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Medieval Warfare

The weapons of yesterday


Welcome to Medieval Warfare the page all about wars of old. The page is about techniques, weaponry, armies and everyting to do with war in the medieval years.


Medieval Warfare is about war in the Medieval era .The Medieval era is known as the Medieval Period or the Middle Ages.Medieval Warfare took place from rougthly 500 to 1400.Between that time there were many great battles such as The Byzantine-Persian war 603-628,The Viking raids on Europe 800-900, The Crusades and The famous battle of Hastings 1066.

Warfare consists of weapons and all siege equipment, also the more modern artiliery such as cannons. All these weapons where used for years on end by warriors and kings. Weapons where hand made, sometimes even by there own owner or passed on by earlier members of the family.


To learn about anything please click a link:

- Go to Medieval Weaponry for information about the weapons used.
- Go to Medieval Armies to see who the armies where in the Medieval Years.
- Go to Medieval Siege to learn about sieging techinques.
- Go to Medieval Tactics to review the stratergies once used in battle.


- Join the Medieval Warriors to become part of the army!
- Post your Medieval Art here. Feel free to post anything from warriors to weaponry.

Useful Links: Fencing and Martial Studies and History.


[Gulius] & [Erestor]

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2005-03-09 [spiritee]: you should have Medieval Fashion ^^

2005-03-09 [Erestor]: I will do an armour one later which is more-than-less the same!

2005-03-09 [spiritee]: ooo cool~ haha nvm what i said before, i somehow missed the "warfare" part

2005-03-09 [Erestor]: :P Doesn't matter

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