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Elftown Merchandise Logo Competition


Important Update:

I've got a couple of the files. Unfortunately, I won't be able to put them up for a while... you haven't visited the front page of EMG in a few days, I'm guessing. :P The server hiccuped and corrupted a bunch of files. Rather than investing hours and hours into fixing the problem (which is
pretty spectacularly hosed), I'm putting that energy into the new mySQL based site, which has been needed for some time. So all updates are on hold until that's done. Additionally, there is quite a lot of work in the queue right now, so the Elftown stuff won't be going up *right* away.
Soon, though! The new site should be completed in a few weeks, and adding the new work should be a breeze then. You can tell people it's all my fault if they harrass you for slacking. :P

Be well,

CONTEST CLOSED: Go vote on Mainstreet!

Important announcement concerning DEADLINE:

The deadline has been extended one more week to October the 18th. This is the very LAST extension, so don't ask. Two weeks past deadline should be enough. Thanks so much to all the people who are holding on patiently to see who the winners will be -- we hope to have a few more worthwhile entries this week and then the contest will close out. Thanks! -[Lerune]

The following people's entries have been kept in the contest due to their superb quality, but really do need an Elftown logo of some sorts to help identify with the purpose of the pieces.


Finally, the long-awaited competition begins! This contest will decide what graphics will appear on the merchandise Elftown will be offering in the near future. The contest is open to anyone, but we ask that you limit yourself to two submissions per person, as we expect a large turn-out for this competition. The contest ending date is set in stone for October 18th, a week from its original ending date by request. Once closed, a poll will be set to choose the top 3 designs. These are the designs that will be displayed on the merchandise offered.


By submitting your original creations to this competition, you authorize Elftown to sell merchandise bearing your personal design to help raise funds for our site. You still retain all rights to your artwork, it will not become property of Elftown, but instead will be viewed as a donation to the site. All money made from any merchandise sales will go toward funding for necessary equipment that the site has been in need of for some time. Basically, [Elftron] needs a make-over, and we need your help! No council member will personally receive any of these funds, they are strictly for site maintenance.

Only original work will be accepted! Any work that is not solely the original work of the person who enters it (or a collaboration between two willing participants) will be removed from this contest immediately. Also, if there is a question about the originality of an image, it will be suspended. The rules have to be enforced strictly, as we do not want to run the risk of selling merchandise bearing artwork from someone who did not give us permission to use it. We want to represent the people of our community -- not random images from the internet.

EDIT: Due to some entries that were questionable, we are having to set up one important rule: NO FAN ART. We cannot afford to run the risk of selling anything with any kind of trademark issue, so no fan art will be accepted in this contest. 

Also, please read AND follow the Uploading Art Rules for all entries. More detailed specifics are in the making and will be added soon.

What types of merchandise will be offered?

Ellen Million has graciously agreed to help us with our fund-raising, and the following items will be offered for sale:

Standard letter-sized prints (8x10)
Cards (postcards, etc)

We know there were a lot of very creative requests, and they have been recorded for future reference, but this is what we can offer to start with. We will be able to link conveniently to Ellen's site from Mainstreet in Elftown.

The Specifics:

You need only submit one design for all of the merchandise offered, keeping in mind that a few modifications will have to be made. For instance, what will work on a t-shirt or card may have to have its edges cropped for a mousepad, or its central theme pulled out for the bookmark. Stationery made from these designs will have the image shrunk in one corner, with a simple border added for decoration.

For examples of Elfwood merchandise, visit Ellen Million here:

The image size we are looking for is around 2550 x 3300 pixels.  For contest submission, a standard JPG file is the best bet, as we don't need to fill up the wiki with huge images. (If your image is chosen, we'll need a 300 dpi or uncompressed photoshop file for submission to Ellen). Those dimensions will work especially well for the shirts, cards and prints. They can be altered for bookmark and mousepad entries as needed. All art media is acceptable, as it has to be scanned into a computer to be entered anyway. Only SCANS will be accepted: NO photos of your work, as they will not be high quality enough for screen printing.

IMPORTANT: You MUST be able to provide a 300 dpi image to Ellen Million if your piece is chosen as one of the three. If you cannot provide a 300 dpi image, please do not enter.


