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Elftown Merchandise Logo Competition


Important Update:

I've got a couple of the files. Unfortunately, I won't be able to put them up for a while... you haven't visited the front page of EMG in a few days, I'm guessing. :P The server hiccuped and corrupted a bunch of files. Rather than investing hours and hours into fixing the problem (which is
pretty spectacularly hosed), I'm putting that energy into the new mySQL based site, which has been needed for some time. So all updates are on hold until that's done. Additionally, there is quite a lot of work in the queue right now, so the Elftown stuff won't be going up *right* away.
Soon, though! The new site should be completed in a few weeks, and adding the new work should be a breeze then. You can tell people it's all my fault if they harrass you for slacking. :P

Be well,

CONTEST CLOSED: Go vote on Mainstreet!

Important announcement concerning DEADLINE:

The deadline has been extended one more week to October the 18th. This is the very LAST extension, so don't ask. Two weeks past deadline should be enough. Thanks so much to all the people who are holding on patiently to see who the winners will be -- we hope to have a few more worthwhile entries this week and then the contest will close out. Thanks! -[Lerune]

The following people's entries have been kept in the contest due to their superb quality, but really do need an Elftown logo of some sorts to help identify with the purpose of the pieces.


Finally, the long-awaited competition begins! This contest will decide what graphics will appear on the merchandise Elftown will be offering in the near future. The contest is open to anyone, but we ask that you limit yourself to two submissions per person, as we expect a large turn-out for this competition. The contest ending date is set in stone for October 18th, a week from its original ending date by request. Once closed, a poll will be set to choose the top 3 designs. These are the designs that will be displayed on the merchandise offered.


By submitting your original creations to this competition, you authorize Elftown to sell merchandise bearing your personal design to help raise funds for our site. You still retain all rights to your artwork, it will not become property of Elftown, but instead will be viewed as a donation to the site. All money made from any merchandise sales will go toward funding for necessary equipment that the site has been in need of for some time. Basically, [Elftron] needs a make-over, and we need your help! No council member will personally receive any of these funds, they are strictly for site maintenance.

Only original work will be accepted! Any work that is not solely the original work of the person who enters it (or a collaboration between two willing participants) will be removed from this contest immediately. Also, if there is a question about the originality of an image, it will be suspended. The rules have to be enforced strictly, as we do not want to run the risk of selling merchandise bearing artwork from someone who did not give us permission to use it. We want to represent the people of our community -- not random images from the internet.

EDIT: Due to some entries that were questionable, we are having to set up one important rule: NO FAN ART. We cannot afford to run the risk of selling anything with any kind of trademark issue, so no fan art will be accepted in this contest. 

Also, please read AND follow the Uploading Art Rules for all entries. More detailed specifics are in the making and will be added soon.

What types of merchandise will be offered?

Ellen Million has graciously agreed to help us with our fund-raising, and the following items will be offered for sale:

Standard letter-sized prints (8x10)
Cards (postcards, etc)

We know there were a lot of very creative requests, and they have been recorded for future reference, but this is what we can offer to start with. We will be able to link conveniently to Ellen's site from Mainstreet in Elftown.

The Specifics:

You need only submit one design for all of the merchandise offered, keeping in mind that a few modifications will have to be made. For instance, what will work on a t-shirt or card may have to have its edges cropped for a mousepad, or its central theme pulled out for the bookmark. Stationery made from these designs will have the image shrunk in one corner, with a simple border added for decoration.

For examples of Elfwood merchandise, visit Ellen Million here:

The image size we are looking for is around 2550 x 3300 pixels.  For contest submission, a standard JPG file is the best bet, as we don't need to fill up the wiki with huge images. (If your image is chosen, we'll need a 300 dpi or uncompressed photoshop file for submission to Ellen). Those dimensions will work especially well for the shirts, cards and prints. They can be altered for bookmark and mousepad entries as needed. All art media is acceptable, as it has to be scanned into a computer to be entered anyway. Only SCANS will be accepted: NO photos of your work, as they will not be high quality enough for screen printing.

IMPORTANT: You MUST be able to provide a 300 dpi image to Ellen Million if your piece is chosen as one of the three. If you cannot provide a 300 dpi image, please do not enter.


CONTEST CLOSED: Go vote on Mainstreet!


