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Elftown Merchandise Logo Competition


Important Update:

I've got a couple of the files. Unfortunately, I won't be able to put them up for a while... you haven't visited the front page of EMG in a few days, I'm guessing. :P The server hiccuped and corrupted a bunch of files. Rather than investing hours and hours into fixing the problem (which is
pretty spectacularly hosed), I'm putting that energy into the new mySQL based site, which has been needed for some time. So all updates are on hold until that's done. Additionally, there is quite a lot of work in the queue right now, so the Elftown stuff won't be going up *right* away.
Soon, though! The new site should be completed in a few weeks, and adding the new work should be a breeze then. You can tell people it's all my fault if they harrass you for slacking. :P

Be well,

CONTEST CLOSED: Go vote on Mainstreet!

Important announcement concerning DEADLINE:

The deadline has been extended one more week to October the 18th. This is the very LAST extension, so don't ask. Two weeks past deadline should be enough. Thanks so much to all the people who are holding on patiently to see who the winners will be -- we hope to have a few more worthwhile entries this week and then the contest will close out. Thanks! -[Lerune]

The following people's entries have been kept in the contest due to their superb quality, but really do need an Elftown logo of some sorts to help identify with the purpose of the pieces.


Finally, the long-awaited competition begins! This contest will decide what graphics will appear on the merchandise Elftown will be offering in the near future. The contest is open to anyone, but we ask that you limit yourself to two submissions per person, as we expect a large turn-out for this competition. The contest ending date is set in stone for October 18th, a week from its original ending date by request. Once closed, a poll will be set to choose the top 3 designs. These are the designs that will be displayed on the merchandise offered.


By submitting your original creations to this competition, you authorize Elftown to sell merchandise bearing your personal design to help raise funds for our site. You still retain all rights to your artwork, it will not become property of Elftown, but instead will be viewed as a donation to the site. All money made from any merchandise sales will go toward funding for necessary equipment that the site has been in need of for some time. Basically, [Elftron] needs a make-over, and we need your help! No council member will personally receive any of these funds, they are strictly for site maintenance.

Only original work will be accepted! Any work that is not solely the original work of the person who enters it (or a collaboration between two willing participants) will be removed from this contest immediately. Also, if there is a question about the originality of an image, it will be suspended. The rules have to be enforced strictly, as we do not want to run the risk of selling merchandise bearing artwork from someone who did not give us permission to use it. We want to represent the people of our community -- not random images from the internet.

EDIT: Due to some entries that were questionable, we are having to set up one important rule: NO FAN ART. We cannot afford to run the risk of selling anything with any kind of trademark issue, so no fan art will be accepted in this contest. 

Also, please read AND follow the Uploading Art Rules for all entries. More detailed specifics are in the making and will be added soon.

What types of merchandise will be offered?

Ellen Million has graciously agreed to help us with our fund-raising, and the following items will be offered for sale:

Standard letter-sized prints (8x10)
Cards (postcards, etc)

We know there were a lot of very creative requests, and they have been recorded for future reference, but this is what we can offer to start with. We will be able to link conveniently to Ellen's site from Mainstreet in Elftown.

The Specifics:

You need only submit one design for all of the merchandise offered, keeping in mind that a few modifications will have to be made. For instance, what will work on a t-shirt or card may have to have its edges cropped for a mousepad, or its central theme pulled out for the bookmark. Stationery made from these designs will have the image shrunk in one corner, with a simple border added for decoration.

For examples of Elfwood merchandise, visit Ellen Million here:

The image size we are looking for is around 2550 x 3300 pixels.  For contest submission, a standard JPG file is the best bet, as we don't need to fill up the wiki with huge images. (If your image is chosen, we'll need a 300 dpi or uncompressed photoshop file for submission to Ellen). Those dimensions will work especially well for the shirts, cards and prints. They can be altered for bookmark and mousepad entries as needed. All art media is acceptable, as it has to be scanned into a computer to be entered anyway. Only SCANS will be accepted: NO photos of your work, as they will not be high quality enough for screen printing.

IMPORTANT: You MUST be able to provide a 300 dpi image to Ellen Million if your piece is chosen as one of the three. If you cannot provide a 300 dpi image, please do not enter.


CONTEST CLOSED: Go vote on Mainstreet!