CONTEST CLOSED: Go vote on Mainstreet!


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2004-09-28 [Bratt]: LMAO awesome! I'll get to see you there. (I'll be the goober dressed in blue)

2004-09-28 [Lerune]: I'll be the goober dressed in street clothes, probably, as it is VERY difficult to find a renaissance costume for a pregnant lady. ;o)

2004-09-28 [Bratt]: Awwww you shoulda told me I woulda made you something :) I made all of my group thats going. (still making actually) We can always make you a cute little porky friar Tuck. :P Just get the robe and cut a pink/peach ball in half and wear it like a bald spot on top.

2004-09-28 [Lerune]: LOL I thought about being a I may still be able to rent something. My normal costume won't fit becayse if...endowments I now have that won't fit into it. ;o)

2004-09-29 [Kaimee]: eep, oct 4th deadline >.< im trying to get mine and spiritees entry coloured for then!

2004-09-29 [Lord Dog]: Lerune, you could always go as the sterotypical joe lunchbox lazy beergutted male, John deer hat, sweats five o clock shadow , wifebeater t under a flannel but if you are going medieval then Large chemise and loose frock ...Its what Mrs. Humble wore to events when she was "in the family way"

2004-09-29 [Bratt]: This is more of a ren fair atmostphere, before we had such things to lazify us. She could just be one of the bar mead wenches who have their cleavage slammed up to their chin.

2004-09-29 [BlazingWyvern]: lol

2004-09-29 [WestFactor]: Whoa, I haven't done anything for this. Oh well...

2004-09-29 [Lerune]: I know! *spanks West* But I think I will extend it a week. *edits wiki*

2004-09-29 [Anvikit]: whew.. thank goodness.. I am trying to get mine done.. I'm such a slow poke.. :P

2004-09-29 [Kaimee]: thank. god. lol thankyou lerune! ours is taking us longer than we thought it would, (this is spiritee and moi btw) and iv been nobley busy with the herald XP

2004-09-29 [Lerune]: No problem. The date was tentative anyway. ;o)

2004-09-30 [DanClark]: Anyone interested in adding an Elftown logo to one of my dragons? My home PC is fried, and I won't be able to get to it before the end of Oct...

2004-09-30 [Bratt]: SUre I can help ya just send me the file and what exactly you would like done. I'll see what I can do for ya.

2004-09-30 [ButterflyFairy]: Yay!! I'm so glad you extended the deadline! I wanted to enter, but wouln't have made it in time before...Now I can get to work on something.;)

2004-09-30 [DanClark]: Thanks Bratt...Maketsu has also extended an offer to help. If you'd like we'll let the judges decide....

2004-09-30 [Bratt]: :) sure

2004-10-02 [intricate]: hi :)

2004-10-05 [WestFactor]: Thanks, Lerune! >D

2004-10-05 [crikey o'reilly]: Bratt yours is my fave :D

2004-10-05 [Bratt]: Awww thankies :) I appreciate it GREATLY!

2004-10-07 [Images]: What are the chances that the deadline will be extending past oct 11? I really need a little more time...please? :( There's a preview of my entry at my house.

2004-10-08 [Lerune]: Possibly -- I had a few people message me about the same thing...

2004-10-08 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: extend it a bit plz :)

2004-10-08 [acyaws]: Good grief people! Thats the point of a Contest! Quit moving that thing, and get your entries in......lmao! (Ok, dont throw things at me)

2004-10-08 [Maketsu]: There has been a lot of time to finish the entries in my opinion.

2004-10-08 [liiga]: :\ I wonder at what point you guys started for entries to take longer than a month.

2004-10-08 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: I started at the start actually... my pencill sketch was finished in an hour or something, but it's taking a while to colour... I'm rushing it as fast as I can though

2004-10-08 [Bratt]: Some of us have school, work, family and lives that require time elsewhere. Unforutantely I'm one of those people who have school, work, and 3 little girls I take care of. I'm sorry if I'm eating into everyones judging time. I don't see what the rush is to get the entries finished if they are good quality.

2004-10-08 [True, plain and simple]: We're interested in getting the ball rolling on selection and production of the items. There are three more days; my advice to everyone is to finish what they can by then, and hope you can complete it.