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2004-09-05 [Minotaur Queen]: I have never done this before but do I go to the edit this page and add my link to the list?

2004-09-05 [Shreya]: yes:)

2004-09-05 [Minotaur Queen]: Ok I'll try and see if it works

2004-09-05 [Minotaur Queen]: IT WORKED! Thanks

2004-09-05 [shudson]: just fyi, for Ellen the 2550x3300 part doesn't matter quite as much as the 300 dpi part, she can easily crop images to fit

2004-09-05 [Lerune]: I think I will add that to the contest specifics. I thought it was easy enough to understand, but there have been way too many questions about it. :/

2004-09-05 [Morganath]: Hhhaahhhaa i got it!

2004-09-05 [YourAdHere]: muwahahaha

2004-09-05 [Elane]: It would be nice to have something that carried the logo of Elftown, or just said Elftown, with a diverse picture, perhaps?

2004-09-05 [YourAdHere]: key chains!

2004-09-05 [Minotaur Queen]: IMO if a logo is to be included it should be on the back or just small in the corner of the picture and "Elftown" could be added above an image later

2004-09-05 [BlazingWyvern]: oh i like the minotaur, that's neat

2004-09-05 [Minotaur Queen]: thanks

2004-09-05 [YourAdHere]: yesh, vn

2004-09-05 [psychopomp]: there needs to be more that says elftown on it

2004-09-05 [The Anansi]: I agree

2004-09-05 [Stratakus]: Yeah. I'd even suggest the ET login window images. what's more official for ET Merchandise than ET graphics themselves?

2004-09-05 [The Anansi]: that's a good idea...I was wondering why they didn't do that >_>

2004-09-05 [Stratakus]: They want to give Elftown members a chance to get their own art put on some of it. ~Grins~ For 20 dollars I could get my own ET t-shirt made in a kiosk in the fodcourt of the mall I work at. But I won't... as it would be ripping off ET

2004-09-05 [Lerune]: Ooh -- that IS a good idea. I'll ask [kthxby] about entering his recent one. ^_^

2004-09-05 [Stratakus]: You mean the thought had never crossed your mind?

2004-09-05 [Lerune]: Stratakus, my sweet, with all the writing back and forth to Ellen, getting this contest set up, managing the old poll about what types of merchandise people wanted (you wouldn't believe how many people wrote me) trying to keep caught up with the forums and guard reports, helping to set up the Assembly wiki, forum and its members and trying to help Skydancer on the current Herald, the last of my thoughts was what people would actually enter in the contest. =oP 

2004-09-05 [Lerune]: But don't take that the wrong way -- I love being busy. ;o)

2004-09-05 [BlazingWyvern]: multitasking is a wonderful thing ^.^

2004-09-05 [Stratakus]: Wow.. and my biggest worry is where I'm going to find Beige pants in my size for school..

2004-09-05 [YourAdHere]: lol?

2004-09-05 [shudson]: If you need a hand Lerune, let me know, I'm relatively not busy right now.

2004-09-05 [Morganath]: why don't ye put a pic on front then an elftown graphic on the back of the shirts? or somethin like that.

2004-09-05 [Kememmótar]: I want to enter a couple of drawings but i have no clue as to what a DPI is or how to creat that type of file. Kin some one explain it to me being as i am hightly computer illerterate?

2004-09-05 [Minotaur Queen]: when you scan the image dpi is the resolution. make sure you scan at 300 or better I just figured this out earlier.

2004-09-05 [Kememmótar]: *blinks* well.. if the dpi is the resolution why not just say so?? no clue as to change the resolution on my canner but i believe i can change that through on of the photo programs i have..

2004-09-05 [Morganath]: purpley nurpley confusing aint it? hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

2004-09-05 [shudson]: but the resolution that you scan the image at is what matters. You usually change this in the scanning program. The help menu for the program should tell you.

2004-09-05 [Minotaur Queen]: I have an HP Scanner and befor you accept the image you can rescan at a different resolution.

2004-09-05 [Kememmótar]: erm... no clue how.. maybe ill just find some to help me..

2004-09-05 [Morganath]: blugh burp gurple nurple purple!!!!!!!! i like me felicity does anyone else?

