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2008-05-19 05:07:17
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This is a contest about making smileys that look medieval (think knights, fair ladies and violent kings). It's OK to make them pseudo-medieval, like a knight using a computer. But bright ideas are shown with a torch, not a light bulb, and so on.

If this contest becomes popular, other themes will follow.

Images must be created by Elftowners and posted here by the original artist. Which means, no matter how much you might like a particular image on somebody's house, you are not allowed to add it here. This includes random images from the net too. MAKE YOUR OWN DARN IMAGES, DON'T STEAL THEM AND TRY TO CLAIM THEM AS YOUR OWN! That makes us angry, very angry indeed.
If you use another image to create your smiley, you must explain this when submitting it, and you must be allowed to use the other image (it can for example be another submission to this contest, see 5.).

2. Format
The smileys should be 25 pixels high and in PNG format. They should look good on any light background, but possible also on dark backgrounds.

3. Submit as much as you want
All members can submit as many smileys as they want.

To upload many images at ones, you can use the feature 'Upload a folder of images' that is shown on your house.
This feature allows you to upload one, multiple images or zip-files to a wikipage.
Once you click this link you can follow the instructions. See also uploading images.

5. Freedom to the smileys!
By submitting the smileys to this contest, you agree to that they are free for anyone to use anywhere. Others are allowed to use and to modify the smileys. But no one can take away that you made the smiley.

6. Prizes
All smileys with enough (it depend on how voters there are) votes will be used on public emotions and all smileys with less enough votes will be published on medival smileys. Your name will always be associated with the smileys and you have unlimited bragging rights. If you get 3 or more smileys on public emotions, you'll get a Masters of Building badge (or the appropriate upgrade).

Voting will take place on this page with a multivoting poll.

7. Deadline
15th of May 2008. Submissions are welcome afterwards, but it will be much harder to get enough votes then.

8. Wanted smileys
Here are some suggestions, but of course there are more. Try to make emotions not already made!

Happy, angry, crazy happy, in a hurry, loving, no clue, saint, money loving, studying, bright idea, starving, eating, authoritarian, frightened...

Other Elftown competitions

Place submissions below this paragraph. Put all your smileys with a link to your Elftown house and a name for the smiley. Make sure to have an exported Elftown house if you want a chance to get credit if the smiley is used somewhere else.

1. [Zab] - Happy swordsman. (I just wanted some image to be on the page. >_> it looked empty)

2. [Mikie9191] - medieval flag - happy

medieval flag - sad

medieval flag - sleepy

3. [Calico Tiger] - It's a Sword... What? (geesh, you pervs)

4. [Mikie9191] - weee... its a medieval castle

5. [Lady Ice] coat of arms - Happy

coat of arms - angry

Coat of arms - in love

Coat of arms - sad

Coat of arms - surprised



Another happy coat of arms

Another sad coat of arms

6. [deRevenant] - Knight in Smiling Armor (hehe)
concept: emotes in reference to ye olde medieval knight

Use the versions on medivalsmileygifs, because they are transparent!

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_19.png> - plain knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_22.png> - happy knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_21.png> - sad knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_13.png> - winking knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_2.png> - annoyed knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_1.png> - angry knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_10.png> - surprised knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_9.png> - intrigued knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_7.png> - sleeping knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_11.png> - confused knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_14.png> - crazy knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_18.png> - dead knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_16.png> - crying knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_4.png> - sick knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_8.png> - busy knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_5.png> - blushing knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_12.png> - love knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_6.png> - idea knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_25.png> - shocked knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_24.png> - rockin' knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_20.png> - demon knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_23.png> - scary knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_15.png> - old man knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_3.png> - hockey knight

<img:stuff/z/178830/emotespix37/i1208300920_17.png> - pin yin knight

[The Scarlet Pumpernickle]
















2849) Which medieval smileys do you find useful? (Administrator: [Hedda])

Number of voters: 106

Username (or number or email):


2008-03-18 [Cia_mar]: ah, now i can see the frowns!

2008-03-18 [Lady Ice]: yay! I did it... but I realized the one right before it's not right either... there! All fixed!

2008-03-18 [Cia_mar]: yay!

2008-03-18 [Calico Tiger]: Much better! I can see! :D

2008-03-18 [Hedda]: <img:stuff/sad5medieval.png>
Better, but it's really too small.

2008-03-18 [Hedda]: Tip: Right now I had the need to an old-man smiley...

2008-03-18 [Lady Ice]: its too small?? theres only a 25 pixel high limit... i cant make it bigger.

2008-03-18 [Hedda]: Well, it's too complicated to fit in that small size. At least to be viewable on my monitor.

2008-03-19 [Mikie9191]: Its quite a skill to keep it simple. Thats why I removed a load of mine :(

2008-03-26 [deRevenant]: ok then; with my submission now entered, i welcome comments/criticisms. if the entries i made are satisfactory, by all means let me know -- i will add more later since i created another set, however i wanted to first see what kind of reception the basic smileys would get ~~

2008-03-26 [Mikie9191]: I added a couple more medieval flags to my (no.2) entry. good stuff rev :) I likes it!

2008-03-26 [Hedda]: [deRevenant]: Very nice. Especially the angry and crazy ones. But what are those horns? I don't remember any helmet (It's supposed to be a helmet?) looking like that.

2008-03-27 [deRevenant]: ahh, yes about the horns hehe....well, my tactic with drawing a medieval helmet was to add just little touch of something signifying the small details such as the forged protrusions that helmets used to have....but with the 25 pixel height requirement, i had to improvise with something that fit the size.....however, i guess i'll fall back on new theory: i wanted to give some panache to the li'l guy that gives him slight bit of character/emotion, hehe :)

2008-03-27 [deRevenant]: to [Hedda] & [Mikie9191], thank you kindly :D well, the smiley knights give their thanx to you as well and so they've decided to invite more of their brethrens hehe....

2008-03-27 [Hedda]: You could use the horns to reflect the emotion actually. The horns pointing down on the angry and annoyed, and pointing in different directions in the crazy. Or maybe it's just me thinking too much cat. <img:> (Oh, the cat-smileys forgot the ear-moments too.)

2008-03-27 [Mikie9191]: is that a medieval cat? :P

2008-03-27 [deRevenant]: actually that's good point [Hedda]; after i get the other series i made you'll notice a couple smileys in which i took advantange of that that you mention it, i think it would be more fitting with a slight change for the angry & crazy knights ^__^

2008-03-27 [Hedda]: [The Scarlet Pumpernickle]: I guess that pipe-smoker is from America... There wasn't any tobacco in the old world during the medieval times. <img:stuff/cheshmak.gif> But it looks like he has glasses, and that's not medieval anywhere.

2008-03-28 [The Scarlet Pumpernickle]: lerg.. you're right. I was just following up on the "I needed an old man smily comment" ... bother. How did old men look old and medieval anyways?

2008-03-28 [Lady Ice]: they were all dead... short life span.

2008-03-28 [Cia_mar]: could make him a monk with a tonsure! he already has the hair about right for that! lol

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