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2006-06-25 21:13:16
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Samurai's Den's Members Art Gallery

This is the gallery for Samurai's Den's artists. Here we proudly present our tallent so be nice!!!!


- All submissions MUST be your own work, follow the Elftown uploading art rules.
- Sorry but since this is the Samurai's Den only works depicting some type of samurai content are allowed.
- Voilent, Perverted and Sexually explicite pitures are allowable, but you MUST follow rule #2

Drawn by [Mastermind2302]


This was drawn by [Lily~] ^.^ V


Drawn by [Dragonhearted elfgirl] ^^


Drawn by [Kéioko Matsukaze].


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2006-01-12 [Lily~]: wow... Our Art has become very good. The last one is amazin'! anyways... I was just gonna say the art here always looks better in person.

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