2004-09-05 [Jewl]: Grr... I reeeeally feel out-talented... lol

2004-09-05 [shudson]: if you guys are confused, why not take a look at Ellen Million's site, here's where the Elfwood stuff is sold:

2004-09-05 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: I'll try drawing some stuff

2004-09-05 [Canela]: it says either 300 dpi or an uncompressed photoshop file....what's uncompressed photoshop file?

2004-09-05 [Saffron]: hm elfwood has some great stuff for sale

2004-09-05 [shudson]: uncompressed means that you haven't saved as anything other than photoshop

2004-09-05 [Canela]: oh okay ^.^ so, we make it a JPEG for the contest, and if we win (by any chance) would we then give Ellen a Photoshop file?

2004-09-05 [shudson]: exactly

2004-09-05 [Canela]: oooo makes sense! thank you so much! ^.^

2004-09-05 [spongemonkey]: do you just add the logo?

2004-09-05 [shudson]: just stick it at the bottom

2004-09-05 [spongemonkey]: kk.

2004-09-06 [Jewl]: lol no problem here

2004-09-06 [Sagacious Turkey]: comment # 100 baby! yippy!

2004-09-06 [BlazingWyvern]: lol

2004-09-06 [Dragon Hawk]: alright got a Q. I want to enter, but i dont have DPI on my 'puter. I made my pic in photoshope, but only used one layer. would it still be considered uncompressed, this way?

2004-09-06 [shudson]: dpi isn't something you can't have on your computer. It stands for "dots per inch" which is the resolution of the image. In photoshop go to image>image size and then you will get a window. At the bottom you can change the dpi, the default will probably be 72, just type in 300 and press "ok" Since it's just a photoshop file right now you can do this. If you did this to a jpg or gif it wouldn't help, just make more pixels.

2004-09-06 [YourAdHere]: i like the dot. wouldnt it be better to have an entree page?

2004-09-06 [shudson]: damn you Lerune for this contest :p I should be sleeping!

2004-09-06 [Saint Dragon]: Great now i need to find a halfassed scaner.....

2004-09-06 [Lerune]: Sorry [shudson]! Get some sleep -- it'll be here tomorrow!

2004-09-06 [cobi]: i am interested to know if there will be a badge for the competitors? and will the winning three get a doner badge?

2004-09-06 [Aradon Templar]: o.O I'd think that more art would be offered, if we've got such great artists... I mean, variety's great. Methinks it should be the top five... But oh well, not my choice. I was wondering if anyone thought my artwork at Terragen Art was 'fantasy'ish enough, and would fit well for this competition...

2004-09-06 [kduncan]: I think alot of people might have the same problem I have: no photoshop and a half arsed scanner. I'd love to enter a few things, but I'm not sure about my ability to meet the 300 dpi requirement; I've tried before and my images end up looking like crap.

2004-09-06 [.oOeternyzOo.]: well.. the majority of the works here doesnt specify the kind of website that elfwood is or what it is for...

2004-09-06 [Aradon Templar]: True... I particularly like the dragon flying through the sky. Originally, I thought it ought to have elfwood, instead of elftown, but apparently this is for elftown o.O

2004-09-06 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: I'm gonna tell you what I'm working on so nobody else does it at the moment... an old fashioned type map with elftown on it, a dragon flying at the top, little fairies and stuff around the edges... do you think I should call the island itself ELFWOOD and the city ELFTOWN? or just call it all elftown and invent little town names

2004-09-06 [Jewl]: I think you COULD do one of both.... but I'd go with the elftown one...

2004-09-06 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: k, I started to think that as well... might get cunfusing for some people otherwise :p

2004-09-06 [Lerune]: We are only going with the top 3 designs because everything has to start small and work its way up. Eventually, more designs will be offered as things progress. Ellen is setting up the store for us, and we are trying to make this as easy as possible on her. =o) Also, the winners will be awarded a donor badge for their contribution, and as far as I am concerned, a free shirt or mousepad (or whatever they choose) bearing their design. Even if I have to pay for that myself. ;o)

2004-09-06 [Aradon Templar]: ^_^ Sounds good, Lerune.

2004-09-06 [Jewl]: sweeeeet

2004-09-06 [Minotaur Queen]: Are we looking for art or a "Logo" cause doesn't elftown already have a logo?