2004-10-08 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: hmm...k, I'll try and post my thing allready

2004-10-08 [Lord Dog]: I would like to enter something else but won't be able to till after the holidays, could you expand the deadline please?

2004-10-08 [Sunrose]: 13:25:33 [True, plain and simple]: We're interested in getting the ball rolling on selection and production of the items. There are three more days; my advice to everyone is to finish what they can by then, and hope you can complete it.

2004-10-08 [Bratt]: I was mostly referring to [liiga] 's comment about why she can't comprehend it taking others a month to do the contest. Some of us just don't have the luxury to sit on our ass and create art all day.

2004-10-08 [Maketsu]: I have school, work, family, girlfriend, active social life and I haven´t had holidays yet this year. still I managed to finish mine in a few days with Shreya. And there is time limit which was set in the beginning of the contest. if you know you can´t meet that, you shouldn´t take part. I don´t want to sound mean, but it is so. Otherwise we would never get to the voting part and it would become an art gallery instead of a contest, right?

2004-10-08 [Dil*]: yeah...i have ALOT of things too..but i still manage to's all about time management..if you don't have time..make time :P (my parents say that too me sooo much it's etched horribly into my head)

2004-10-08 [Sunrose]: you've been brainwashed ;)

2004-10-08 [Dil*]: no..just scarred for life :P

2004-10-08 [Sunrose]: Ghehehe!

2004-10-08 [liiga]: [Bratt], some of the rest of us have school and work as well. It's not that special on this planet. And if you calculate it, even if you take 10 minutes a day for the entire month, you get 300 minutes, i.e. 5 hours out of it.

2004-10-08 [Sunrose]: hey hey, no biting!!

2004-10-08 [Dil*]: lol....i draw in some of my classes..maybe that's why i'm soo productive.

2004-10-08 [Bratt]: What you can manage and what I can manage is two entirely different things. I'm not gonna go straight into my personal life but I don't think its fair to make a snide comment about the time frame one can get their work done in. Everyones different. You can't assume everyones schedule is the same. She asked at point we started onthis as if we are just browsing the net aimlessly without a care. I was simply stating why it has taken me a month. Sorry, I can't be as great and fast as the rest of you. I'll make it a point to just not participate anymore.

2004-10-08 [True, plain and simple]: -sighs- That isn't a good solution, not to participate anymore. And no, no one needs to put you down about having more to occupy your time than art, I agree. Any farther bickering by anyone will not be tolerated, just for the record. Thanks.

2004-10-08 [Dil*]: ...

2004-10-08 [HiddenFire]: Wow, seems like the both of you are getting bent out of shape for no real reason. [liiga] has a point, we have much more free time than we realize. With effective time-management strategies your lack of time can be easily fixed. As for some people not having the time, that is also true... really it's all about priorities, some things are simply more important than others and in that effect [Bratt] is correct. I don't know about the rest of you but sitting down for only 10 min at a time to draw just doesn't work for me. I need at leat half an hour or I just can't commit myself to it.

2004-10-08 [HiddenFire]: some people also draw at different speeds and some do not know when to finish a picture (in that they keep messing with it when they should quit over-anylizing it and call it complete). *shrugs* @.@

2004-10-08 [liiga]: Either way, there's absolutely no need to take it personally or as an insult if I say I wonder when you started on the entries. I don't suppose everyone started on the first day of the contest or anything, and by asking that, it doesn't mean I'm insulting you of browsing the net aimlessly without a care. Geez.

2004-10-08 [Bratt]: Ok now your being personal, all I said was a statement as far as why I'm taking a month. Here you are still going like an energizer bunny. As much as I would love to debate this with you, I won't I need to finish my entry and oh yeah I'm over this conversation the moment TPAS said he did not want to see anymore bickering. Have a great day guys and good luck to you in the contest.

2004-10-08 [Dil*]: [HiddenFire] sumed up my thoughts in a neat little..large package :P

2004-10-08 [HiddenFire]: Having gone through many arguements with my father (who is equally intelligent and stubborn as myself) I have learned that often both sides are completely correct. ^_^

2004-10-08 [Dil*]: ....parents..ugh..lets not talk about them. :P

2004-10-08 [Lord Dog]: ok fine, I am sorry I was in a playful mood and decided to make a joke about the deadline.