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2004-09-12 [cheesecake]: How come I can't see hardly any of these?

2004-09-12 [Carol Lynn]: your computer perhapes?

2004-09-12 [Andrei]: [The Dark Lord] isn't that a windows background that everyone gets with the soft?! And a 5 min edit in photoshop?

2004-09-12 [Stratakus]: You knwo you're right.. it does look like a Windows image..

2004-09-12 [Carol Lynn]: Meh...I don't think so but it's close.

2004-09-12 [Pnelma Tirian]: it is. I know it. That cannot be used.

2004-09-12 [Carol Lynn]: Really? Well than I guess bye bye to that one.

2004-09-12 [Mitsune]: I think a lot of these won't qualify in the end...

2004-09-12 [Jewl]: -.- like any of mine...

2004-09-12 [spiritee]: AHHH october 4th?!

2004-09-12 [Fire fae]: The drawings on the login page would be cool for this purpose to I think.

2004-09-12 [Carol Lynn]: ya The older one that would be awsome.

2004-09-12 [Stratakus]: I agree fully. Anyone who's ven visited ET's front page would recognize the origional, and the new one would be good for a t-shirt or mouse pad too.

2004-09-12 [Carol Lynn]: erg I dun like the new one...ohh well.

2004-09-12 [spiritee]: really? i like it

2004-09-12 [Carol Lynn]: Ya I really like the other one thoe...^.^

2004-09-12 [spiritee]: no reason y they cant use both ^^

2004-09-12 [Carol Lynn]: True, this contest was the best idea thoe lol

2004-09-12 [Augury]: I like the dove, but I'm thinking just "Elftown" on a shirt would be enough for me. And computer-colored looks better on a T shirt, I bet.

2004-09-13 [Bratt]: [The Dark Lord] I really think you should use another jpeg for your entry (perferably a picture you took yourself). Perhaps not the one that everyone else has on their computer? Listen people if you can not produce anything that is your own then please stop uploading it here. Its unfair to others.

2004-09-13 [way]: My vote goes to [kthxby] & [Shreya] if it is a vote :P

2004-09-13 [pandabjörn]: [kthxby] & [Shreya] picture is awsome! I don't dare compite with them ;D

2004-09-13 [Nita]: [The Dark Lord]'s entry was removed. Dear Elftowners, please read the rules before editing the page!

2004-09-13 [Misty Lady]: I like Saffron's type of image...I think the shape is good for a logo and its simple but affective, colourful and ideal for t-shirt etc.,

2004-09-13 [fire imp]: some are good some are not, but they all have good ideas

2004-09-13 [Farewell]: agrees with [Misty Lady]

2004-09-13 [stupidisco]: [cobi] ´s is the best i think....In my opinion...The others are alright 2...I dont like Teptep´s and wellwalen´s but i understand that they are still in developing of their skills...

2004-09-13 [teptep]: let me guess stupid disco your friends of ur paine or even an alt? otherwize I don't see what not likable about mine and there is no wellwalens up there, I hate having to defend my stuff if you don't like someones stuff keep it to yourself simple as that.

2004-09-13 [teptep]: there is a lewallen if thats what you mean, but like I said you don't need to explain your disliking of anyones stuff even his, if you like something saying so is ok but if you dislike someones keep it to yourself.

2004-09-13 [HiddenFire]: It would be acceptable to say you dislike a piece of artwork for constructive criticism purposes but here no one is looking for advice on how to improve, they want to contribute to ET.

2004-09-13 [Farewell]: ok bashin isnt right, but if you cant handle criticism you shouldnt post your work on a public domaign. hiddenfire makes a great point. everybody is just tring to help out. i think comments made both by stu and tep should have been kept to themselves.

2004-09-13 [Calico Tiger]: [stupidisco], you're welcome to like or dislike what images you like, but keep the bashing to yourself. Any further comments like that will be deleted

2004-09-13 [True, plain and simple]: It wasn't criticism; it was a personal attack due to prior commentary. Banned people amuse me..

2004-09-13 [spiritee]: indeed.

2004-09-13 [teptep]: actualy stevec I am not gonna sit here and let someone discredit me as a person, and neather should lewallen, his work is good as well, and rightfully belongs up there with the other contributions.

