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Markus Randall

Name: Markus Randall
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Personality: Extremely coarse at first glance, he never lets anyone get close. He pushes and pushes, and usually ends up pushing everyone he knows away. But the few people that have gotten close enough to actually get to know him, realize that he's a caring person. He does what he can to protect his town, and he absolutely adores children. The way he thinks is completely out of the box, sometimes called unorthodox, and frowned upon by all but his captain who see's the results it usually brings.
Description: His platinum, jawlength hair accents his icy, cold blue eyes. He wears normally dark clothes, from black, to red, sometimes even grey. He's of medium height and build, being only about 5'8" and weighing 140lbs.
Occupation: Ex military, now employed as a special forces police officer.
Weapons: Two extendible police batons, a 9mm custom issue pistol w/ laser sight, and extended barrel for improved accuracy, a standard 9mm pistol, and a 100,00v taser gun.
History: Growing up in a military centered family, he naturally joined the navy seals, and eventually was transferred to black ops, special task force. Retiring from the military early, he joined the police, unable to live a simple life given his background. He's been in the police special forces for almost a year now, taking on extreme cases, and oddities. He's always had relationship problems, always stemming from his work. He was either gone all the time, or a complete workaholic. Thus, driving partners away left and right. Recently being the latest break up, he's extremely irritable about the subject.
Sexual Preference: Men

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2012-01-11 [MyAlterEgo]: What are his flaws? lol

2012-01-11 [Dezmond]: i'm still editing xD just stopped to reply to your message~

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