2004-10-08 [Dil*]: uh? you didn't say anything.

2004-10-08 [Lord Dog]: Look back I am the one who asked for an extension till after the Holidays

2004-10-08 [Dil*]: oh..i get it..sarcasm right?

2004-10-08 [Lord Dog]: yeah gues I should have used {sarcasm /sarcasm} around it

2004-10-08 [Dil*]: umm..nah, i'm just dense -_-;

2004-10-08 [Sunrose]: ghehe, it's because your comment was too real: we actually get serious comments like that *grins*

2004-10-08 [Dil*]: lol :)

2004-10-08 [Lord Dog]: Was originally going to say extend for a year

2004-10-08 [Dil*]: when is it gonna be....?

2004-10-08 [Sunrose]: 11th of October 2004!

2004-10-08 [Lord Dog]: 2005?

2004-10-08 [Sunrose]: huh? it says 2004! :p HA!

2004-10-08 [Lord Dog]: it didn't when I wrote that...Actually it could have Brain is in overdrive tonight

2004-10-08 [Sunrose]: Hihi *sly grin

2004-10-08 [Lord Dog]: *dopey Grin*

2004-10-08 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: *sleepy grin*

2004-10-09 [Perplexity]: Can we have a contest for a sarcasm smiley or icon? lol that'd be a neat thing to have on ET ^^

2004-10-09 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: hehe, that's a good idea actually :D

2004-10-09 [Bratt]: ROFLMAO I need two of those.

2004-10-09 [Perplexity]: By golly, someone should do it and then make it available in ET Graphics!

2004-10-09 [Bratt]: I'll start on a few :P

2004-10-10 [Teddy grams]: thats in.

2004-10-11 [Lerune]: Okay -- deadling extended ONE MORE week. This is the last extension, but some very good artists have asked for one, and I want to give everyone opportunity to participate. This is the very last extension, so make it count. For all those who have been waiting, thank you SO much for your timely entries, and hang on tight for one more week. We'll get the voting going then. ^_^

2004-10-11 [Minotaur Queen]: wow when did they trim down the list of acceptable entries again? I am glad im still in the running.

2004-10-11 [Lerune]: I removed the names of people who had fixed their entries -- those were just the ones I know, I haven't checked the others yet.

2004-10-11 [Minotaur Queen]: Ok oh

2004-10-11 [Sunrose]: -claps- ;)

2004-10-12 [Images]: Thank you for granting us more time :) I really needed it.

2004-10-12 [acyaws]: :-P

2004-10-12 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: yeah, me too :D

2004-10-12 [Lerune]: No problem. ;o) But, there are a lot of people waiting, so this is the last time I can extrend it. We look forward to your entries. ^_^

2004-10-12 [DanClark]: Fixed my pics [Lerune]....hope they're ok

2004-10-12 [Lerune]: They are more than okay. ^_^ They are very, very good -- and the logo only helped them. ^_^

2004-10-12 [Minotaur Queen]: for the logo on my pic do you want the or the ?

2004-10-12 [Lerune]: Either one you want -- people have done both. Whatever you like better. ^_^

2004-10-12 [Minotaur Queen]: Ok gonna update the pic in a few

2004-10-12 [Minotaur Queen]: Ok I added the logo hope that works...its kinda small

2004-10-12 [DanClark]: Big thanks to [Bratt] and [Maketsu] for their help!

2004-10-13 [Astra]: ho ho ho

2004-10-13 [Bratt]: It looks great! TY for allowing me to be apart of it Dan.

2004-10-14 [DanClark]: TY for accepting!

2004-10-14 [Mana]: Why is it that they keep moving the date? at this rate... I'm not sure if there will be a poll. ^^*

2004-10-15 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: this is the last time it got changed :)

2004-10-15 [Lerune]: It has only been changed twice, and the original date was always said to be "tentative." ;o)  The first date was never set in stone, the second one was more realistic, and this time, we had 3 people ask for an extension because what they were working on specifically for this competition needed a little more time. I am not going to leave someone out who is working on something JUST for this contest if I can help it. This is, however, the last extension.