2004-09-13 [True, plain and simple]: Bah! Enough! Any more bickering-type comments will be deleted. That is all.

2004-09-13 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: I'm working on something but I'm not sure it'll look good on a t-shirt... it would be great for a drawing mat (you know, the thing you put on your desk to protect it from scratches or whatever, it also makes it easier to draw on)... could you do something like that you think?

2004-09-13 [teptep]: I am sure it will be perfect deadly dna ^.^

2004-09-13 [HiddenFire]: Sorry I have to point this out. [Calico Tiger]: "you're welcome to like or dislike what images you like" I don't think many people dislike the images they like. :P

2004-09-13 [Calico Tiger]: I meant that as in "want to/like to". Meaning-twister :P

2004-09-13 [Bratt]: Im gonna have to shoot everyone with my wet noodle gun if this keeps up. Good lord feel like I'm in preschool again and someone ate my dang crayons all over!!!

2004-09-13 [Farewell]: i knew there was something in your childhood that scarred you for life ;) 

2004-09-13 [Andrei]: *is bickering again!!MWAHAHA!!!*

2004-09-13 [Bratt]: Actually I think I converted to watercolors and glue :P (its prettier when it comes out then crayons) :>

2004-09-13 [Farewell]: lmfao!

2004-09-13 [Paul Doyle]: My two-bits' worth here: "Elftown---the official community for Elfwood artists and writers. The place to chat and discuss, exchange advice and learn about other Elfwooders." As artists (or part-time artists) we should be supportive and encouraging of one another. I see in these entries an overall dedication and love for Elftown---and also a return to the roots of what this place is all about in the first place. Keep on entering! *Is slightly intimidated by the talent on display here*

2004-09-13 [Jewl]: -.- *just puts her two bits in, just to show she loves ET for what it really is meant to be*

2004-09-13 [Sagacious Turkey]: speaking of man-eating couches... i'm back!

2004-09-13 [Carol Lynn]: Welcome back?

2004-09-13 [Sagacious Turkey]: that was a joke for you stupid people...

2004-09-13 [Carol Lynn]: Oviously lol

2004-09-13 [Sagacious Turkey]: I demand to be a patroller! iv'e reported 25 people already!!!

2004-09-13 [Calico Tiger]: Do it over a long period of time, make sure you follow the rules yourself (which you hadn't been), and don't demand as that puts you also on the "not going to be one" list :P

2004-09-13 [Carol Lynn]: i've reported three...25? Wow that's quite a bit.

2004-09-13 [Sagacious Turkey]: yeah... I know...

2004-09-13 [Sagacious Turkey]: and still no patroller badge...

2004-09-13 [True, plain and simple]: It was all for the same image, on a bunch of different people..We didn't even have to remove the images manually, as that domain is no longer usable in image tags. Stop complaining. It's annoying.

2004-09-13 [Sagacious Turkey]: ok... I want to be a patroller!

2004-09-13 [Calico Tiger]: Enough. This is a page for the Merchandise Logo Competition. Not the "I'm going to whine about being a patroller" competition

2004-09-13 [Sagacious Turkey]: ok... ok... i'll go to that wiki... Im goin to whine about being a patroller

2004-09-13 [Carol Lynn]: *gets back to looking at all the great entries*

2004-09-13 [Bratt]: ok lets get back to eating crayons people!

2004-09-13 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: I take dibs on the blue crayon!!

2004-09-13 [Farewell]: lol.....the chalk seems th have fewer calories though.

2004-09-13 [Carol Lynn]: mmm wax and other chemicals

2004-09-13 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: *drools*

2004-09-13 [Bratt]: lmao calories? What is this the Crayola Diet? bah gimme some fattening lard paste any day. Makes your teeth shiny!

2004-09-13 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: I find that a diet of erasers and crayons with some glue sauce is very healthy, gives you loads of energy and stuff ;)

2004-09-13 [Farewell]: lol....paste we always had was kinda salty. ewewew

2004-09-13 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: add some vinegar and you've got a tasty salad dressing :)

2004-09-13 [Aradon Templar]: May I enter my art, if the largest I can provide without pixelating is 1200x900 ?