2004-09-06 [Minotaur Queen]: Because I don't think the prints of some of the above "elftown" logos submitted by some members would be hot sellers if that was the only image on the item

2004-09-06 [DukMastR]: WOW!! I like the phoenix ^_^ is pretty. And I could probably find a few people who would enjoy the dot.

2004-09-06 [Lerune]: When we say logo, we mean "a name, symbol, or trademark designed for easy and definite recognition" which is basically something that conveys Elftown to the person seeing it. That doesn't mean it has to be tiny -- it can be as simple or as complex as you want, we just want an Elftown theme in it. There is no point in offering Elftown merchandise that doesn't have anything to do with the site, is there? ;o) While simple, I like the "Elftown" banners as well as some of the other stuff because it conveys to me what it is supposed to. ;o)

2004-09-06 [Minotaur Queen]: This is just my opinion but wouldn't it be better if we had a art work from elftown members on the item as well as some sort of logo that appeared on the bottom or back of the item? I think this would be better if you wanted to be supported through purchases other than elftown members. We can only buy so much.

2004-09-06 [Minotaur Queen]: Like for t-shirts. Large member art on back and small elftown logo on the front.

2004-09-06 [Lerune]: Yes, that would be fine.  There is no real limit on what can be submitted -- we want things that ARE Elftown. I can think of TONS of artists on here that I would like to see submit some things (Silvestris, Pris, Perplexity, TheRogue) because I think their art is awesome and I would buy it. We just haven't had anyone submit anything yet. ;o)

2004-09-06 [Minotaur Queen]: Ok so i think i understand now. Thanks for explaining.

2004-09-06 [Lerune]: No problem. ^_^

2004-09-07 [Aradon Templar]: *is being rather nitpicky, so ignore me/shout at me at will* I'd like to remind everyone to keep their end-product in mind. By this I mean, picture what it will look like on a T-shirt, bookmark, etc. Some of this art is great, but they lack buffers on the side, which might not look great on a T-shirt. A square of brilliance with a defined edge of the art. It may be more appealing if it blended to a white or black edge, so it would mesh better with what it will go on... But again, nitpickiness says nothing about the quality of work ^_^

2004-09-07 [shudson]: perhaps but Ellen takes care of such things herself, she makes sure the stuff looks good on what she's putting it on. She's cool like that.

2004-09-07 [BlazingWyvern]: hey, is it alright if we tweak our entries a little bit? i mean, before the deadline?

2004-09-07 [shudson]: of course, it's your entry

2004-09-07 [BlazingWyvern]: okay, just gonna change the color

2004-09-07 [Aradon Templar]: ^.^ Thats great, then... Man, I try and nitpick, and everybody already has it under wraps! :D

2004-09-07 [Dragon Hawk]: can we enter more then one example of logo?

2004-09-07 [Lerune]: Nit-picking is not always a bad thing. ;o)

2004-09-07 [teptep]: wow I already have people downing my art and they have nothing to show for it themselves, they say anyone can do it, I am sure there are alot of people whom could do things simular, they could even do better yet that person has no art themselves and mocks mine jeeze. hmmms the name paine sounds familure.

2004-09-07 [teptep]: how is that for simple paine..oh and there ya go lerune. I can only have two submissions so I thought to myself why not add something green, you have seen this before to I think. heh so two green pics for me.

2004-09-07 [Stratakus]: That staff of yours reminds me of those Ring Pops, the suckers you could wear on your finger... now I'm craving one and I don't knwo where to get it... "Staff Pop! A Suckable Staff in 6 different colors and flavors!"

2004-09-07 [teptep]: actualy I have diffrent colors. heh

2004-09-07 [teptep]: lets see green yellow red purple blue

2004-09-07 [Morganath]: oooo i like the angel one:)

2004-09-07 [Morganath]: people no like felicity? my wiccan oohhh it okay i guess me have no talent etheir that or you people blind. but the angel and minotaur has got me beat.

2004-09-07 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: it's realy good, just do the outlines in black, that'll make it look even better ;)

2004-09-07 [Sagacious Turkey]: looky at my purty ol' mew...

2004-09-07 [YourAdHere]: mew a cat?

