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Members Of The Workshop

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1. [Eyden13]
2. [pegasus1000]
3. [Veltzeh]

Elftown Writing Workshops / Works to be Workshopped / Workshops

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2011-06-01 [Eyden13]: Welcome!

2011-12-09 [Eyden13]: we have people!!!!!!!!

2011-12-13 [Eyden13]: okay, the fist workshop of Elftown Writing Workshops is going to happen this month, and I want to know if your willing to take part still. Let me know and we'll begin soon.

2011-12-13 [Veltzeh]: I'm still here, evidently. :)

2014-07-13 [Eyden13]: I'd love to get this back and running.

2014-07-14 [Veltzeh]: Well, I'm here. It's hard to get rid of me.

2014-07-14 [Eyden13]: awesome. Well if we can get one more person we shall move on to the next step.

2014-07-15 [Veltzeh]: I'm pondering about switching my story though, since there's now another I'd rather finish. But I'd have to paraphrase that story too...

2014-07-15 [Eyden13]: Why paraphrase it?

2014-07-15 [Veltzeh]: It's in Finnish. X)

2014-07-16 [Eyden13]: Oh, That would be a good reason.

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