2004-10-17 [Images]: I just might make the deadline :) I think I got a little carried away though. It started off simple enough, then ended up a 87.5 Meg file with 36 layers :D Almost done!

2004-10-17 [ServerKill]: :)... lol.. only one day left *waits in antisipation*

2004-10-17 [Dirty DaVinci]: 647 mg photoshop file with nearly a hundred layers before compressing into jpg...I know what you mean about getting carried away...

2004-10-17 [Dirty DaVinci]: can I upload a larger sized image without having it distort when I use the "x=number" suffix at the end of the image url?

2004-10-19 [Minotaur Queen]: So It is Done, Over, Finished..... When Will we know who the finalists are?

2004-10-19 [Nita]: Well, your browser and Elftown aren't Photoshop. Resizing will distort images. But you don't have to upload the full-size version right now :)

2004-10-19 [FiSHr.]: eeeek *trembless in cornor then panics and starts chucking chickens round the room* eeeeek

2004-10-19 [Dirty DaVinci]: Nita, please don't think me sarcastic, but I know the browser and Elftown aren't Photoshop ;) I just wanted to know how to load a larger sized image than that which I had previously, and I already managed that with someone's assistance. Thank you anyway :) It's much appreciated :)

2004-10-22 [Estantia]: are uncompressed paint shop pro files ok?

2004-10-22 [Sunrose]: The contest is already closed... :)

2004-10-23 [FiSHr.]: when will the voting start

2004-10-23 [Sunrose]: "Voting process is currently being determined. More info to come."

2004-10-27 [Saffron]: ehm ok so now that there's voting, what's the voting process?

2004-10-27 [Sunrose]: The votings have begun: the pieces that get the most votes will be made available to buy.

2004-10-27 [FiSHr.]: hmmmmm.......

2004-10-27 [Minotaur Queen]: How come my piece never was taken off the list of entrants that need a logo even though I added a logo?

2004-10-27 [Sunrose]: It should probably be fixed, but right now I can't check that since the url to your image doesn't seem to work....

2004-10-27 [Minotaur Queen]: Ok let me check it and see whats wrong

2004-10-27 [Minotaur Queen]: well I know what went wrong , I missed the last few letters of the address. Now its too late I cant change it because the voting has begun and the page is password protected. Oh well

2004-10-27 [Sunrose]: send me the url...I can still fix it.. ;)

2004-10-27 [Minotaur Queen]: Ok will do

2004-10-27 [Minotaur Queen]: not sure that it matters though now that votings begun

2004-10-28 [CherryBlonde]: just curious.. the images on mainstreet, are those the only images we'll be voting on? i just wondered.. :) there were so many entries

2004-10-28 [shudson]: yes, the entries were narrowed down to the ones Ellen Million can use

2004-10-28 [Lord Dog]: hmmm so she picked them?

2004-10-28 [CherryBlonde]: :) alrighty.. i just wondered.. thanks!

2004-10-28 [Images]: HELP?? I went over the limit where my entry is and now it's not available for viewing. I uploaded it to my house just now. Can the image source be changed?

2004-10-28 [True, plain and simple]: Err what's wrong with the original?

2004-10-28 [shudson]: don't worry, I'm fixing it

2004-10-28 [True, plain and simple]: OK.. :)

2004-10-28 [shudson]: photobucket bandwidth problem, not it's just on elftown, guess too many people were clicking on it in the poll ;)

2004-10-28 [True, plain and simple]: Ahhh..I had a cached copy I guess.. :P

2004-10-28 [Images]: Thank you Sarah :) yur a sweetie

2004-10-29 [JP.]: How did you decide which ones had to appear in the poll and which ones not? i think there are several works which were not included in the poll even they are good enough. For example the creations of [Erzebet Bathory], [Deadly_DNA_Girl] or [Anvikit] and i think mine is not so bad too.