2004-09-07 [Aradon Templar]: Nope, its a pokèmon :D

2004-09-07 [YourAdHere]: well dude i know that

2004-09-07 [YourAdHere]: but they got dog and bird pokemon, why not a cat?

2004-09-07 [Aradon Templar]: hrmm... DNA type, but it doesn't resemble a cat very much...

2004-09-07 [Sagacious Turkey]: da scanner messed up tha colors...

2004-09-07 [Aradon Templar]: yeah... Weird scanners. They ought to improve them, no?

2004-09-07 [Sagacious Turkey]: har har! I have the fist entry!

2004-09-07 [YourAdHere]: heh well.....he does to resemble a cat!

2004-09-07 [Lerune]: Some images will have to be removed from this competition -- we have to institute the "no fan art" rule, and I gave an explantion. Please do not be upset and try to understand what trouble we could run into with copyrights and trademarks. Please think of finished product when entering this contest.

2004-09-07 [Sagacious Turkey]: how bout this un?

2004-09-07 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: my drawing is too damn big for my scanner *bangs head on desk*.... any smart person woulda first checked if the paper would fit, but oh no... not me... I'm too stupid for that, ugh, I'll try scanning bits an pasting it together or something :p

2004-09-07 [Anvikit]: I am working on a pic .. letter sized 300dpi.. just for elftown.. hopefully I will get it in and done er done and in on time.. =^_^=

2004-09-08 [YourAdHere]: meh, dont they make humungo scanners?

2004-09-08 [kthxby]: garfield and others... read the instructions and especially the ones concerning the resolution and the size. You can upload your random drawings elsewhere. They won´t qualify in the competition anyway, because you can´t provide a hi-res version even if you won.

2004-09-08 [teptep]: garfield I think that picture was designed soley for the mainstreet, though I do think some of those pictures would be cool on t shirts I think before uploading that you should ask seeing as it is not a main product of your design.

2004-09-08 [teptep]: please stop screwing around garfield.

2004-09-08 [lastartian]: all of the photos are great but i love the one with the dragon!

2004-09-08 [Morganath]: maybe we should have garfield chase odie or something

2004-09-08 [Morganath]: the dragon has me beat!!!!!!!!!1 damn thats awesome

2004-09-08 [Farewell]: right on. i seriously think im gonna have to put some stuff up in this contest. ;)

2004-09-09 [Sir. Robert]: Hey garfield? is that your picture of the mainstreet of elftown...or did you use it without asking?

2004-09-09 [BlazingWyvern]: omg....that dragon is it

2004-09-09 [Farewell]: so then im assuming these are going to be digital transfers, or are they going to be sublimating. or should we do them with seperations in place for screen printing?

2004-09-09 [shudson]: you don't have to do anything special. Just have a photoshop file or high quality scan and Ellen does the rest.

2004-09-09 [Farewell]: oh right on. i own a business and we do all that stuff also so anyway i can help out you know.

2004-09-09 [Sagacious Turkey]: it's my picture...

2004-09-09 [teptep]: yes it is true it is your picture but it is not your design...I really think you need to ask about using that in this contest.

2004-09-09 [kthxby]: I don´t mind garfield using the mainstreet design, but he doesn´t have it in the required resolution so he shouldn´t upload something that won´t qualify in the end.

2004-09-09 [Penguinlord]: shudsons are the best. an elftown t-shirt should be to say "look, i am a member of elftown!" and his simplke ones do that best i think.

2004-09-09 [YourAdHere]: humor is also an awsome addition.

2004-09-09 [Elloquay]: This contest won't end before October 4th will it? Above it says that it may change, and I was wondering if that means both sooner or later, cause I would really like to work on a piece for this. :)

2004-09-09 [YourAdHere]: i would thknk theyd make it later.

2004-09-09 [Elloquay]: Oh good. I didn't know if they'd end it sooner if they had a ton of entries before then.

2004-09-09 [YourAdHere]: hmm didnt think of that, im sure if you as nicely theyd make it later...

2004-09-09 [Elloquay]: I hope. It's just that I'll be away for a bit, and am not sure when I'll be back, but I know I'll be back before the 4th.

2004-09-09 [YourAdHere]: ahh good!

2004-09-09 [Elloquay]: :)

2004-09-09 [akhirah]: [Saffron]'s design is definitly ideal! X]

2004-09-09 [Noexistantanymo]: What about the old Entrance Picture? It would be cool to have on a T-Shirt..