2004-09-13 [Aradon Templar]: That, and please explain the DPI again. I tried reading through the comments for the stuff, cause I'm sure it was mentioned earlier, but I understand none of it. -.-

2004-09-13 [cobi]: the dpi is only related to scanned material. when you scan you must do it in a certin quality (300 dpi - Dot per inch) so it will be accepted. this is to ensure that the merchandise is a high one. computer generated stuff are in sufficient qulity i think. i hope this is all correct.

2004-09-13 [cobi]: oh, and you may specifi th e dpi quantety on the scanner before scanning.

2004-09-13 [Aradon Templar]: Hmmm... I'm using a computer program to generate mine. So the DPI ought to be good. Still dunno about the image size o.O

2004-09-13 [Farewell]: you can also change the dpi size after the doc is already open in photoshop or other computer program.

2004-09-13 [Aradon Templar]: Ah, sehr gut. Its not a problem, then, as it is fixable.

2004-09-13 [Bratt]: DPI = Delicious Pasty Ink *yum* artist diet rocks!

2004-09-13 [Farewell]: exactly. and brat...what is this oral fixation youre having here? lol

2004-09-13 [Farewell]: bratts gonna eat all the drawing supplies and were all gonna be stuck pricking our fingers and dawing in blood.

2004-09-13 [Carol Lynn]: I wouldn't be surprised if he ate the needles to. Good for iron right? ^.^

2004-09-14 [Bratt]: IM A SHE!!! not a he :'( you big meanines!

2004-09-14 [Carol Lynn]: sorry *seds lots of ink sause vibes*

2004-09-14 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: sauce *drools*

2004-09-14 [Shreya]: Actually (just to add to the confusion) dpi is related to printing, not scanning. A scanner resolution measurement would be spi (samples per inch)

2004-09-14 [Bratt]: Printing , all tastes the same :)

2004-09-14 [Aradon Templar]: Eh, am I still safe?

2004-09-14 [Saffron]: then why does my scanner ask about dpi's? what's the point anyway, as long as it doesn't look pixelly on a screen the dpi's are fine!

2004-09-14 [kthxby]: Saffron: If it doesn´t look pixelly on the screen, it doesn´t mean it will look good in a high resolution print and that it will qualify in this competition.

2004-09-14 [kthxby]: ...and scanner softwares can use 'dpi' too so that it wouldn´t confuse people, but the correct term is spi.

2004-09-14 [Saffron]: still the term dpi might be a little confusing to people

2004-09-15 [spiritee]: oo the last entrie's got awesome designs, but the line paper...i need to start working on this >_<

2004-09-15 [Lerune]: The last image is nice, but it, like so many others, has nothing to do with the site. It is also on lined paper, which should have been mentioned as a no-no. Unless [Mikey27] can provide a better quality version, it will have to be removed. This is not a personal attack on the piece, it just isn't going to be high-quality enough to be on a shirt or a mousepad.

2004-09-15 [kthxby]: Saffron: True, but if you don´t know, you usually find out, if it´s a part of the rules.

2004-09-15 [shotokan_gal]: This is just a thought from someone whos been watching this competition for a while... but wouldn't it be an idea to put a description of this whole dpi thing up top so people would stop needing to ask about it?

2004-09-15 [kthxby]: Shotokan_gal: True, but then there should also be explanations for 'pixel' and other 'weird' words. :-/

2004-09-15 [shotokan_gal]: Yeah very possibly. I didn't mean just a basic dictionary definition though, more of a - what it is, how you get your picture to it (on your scanner or whatever)... so on and so forth as applicable... (I wouldn't know what exactly, I'd never heard of the term till I read the comments on here. Artist of some sort doesn't equal computer linguist unfortunately) *shrugs* How many wierd terms can are there beyond that anyway?

2004-09-15 [Kayne]: just a random thought : but some things just have nothing to do with et , they just put the name on it but ...

2004-09-15 [HiddenFire]: Some didn't even put the name on it. I wouldn't worry about it. The voters are who decide what goes through... I think. In which case those that they wouldn't want to buy on a t-shirt, mousepad, etc... will be weeded out.*shrugs*

2004-09-15 [Calico Tiger]: People, we're selling these things on items. Do not put in copyrighted/registered/trademarked things or copied things. For example, the band-aid fairy... Also make sure your work is 100% original. Don't copy ideas from anywhere and don't copy images. They're alright to display in your house, but for selling purposes, it's not alright (that last part was to noone in particular).