2004-10-29 [Sunrose]: The elftown crew voted and these images came out of that voting... :)

2004-10-29 [Dil*]: also alot of the images weren't 300 dpi..mine wasn't so it didn't get picked ;-;

2004-10-29 [Lord Dog]: Oh I thought they were picked by Ellen Million or something

2004-10-29 [shudson]: that was never said: the entries were narrowed down to the ones Ellen Million can use

2004-10-29 [Lord Dog]: Ahh well, sometimes it is best to explain what happened rather than give out bites of info as asked, could probably cut down on alot of misunderstandings

2004-10-29 [Sunrose]: It was actually explained... :)

2004-10-29 [Lord Dog]: actually It was not, just said that it was narrowed down to the ones she could use. Then later it was said this was done by the Crew (actually it was said they were picked by the crew) If they were said together it might have made more sense, apart like they were, it may have been miscontrued as the Crew picking 15 they liked and offering their favorites (based on whatever criteria they chose) and offered their picks to the populace to choose from. Now saying it as The crew picked out the ones that coud be used by EMG explains why the field of competitors were narrowed down.

2004-10-30 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: oh well, I'm not that bothered... I'm just happy I entered a competition :)

2004-10-30 [Dirty DaVinci]: Hmmm....and here I thought the public was actually going to pick from all the selections. A lot to be said for clearly stating *all* of the specifics...

2004-10-30 [Dirty DaVinci]: Anyway, congratulations to the winnner, whoever they may be. Great job, people. Everyone should be proud even if not everyone got the chance ;)

2004-10-30 [Sunrose]: Hmm....sorry for all the time we will do a better job of explaining. :)

2004-10-30 [Bratt]: Its funny becuase the one I was really rooting to win was made by DNA girl :) Oh well.

2004-10-30 [True, plain and simple]: Putting all the entries on the Mainstreet poll is completely impractical anyway, as there were too many. The field was narrowed down to those that best represent what Elftown is. Some images that do not win might be requested for use with other things, including the one done by DNA girl. There are no specific plans for this right now though, but I do believe some things have been suggested. =)

2004-10-30 [Sunrose]: They have.. ;)

2004-10-30 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: lol, that was me thinking nobody would like my map :) thx for the nice comments [JP.] & [Bratt], make me feel all happy ^_^

2004-10-31 [Gone!]: Wonder when the merchandise will start rollin'.

2004-10-31 [Images]: Well, [Deadly_DNA_Girl] , if they had a catagory for "'A' for Effort and Originality" you would surely be one of the finalists. It looks like you put a lot of time and effort into your entry.

2004-10-31 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: I sure did, the thing was making me go mad :D lol

2004-10-31 [Lerune]: Well, I apologize for any confusion. I have been more off than on, and it can't be helped. I don't have a lot of time left before the baby gets here (Due December 12th) and there are a lot of things I have to get done before that, so I wasn't here to update the decisions made by the council as it should have been on the wiki. And, for the record, the entries WERE sent to Ellen (by me) and the ones that were chosen are more what she is looking for (so she did have some say in it, it was not just the council). As I said, I wish I had been here to update, and I feel badly that I wasn't, but it couldn't be helped. =o(

2004-10-31 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: your pregnant? :)

2004-10-31 [Lerune]: Horrendously I am due in a little over a month (but you know how these things are, could be longer, could be sooner). So, when you read my messages, imagine a very round, hormonal woman typing

2004-10-31 [HiddenFire]: You painting your belly like a jack-o-lanturn for halloween? LOL

2004-10-31 [Lerune]: Um, no. ;o) lol

2004-11-01 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: aaaw pregies! *huggles you* it a boy or girl, have you thought about a name yet :D

2004-11-01 [Lerune]: I think we have a girl's name, but the boy is still up in the air (we don't know if we are having a boy or girl). You can always help me out at Baby Name Suggestions. ;o)

2004-11-01 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: lol, cute :D

2004-11-02 [Sunrose]: The elftown crew would like to congratulate [Deadly_DNA_Girl] for her image has been chosen to be placed on Community!

2004-11-02 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: yay! :D *mega super duper delux happy now*

2004-11-02 [Sunrose]: *^^*

2004-11-06 [Saffron]: btw is it ok that my picture is only 2100x1200 pixels? it wasn't supposed to be a very detailed picture initially you know

2004-11-07 [Gone!]: [liiga] seems to be the retaining winner, now bring on the merchandise, lol.