2004-09-09 [SilverSeraph1291]: I agree with Akhirah but the old ET entrance pic was cool too. Nah. I vote for Saffron's.

2004-09-09 [YourAdHere]: meh.

2004-09-09 [Sagacious Turkey]: the old one's the best... but no one cares for my opinion any ways...

2004-09-09 [Thistlewood]: There are several good pics in this contest that will work well on Elftown Merchandise.

2004-09-09 [Lerune]: There are. I am waiting to hear back from Ellen on some of the ones I am not so sure of, however.

2004-09-09 [YourAdHere]: oh

2004-09-09 [elody]: there are three cathegories here for me: the really good ones, the really bad ones, or the boring ones.

2004-09-09 [YourAdHere]: meh ok, which go where?

2004-09-09 [Thistlewood]: Well let me know on mine.....I'll remove it if need be.

2004-09-09 [Avaz]: Keep in mind that the design has to fit all those kinds of things, from shirts to bookmarks to cards. The design has to be able to withstand the minor changes that each product will require. So far, I think those spacelike ones by [shudson] work really well in that respect. However, I can definitely envision [Saffron]'s design as well :P

2004-09-09 [True, plain and simple]: I should have mine done within a few hours, if I can be bothered, and if anyone cares. ;)

2004-09-09 [Sagacious Turkey]: I'm only buyin' a bookmark, so make em good...

2004-09-09 [Sagacious Turkey]: put the elftown badges on somthing...

2004-09-09 [Thistlewood]: Merchandising is a tricky field, you have to think about what would appeal to different groups of people and different ages of people, etc...etc.  I think the Pheonix and the Dragon would work well, so will [shudson]'s work.

2004-09-10 [BlazingWyvern]: some of the entries don't really fit what elftown is about....ah, i d'know, is it just me?

2004-09-10 [BlazingWyvern]: i mean, of course they're all catagories of elftown but, it doesn't really represent it (>.< like mine)

2004-09-10 [Stratakus]: I'd but a t-shirt with the login page on the front of it.

2004-09-10 [Lerune]: Some of the entries don't really represent Elftown much, this is true. Some of them are also not up to graphical specifications, so, as I mentioned earlier, I have asked Ellen to review the work submitted so far -- there will probably have to be some cuts. 

2004-09-10 [Thistlewood]: Do you know when that might happen?

2004-09-10 [Lerune]: After I hear from Ellen, and she is often busy. ;o)

2004-09-10 [Thistlewood]: O.K. Thanks!

2004-09-10 [teptep]: heh ok.

2004-09-10 [The Last]: hhm out of these I would definately pic [blazing wyvern]'s jest guy he is amazing.

2004-09-10 [kduncan]: TheLast, that's a really cool design; can you pur the text on that outer band of red somehow? Maybe make the band a bit wider and fit the text right in there?

2004-09-10 [kduncan]: Aralle, that band-aid fairy is just too cute for words.

2004-09-10 [Farewell]: so far i think saffrons design best fits this contest.

2004-09-10 [Farewell]: lookin good marc, i was gonna tell you bout this contest, but looks like you beat me to it. lol

2004-09-10 [TheRogue]: heh..[Malnu]'s workin on a pic i did at work.. something i sat around and doodled that he liked and decided to color it. *shrugs* i'll find some more stuff to whip out soon i hope.. :)

2004-09-10 [Farewell]: same trying to get [the Emerald Knight] into this one as well. and maybe some of the bunnies.

2004-09-10 [Lerune]: Invite everyone! ^_^ We have some amazing artists on here who have yet to enter. ;o)

2004-09-10 [teptep]: yes and I just did a new picture been working on it all morning..not for this contest mind you but it is cool, and now it is finished it in my home.

2004-09-10 [Jacco]: I like [spongemonkey]'s dot :P I so want that elftown dot on a t-shirt!

2004-09-10 [Farewell]: keep in mind these are going to be shipped worldwide. lol i dont see what a dot has to do with et. which means most other people around the world probably wont either.

2004-09-10 [Jacco]: It was more sarcastic... i know its not really a good product.. but I wouldnt mind wearing a et dot t-shirt though...