2004-09-15 [Bratt]: Mine is a phoenix and I guess if anyone feels it has nothing to do with Elftown I can remove it. :)

2004-09-15 [Calico Tiger]: I like your phoenix!

2004-09-15 [Kayne]: yeah , but it has so little to do with et , no offence , I think it is one of the best but ... sorry

2004-09-15 [kthxby]: Yes, I agree with Calico, one of the best entries. I don´t think that the image has to be 'an elf in elftown'. It can be more creative than that, but it should be visually strong and suitable for a print like yours is.

2004-09-15 [HiddenFire]: If these images are hosted here on ET then I think they should change their height to something smaller so they would load faster. The thumbnail feature would let us click on them to see the better. I live out in the middle of nowhere and because of bad phone lines I only get 26k from my modem. That's not much at all. If they're not hosted on ET then they will take the same time to load but will at least be smaller and make things feel less cluttered. @.@

2004-09-15 [mbdf_virus]: hey before we got dsl our connection was 8k/sec now its 1151(kilobits)

2004-09-15 [Bratt]: Well considering Elftown is a sister of Elfwood and both are fantasy art related I thought it fit. I'm drawing a dragon too which doesn't necessarily have anything to do with Elftown but it is a fantasy image that is the root of this place. Look around there aren't many ppl here who are really here for the um "art" as well. I'm still working on a few more designs and possibly maybe trying to see if a few artist wanna make a collage together?

2004-09-16 [teptep]: here is what I think, stop passing judgement on peoples work, this is a contest yes but we arn't really winning anything, everyones art here regardless of wether it has elftown on it or not belongs up there.

2004-09-16 [Carol Lynn]: They have the right to there own opinion just the same as you do. They are not being overly negative or ridiculous with what they say. If there going to comment positive on things they have the right to the negative and there not necessarily negative comments in the first place. This is a contest, people have put there work up to be seen and it’s all great. But why put it up for it just to be ignored? Positive and negative feedback are a good thing.

2004-09-16 [Carol Lynn]: They can say what they like to the point I think and this is my opinion…to the point where there not hurting anyone they are going in the direction of discussing what they think belongs and what dose not it seems like. That’s not wrong. Than again what is wrong here?

2004-09-16 [teptep]: true tomb but negative comments like some of these don't belong here in this contest scares people away, maybe there are some that feel less confident about there work.

2004-09-16 [Carol Lynn]: That is true as well...

2004-09-16 [Bratt]: Good or bad doesn't bother me, thats what the comment button is here for. If anyone wants to feel intimidated and not participate, well it's sad but anything you do with art, writing or creating you will always get good and bad comments and feedback. Its a part of life and the world of artis, writers, poets, sculptors etc etc. They might as well bite the bullet and jump in. Get their feet wet and take a bite out of the general publics opinions. My advice is to know there difference between someone who is an ass just trying to make you feel bad and the person who truly is suggesting things on your art to enable you to improve and grow. I've never met an artist who didn't appreciate improving.

2004-09-16 [Chi]: wow all of these are so good

2004-09-16 [Aradon Templar]: So I've finally nearly completed mine (depends on whether my friend wants to collaborate with me or not on this- a dual artist entry). But I'd like opinions before I enter on whether or not anyone thinks it is sufficiently linked to Elftown, and whether it has any chance of being picked... Posted on this wiki- Templar's Thoughts on his Entry

2004-09-16 [Paul Doyle]: *chuckle* I wonder if [a clockwork orange] is a KISS fan. When I saw this I immediately thought of this (awesome album, by the way):      Probably just pure coincidence, but I thought it was funny :) 

2004-09-16 [a clockwork orange]: The truth is that I am a KISS fan! =^_^= But the drawing came from one of my photos. =^_-=

2004-09-16 [Farewell]: hey bratt, id be down to help out with a collage. let me know wht youve got in mind. i might even have some stuff already done and ready to use.

2004-09-16 [Bratt]: Awesome Steve I'll see what I can gather together.

2004-09-16 [Redfalconess]: awesome they are really kool

2004-09-16 [Farewell]: very nice job [liiga] love the blue.