2004-11-07 [shudson]: we are sending at least THREE designs to Ellen and she has the right to nix any and all because she can't work with them. Be patient.

2004-11-07 [acyaws]: I wish I would have put my transparent one on there, because the green background isnt apart of the looks better transparent because it goes with any color...Oh well....

2004-11-07 [shudson]: well, if/when we ask you for the final image send the transparent one!

2004-11-07 [acyaws]: i learned how to make your little stars and my girls LOVE THEM, so now im in the process of making

2004-11-07 [FiSHr.]: lol

2004-11-07 [shudson]: I'm glad you like them ;D

2004-11-08 [Lerune]: Just to update everyone, I have emailed Ellen about how many designs she wants. We are sending at least 3, but if they don't all work for everything, she may want a few more, so I will find out soon. It usually takes her several days to respond to my emails (she is very busy) but as soon as I find out, I will let you all know what is going on and we will get our little Elftown store up and running. Thank you all for being so patient. ^_^

2004-11-09 [lordaxe]: :)

2004-11-10 [Images]: There are 5 above me and a couple tied with me in the standings, so is it safe to assume that the citizens of Elftown have spoken and I can pull my entry and use it for something else?

2004-11-10 [Sunrose]: Not if in the end Ellen wants 6 images.....

2004-11-10 [Maketsu]: At least I have no fear of our image being used, heheh. :-D

2004-11-10 [Images]: Ok, Thanks Sunrose. I'll speak to Ellen about it. She knows what the 'something else' I refered to in my last comment is all about.

2004-11-10 [Sunrose]: *hugs makemake* // you're welcome [Images] ;)

2004-11-11 [JP.]: Is there any problem if i post the drawing i made for this contest in my Elfwood gallery?

2004-11-11 [Saffron]: nope... unless they don't consider it fantasy...

2004-11-19 [Minotaur Queen]: now that the votings off mainstreet....Who won?

2004-11-19 [Sunrose]: [Lerune] sent the designs to Ellen, but Ellen didn't have time yet to reply. [Lerune] will probably announce who won when the reply from Ellen is in!

2004-11-19 [Saffron]: is there still hope for 4th place?

2004-11-19 [Sunrose]: The answer to that is the same as before, since Ellen hasn't replied yet :)

2004-11-20 [Kiristo]: Hi!

2005-03-10 [liiga]: Um hi, a question - is this idea still alive? ^^; Ellen says she hasn't heard anything back about it... I'm just wondering what happened.

2005-03-10 [Kiristo]: me too, me too

2005-03-11 [Lerune]: While I was away recovering, [shudson] was supposed to have written her for me. I hadn't heard anything from Ellen when I turned it over to [shudson]. I guess I will email her again -- I know [shudson] has been busy.

2005-03-11 [liiga]: Yay. :)

2005-03-12 [Kiristo]: ok

2005-03-31 [spiritee]: hi, i was just wondering, is there an official winner for this contest? i'm hoping to update the page, Art Contests

2005-03-31 [Saffron]: [liiga] got the most votes

2005-04-15 [shudson]: yeah, I emailed her, she said she'd let me know when it was ready but she never did

2005-04-15 [Kiristo]: hmm....

2005-04-15 [Images]: There was 6 of us chosen. I'm not sure who the other are though.

2005-04-15 [DanClark]: I was one of them...but still waiting to be contacted by Ellen to sign something.....

2005-04-15 [liiga]: Right now Ellen's having some site troubles, so it's likely that reply will be delayed, there are also no new designs being posted at this time. Well at least this time she seems to have received the note. :) (*knows 'cause she sometimes gets to nag Ellen for stuff because of being on EMG Portrait Adoption*)

2005-04-15 [Images]: I received an e-mail from Ellen yesterday saying she just got around to checking my upload. As [liiga] said, she's definitely having site problems.

2005-04-15 [shudson]: and that explains it. we'll have to be patient ;) all this anticipation will make people want to buy elftown merchandise even more right? right? ;)

2005-04-16 [Images]: Right :)

2005-04-16 [Saffron]: have... to... finish... upgrading... picture ><

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