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2011-06-26 18:39:01
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Medieval Total War review

There are few strategy games that keep me coming back to them after I'm done. I was pleased to have MTW as one of them. MTW is your far from simple turn based RPG that uses resources per turn to build cities, maintain armies, ready navies, and go on a conquest across your desired map. MTW features campaigns from the Crusades, the The annexation of Scotland, the Baltic Wars, and the Spanish exploration of the Americas. There are more units to name, but fall under the categories of infantry, cavalry, artillery, and projectile based units that evolve over time as your nation grows. One of the interesting things I find in this game is that after so many years in the game you receive nifty historical facts about your geographical location. Another part that I found enjoyable was that your monarch will die (by combat, assassination, or old age) and that you can see a visible family tree and how many in game years it took to build your empire. MTW is difficult to get the hang of at first. You will notice that force isn't always the best option. You are allowed to use diplomats, assassins, spies, and merchants to persuade your enemies to lay down their swords and stay out of your way or at least give you the upper hand.

I won't spoil any more for you. You can purchase this game for pretty cheap online should you be interested and I know you will.

Happy playing.
/ [Thunder Cid]

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2011-06-26 [Viking]: I highly recommend the Viking Invasion expansion.

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