2004-09-10 [Andrei]: maybe different designs are better for each of the products... I've seen great mousepad material, things that could go into calendars and even stuff you'd like to wear... I'd prefer multiple contests for each of the individual products... and I propose a rule: All design proposals must ElfTown written on them in some form or another...

2004-09-10 [Citrine]: good point^

2004-09-10 [Farewell]: i think they should all have elftown on them, but not necessarilly different images per item.

2004-09-10 [teptep]: yeah andrei, all entries should have elftown wrighten on them...and I am sure when there choisen if they don't have elftown they will put it on reason they need submissions to have a psd file you can send them if you they can do alittle re-editing.

2004-09-10 [BlazingWyvern]: thanks, [The Last]!!! ^_^

2004-09-11 [Kaimee]: shudson arent we meant to only do 2 entries? o .o;

2004-09-11 [shudson]: ::shrugs:: when I submitted, there were very few entries and... well I won't say that part ;) I'm just waiting for Lerune to get rid of the ones that she doesn't like

2004-09-11 [Farewell]: well reading the criteria, and seeing whats up have to think alot of them will be coming down. and of course nobody is ever really safe.

2004-09-11 [teptep]: true but there are good entries, no matter what is taken down they all are well done. not naming anyone, there are some bad ones in there however that show no efforts on the artists behalf, but not many.

2004-09-11 [Andrei]: most of the things presented for the contest were great, I agree and considering the skimming they'll go throw, I believe we'll all be proud of the winner...

2004-09-11 [Pnelma Tirian]: acyaws, that is absolutely stunning.

2004-09-11 [acyaws]: Thank you Pnelma Tirian! Giggles.....I actually

2004-09-11 [kduncan]: They may be out there, Perplex, but out there is cool! I like that second one alot. Your drawings bring to mind the work of Arno Minkkinen. 

2004-09-11 [Farewell]: [acyaws] gorgeous, i love it. [kthxby] & [Shreya], love how youve bridges the gap between sci-fi and fantasy. very well done.

2004-09-11 [teptep]: yeah that ur paine girl is still insulting my stuff over private message. she claims she could do something way better then mine tonight, so ur paine I challenge this, if it's way better then my stuff post it in the compitition otherwize stop talking out your ass.

2004-09-11 [Farewell]: right on tep. tell it like it is. ;) put up or shut up!

2004-09-11 [Dragon Hawk]: awesome artwork, everyone! i love the bird siliouette,[acyaws], and [Dil*], your water angel(?) is beautiful!

2004-09-11 [Shreya]: Let's not bash each other's art here, ok?

2004-09-11 [teptep]: naaa like I said it is ok, but yeah your right. deleating the comment I made above.

2004-09-11 [acyaws]: Thank you stevec78 and Dragon Hawk!

2004-09-11 [Andrei]: the more this contest stays open, the better the stuff gets!! WOW!!! My turn to pat you on the back acyaws! Maketsu, Sherya, I'd like you to know that I once disliked the concept of semi-sci-fi semi-fantasy, but you two changed my mind... the new posts are great!!!

2004-09-11 [Farewell]: very welcome acyaws

2004-09-12 [acyaws]: Thank you Andrei!

2004-09-12 [cobi]: i would like to join my betters and agree that your entry is simply outstanding and totaly beautyful [acyaws]- i would be the first to by the shirt with that entry (or among the first, i am not very quick) but you get the idea.

2004-09-12 [acyaws]: Awwww cobi! Thanks!

2004-09-12 [cobi]: you've earned it.

2004-09-12 [Shining light]: I really like shudson's number three one. where did you find the wyvern to photograph it?

2004-09-12 [Carol Lynn]: Alright dose anyone have the patience enough to answer me this? What is a 300 dpi image?

2004-09-12 [Shreya]: 300 dots per inch, that is the the number of dots (300) of ink a printer can print in a one inch line. As the number goes higher, the quality gets better.

2004-09-12 [Carol Lynn]: Ahh Ic and how would you know if your picture has this?

2004-09-12 [Shreya]: If your image is totally cg then you can specify the dpi when you create a new image. I think scanners have an option of selecting the dpi when scanning.

2004-09-12 [Carol Lynn]: Alrighty than. Thank you ^.^

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