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Meet Fang!!

OK meet Fang (yes is name was Silver but it was changed). He's me and I am hims. He's my favorite character ever and I love to draw him. He is copy righted by me.

For the Fang Fans a challenge:
So if your a fan of Fang [Alexi Ice] wants you to add as a fan to see how much we can get. (Remember her idea not mine.)

It's Fang and his little cousin Ashlin

Sleepy Fang
I did this one really late when I was sleepy, my gf had told me to go to bed but I did this instead. XD

The Wolf inside
Fang and his inner wolf

Watchful Mother
Fang and his mommy

I was bored when I made this.

But how can you say it was me?

Fleas >.<
Must get the Itch!!

Poor Fang... I made this after I broke up with someone.. well they broke up with me.

Butterfly Kisses
Nothing helps more jk.

Just Fang
He's in color!!!!

Thanks for taking a look head to the links below to see more. Please comment and tell me what you think. More Will come so watch and become a fan... :)


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Meet Fang Page 2
Fang and Friends
Fang Comics

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2009-07-02 [Tates]: Omigawd!!Fang's so adorable!!-glomps Fang-

2009-07-02 [Alexi Ice]: I think he is adorable and you are an amazing artist!

2009-07-02 [Tates]: I wish I could draw like you.^^

2009-07-02 [Alexi Ice]: I wish I could draw. Period. LOL.

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