of first design. I like both, but thats up to you to decide ^_^

It's my first go at a comp... I will make changes to it later when I get time...
And I also need to sort out the size of the image... But I like it.
Hope you like it too.

Full sizes can be provided on request, the right dpi, will go well on the back of a mousepad or anything else, whatever colour and cant really say any more about them, ask me if you need more details on them.

[Estantia] the background's colour could be changed, along with the colour of the writing.
I would do a griffin or phoenix like this, but I don't have time...

[Erzebet Bathory] - ok i dont know if this will turn out right but i tryed its really pretty, i think anyways wish me luck!

[Images]- Finally done!

[Kemical Reaxion] - A girl and her best friend out for a walk through the town. Looks good on many different colored backgrounds.

Here's my entry. I hope someone likes it, I do. Augh! Where did the dots come from?!?!

My other entry, the same thing inverted. Dunno why I put it really.
[Larien Ar-Feiniel]

[liiga] - The text reads ' / An online community for ducks, halflings, orcs, dwarves, humans and elves! / well as brownies, ogres, wizards, trolls, oracles, druids, unicorns, cyborgs, kitsune, serpents... / ...hey, is that duck trying to say something?' As for what the duck is saying, you can find it out by putting together the highlighted first letters of species' names on the third line. ;)

Click for detail shot:

[a clockwork orange]

You can adjust this to your liking... this is also the 300 dpi pic. ^^*

[newt on tongue] - I just scribbled this out on paint with my mouse, I thought it looked funky.


I found out about the photocopy filter in photoshop and I thought it looked nice

[Orouriel] Since I am not good in coloring, I don't mind if someone else (maybe you?) would color it, too ^-^
[Mitsune] has colored my elf too, watch it in my house(I'm not sure if I can put it up here)

This would go on the front of a shirt. The background color could be changed,
but I think it would be best if it stayed light colored.


The first image would go on the front, and the second would go on the back. The background color could be changed,
but I think it would be best if it stayed light colored.

[Perplexity] - Click on image for larger view(I hope it is okay that I used some stuff off of Elftown Graphics and line one of [iamthejester]'s poem that is posted in Town)

[account terminated ***********]-I made this on Macromedia Fireworks.

Look its the moon and forest reflected in a lake. Its my best shot at this comp

Updated but i'll still leave the old on up.......still

[Rolo] - I thought it looked pretty :D

[Suck-Boy] - I thought I'd atleast try and I was bored.

[sxalo] - Something that I drew a while back and the image without Elf Town written across it is available on my site and on my Elfwood Gallery.

[The Dark Lord]- This is the best i could do, i can make it bigger though, its just the computer i was using at the time didnt upload it full size!

Drawn by [TheRogue] Colored by [Malnu]

[una] - sorry the hight :P


Some art that could be used in the merchandise


Because of that the latest entries of [Falx] and [Cookieholic] were not included.


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2004-10-11 [cipher_felsong]: The sad part is I should have looked for that. Heheh. Course, I never got around to the website section on Adobe Illustrator... But oh well. CMYK= Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK. ^_^U

2004-10-11 [Malnu]: I knew that one Annie. *grin* Someone was quick to post the response though.

2004-10-11 [Bratt]: I'm not sure who the artist is to this picture, but unless someone can prove its theirs I don't think it should be used on the Elftown Logo. I'm not trying to be a jerk or anything but I get kinda ill when I see images I've seen on the net for quite a long time "appear" on a block of color and called art.

2004-10-12 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: hmm... i see what you mean

2004-10-14 [FiSHr.]: right who needs flaming...... lol......... not

2004-10-15 [sxalo]: I think that elf pic is rather nice to be honest.

2004-10-15 [sxalo]: I think anymore submissions should go onto a next page

2004-10-15 [FiSHr.]: yeah but she stole it

2004-10-17 [Wizard]: well, I just added a pic I did some time ago, but I'd changed it to make it suitable for this subjet

2004-10-18 [Images]: Yes! I think I just got in under the wire :D

2004-10-18 [Dirty DaVinci]: Great work, Images....I have a good feeling about your work...

2004-10-19 [Images]: Thank you [Dirty DaVinci] . I put a lot of time into it. There are a lot of great entries in the contest; yours included :) Nice turnout.

2004-10-19 [Images]: I uploaded an image of just the Elf to my house. She looks a little friendlier close up :)

2004-10-20 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: I've finished my map (added water and stuff), but I can't upload it to any website cos it's too big, and if I make it smaller it looks horrible... I'm gonna ask my brother to sort it out when he get's back in the weekend, I'm saying this so you know that my final entry is still to be put up

2004-10-27 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: ah crap... my picture isn't there, forgot to save it to elftown... oh well, I'll do it now anyway

2004-10-27 [Sunrose]: I don't see a difference with the one you had uploaded before... ?

2004-10-27 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: it dissapeared before, so I saved it to elftown... for some reason I can't get the one with water to upload on any site cos it's too big :s

2004-10-27 [Sunrose]: Try here:

2004-10-27 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: that's the first place I tried :s I was able to save it once but the quality was so crap I got rid of it again... I just got an idea, can I leave the picture that I have now up there, but also add the one that has water, so if somebody can't clearly see something they can check the first map

2004-10-27 [Sunrose]: Sure ^^

2004-10-27 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: yay, it's finally there... I thought the quality would look like rubbish, but it's still oke-ish... I've gone off the picture myself actually, but I worked on it for so long I decided to put it here anyway... thx sunrose for the help :)

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