2004-09-16 [liiga]: thanks, [Farewell]! :)

2004-09-16 [Farewell]: always welcome ;)

2004-09-17 [Dirty DaVinci]: Is this a private party or can anyone play? (devilish grin)

2004-09-17 [Lord Dog]: jump on in DaVinci

2004-09-17 [Dirty DaVinci]: Hehehe...exceeelllleeennnntttttt......

2004-09-17 [kthxby]: liiga: Oh my, that´s one excellent piece. :-o

2004-09-17 [liiga]: thxies : >

2004-09-17 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: k, liiga is almost certainly gonna win this if you ask me

2004-09-17 [kthxby]: Deadly: Don´t spoil the excitement, I am waiting for the voting to start. :-D

2004-09-17 [Misty Lady]: Its very good I agree....but this is going to be difficult to decide....afterall it has to be something that people will want to buy and wear....its going to take a lot of careful thought.

2004-09-17 [Sagacious Turkey]: Dolorus Umbrige...

2004-09-17 [Misty Lady]: Exactly.

2004-09-17 [Sunrose]: The submissions have been moved to Merchandise Submissions, a list of contestants on Merchandise Contestants. If your name is missing, please add it yourself!

2004-09-17 [Sunrose]: Since there have been so many submissions, I have made a second submissionwiki: Merchandise Submissions Part 2, please add new submissions there as described.

2004-09-17 [Dirty DaVinci]: Deadly, word of advice...don't assume that no one else is going to submit ;) Or that they can't successfully place something in....

2004-09-17 [Sunrose]: pardon?

2004-09-17 [liiga]: guys don't fight >.>

2004-09-17 [Dirty DaVinci]: Just making reference to Deadly's remark, that is all...not trying to offend or bother apologizes if I have ;)

2004-09-17 [Bratt]: I still have another peice I'm working on my hands cramping :P

2004-09-17 [Sunrose]: hahaha! it will probably be worth it!

2004-09-18 [Lerune]: Oh, this competition has a long way to go yet -- I agree with [Dirty DaVinci]. ;o) Some of the people who have been working on things since the announcement of the contest are just now starting to enter their things, and we have had the additions of some VERY nice work -- I am enjoying seeing all the new additions. Keep them coming. ;o)

2004-09-18 [Lerune]: BTW -- Everyone make sure to read the announcement at the top about disqualified entries. And please take no offense -- no entry was disqualified on a personal basis, it was all about content and quality.

2004-09-18 [Dirty DaVinci]: Someone help an ignorant fool like myself. How in the hades do I upload and post an image for submission? I mean, I see everyone has links to images from here in ET...does this mean the image has to be visible in my homepage?

2004-09-18 [Pnelma Tirian]: The easiest way is to upload the picture here, then right-click on the image, selecting properties, then copying the URL. Then posting it here. You can change the image on your page; all it matters is that the picture is up on this page, and it'll stay.

2004-09-18 [Dirty DaVinci]: Tirian...thank you! It's done and the image has been loaded, but is just the base image. I know that obviously things like the title have to be changed (no biggie), but I wanted opinions on color scheme and perhaps different styles. Perhaps more mechanically inclined or less, or more of a medieval touch? I'm open to suggestions. If this isn't the place to ask, I apologize and will gladly remove the image till it's done.

2004-09-18 [eimhin]: When IS the deadline? It's not listed anywhere.

2004-09-18 [mbdf_virus]: wasnt it october 4th?

2004-09-18 [Dirty DaVinci]: It's October 4th, with possibility of it being moved back...

2004-09-18 [Lerune]: And it is posted on this bold type, nonetheless. ;o)

2004-09-18 [mbdf_virus]: and if i dont get my processor upgrade soon my computer will still be rendering graphics for this competition past the deadline

2004-09-18 [BlazingWyvern]: *mimics scarecrow from Wizard of Oz* Oh, if I only had a scanner.....

2004-09-18 [FiSHr.]: yay i've entered i was nervous but thanks to [Dirty DaVinci] im not now

2004-09-19 [ServerKill]: I should have an entry some time... unsure of what to do for it though ^_^

2004-09-20 [d killer]: ^_^ cool ^_^

2004-09-20 [Orouriel]: what is a 300 dpi image???

2004-09-20 [liiga]: An image that has resolution set at 300 dpi (dpi = dots per inch).

2004-09-20 [Orouriel]: oh, and how do I set that?

