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2005-10-10 18:39:15
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3.[The Slave Queen]
4.[Oh Wow.] (Sorry for adding myself. I wanna play Now!)
8.[abandonedhouse7 7]
11. [iippo]

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2005-01-21 [cheesecake]: back to The License Plate Game

2005-01-26 [cheesecake]: Whoot! got a member!

2005-01-31 [The Slave Queen]: now ya got two

2005-02-01 [cheesecake]: YA!

2005-04-08 [The Slave Queen]: now u have three others

2005-04-12 [cheesecake]: Voteing is now up and running! Go ahead and advertise it! But if I catch anyone saying "vote for me!" I will be angry and knock your entry off.

2005-05-19 [blackphoenix]: is it okay just to join o.O

2005-05-20 [cheesecake]: Sure. If you just want to vote and things like that and not participate in the contests that is totally fine.

2005-05-20 [blackphoenix]: oh then i remove my entry for contest 2

2005-05-22 [cheesecake]: you don't have to. But, if you want go ahead.

2005-10-10 [iippo]: Oops, entered before was a member... ^^;;; I mean... *cough* I was here all along... <.<  >.>

2005-10-12 [cheesecake]: That's ok at least you found your mistake.

2006-01-30 [cheesecake]: Good bye everyone!

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