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Medigames studio review

SOS (Save Our Souls) – issue date : 05/10/09 on Iphone / Ipod
SOS is a real adventure video game (point & click) in which the
player is a young first-aid officer named Ethan.
During the whole game, the player is going to learn first-aid
procedures as it is taught in medical schools or at Red-Cross’s
training centers, while enjoying the story-telling
The action takes place for the most between campus life and field
emergencies. Ethan will be confronted during his night shifts to
very stressful situations, sometimes very dangerous, playing always
against the time, between life and death…but with a unique goal:
saving as many lives as possible.
Ethan is supported by a team of experienced first-aid officers who
will help him during his missions and eventually will become his
friends. Every character has his own story to tell and Ethan by
learning to know them better he will understand their “sometimes
strange” behaviors.
Save Our Souls is divided into 3 seasons of 10 episodes each.
The first season is about everyday life. The player will face many
emergency cases as bleeding, internal bleeding, heart attack,
dizziness, burns, etc. The player will learn how to deal with such
cases and practice on the victims.
The second seasons deals with big disasters and the third with
hostile places.
A new episode will be issued every 2 months.

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