2004-09-20 [liiga]: depends on what program you're using. ;)

2004-09-20 [Orouriel]: oh :-P so what programm can I use? I have paint and Adobe Photoshop 7.0

2004-09-20 [liiga]: In Photoshop: File -> New, look at where it says 'Resolution' in the window that comes up asking for the size of the image you want to make.

2004-09-20 [liiga]: For an existing image, go to 'Image size' and see where it says 'Resolution'.

2004-09-20 [Orouriel]: ok thanks

2004-09-20 [Sigmar]: these designs r soo gd... i cant hope to compete... but i will...

2004-09-20 [Dirty DaVinci]: You can compete [Sigmar] can always compete...never forget that...

2004-09-21 [ServerKill]: yeah... you have nothing to loose.... give it a go ^_^

2004-09-23 [Sunrose]: On [top gun]'s request I posted his new image containing ''

2004-09-23 [Lerune]: Thanks -- I noticed a few people updated their entries, and I haven't had time to go back and remove them from my list. Will try to get that done tonight. ;o)

2004-09-23 [ServerKill]: mine has been updated

2004-09-23 [Lerune]: I saw. And thank you so much!

2004-09-24 [ServerKill]: no problem :) ^_^

2004-09-25 [ballerina_fairy]: good idea of the merchendise

2004-09-26 [Saffron]: are the two frontpage images going to be on t-shirts too?

2004-09-26 [shudson]: only if the people who made them enter them in the contest and they win

2004-09-26 [Anvikit]: I was wondering .. should we be putting.. "" .. or "" ?? since the does work now ..and its shorter simpler and easier to remember.. just wondering if there was one that was more prefered?

2004-09-26 [65tyjvw45b]: If you see I think you are more apt to remember it when you get home. Know what I mean? [Hedda] had suggested using the .com one as well.

2004-09-26 [Bratt]: I definately agree with the thing. The easier the better we can pull people to come take a looksy!

2004-09-26 [Kiristo]: i have a question. when the merchandice is being sold and all, will it be sold over the internet? or in stores?

2004-09-26 [Bratt]: I'm guessing they will send house elves to go door to door and sell the wares. :D

2004-09-26 [Kiristo]: i wanna really know.

2004-09-26 [65tyjvw45b]: Ask, [Lerune].

2004-09-26 [Sunrose]: She will read this ^^

2004-09-26 [Kiristo]: when?

2004-09-26 [BlazingWyvern]: i asked the same thing and she said over the internet ^_^

2004-09-26 [BlazingWyvern]: [Lerune] said, that is.......if you wanna see, it's on older comments, pg 20

2004-09-27 [Bratt]: I prefer the house elves to come a knocking on my door.

2004-09-27 [BlazingWyvern]: yea, me too haha

2004-09-27 [Kiristo]: well i was wonding about how to pay. i'm not allowed to send a credit card over the net.

2004-09-27 [Kiristo]: oh man!

2004-09-27 [Bratt]: BRING ON THE ELVES! They take silver and gold pieces.

2004-09-27 [Kiristo]: ...........MOON!.......

2004-09-27 [liiga]: Q. I don't have a credit card. Can I still order? Do you take Paypal?

2004-09-27 [liiga]: A. Sure! I accept paypal at I also accept checks or money order mailed to: Ellen Million Graphics, PO Box 82851, Fairbanks, AK 99708. You can even send cash, but it's at your own risk! Feel free to use the shopping cart to compile your order and just print out the page (or copy-paste into an email) when you're done. I even do trades on occasion.

2004-09-27 [liiga]: that there is from EMG site, courtesy for people who don't bother to look at FAQs. :P

2004-09-27 [evilhomer]: hey will the winner get like a free shirt with their design on it ^_^.

2004-09-27 [ServerKill]: that sounds a good idea

2004-09-28 [Bratt]: Is there an extension on this I have one I'm still in middle of and I have homework and work :'(

2004-09-28 [Lerune]: How long will you need? I don't mind extending it for someone who has something in progress. Just let me know. ^_^

2004-09-28 [Bratt]: Well I'll be out of town at the Fantasy Fest this weekend. Another week too long?

2004-09-28 [Lerune]: I think another week would be fine. Since I'll also be at the Fantasy Fest this weekend, I wouldn't have been here to close the contest

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