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2006-06-08 13:07:45
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Marketing Art Online

by [liiga]

This article was written as a response to a conversation that took place one fine night (night for some, day for others) on an online artist community. There was a discussion about how hard it can be to get your art out there, and how it won’t market itself, no matter how good you are. Since the author has survived studies for Business and Economics bachelor’s degree, forth came the incentive to write down a few tips that others might hopefully find useful in their quest through the art world. While it has definitely expanded beyond the scope of a few short hints, the author hopes that you will find this article an interesting read and, in the best case, also useful. ;)

Also, if you have any advice to add to this, it is most welcome, and credit will be given where appropriate. :)

MAO - Part 1
MAO - Part 2
MAO - Part 3
MAO - Part 4
MAO - Conclusion

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