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2009-11-30 02:02:42
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<img:>Bronze Butterfly
<img:>Miscellaneous Green
<img:>Blue Sunflower - SOLD
<img:>LittleGreenRocks - SOLD
<img:>Celestial Dream
<img:>Rocky Mess




Artisans' Guild :-)


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2009-10-13 [Linderel]: You might want to think about joining the Artisans' Guild. :)

2009-10-13 [DarkJenni]: O.o I well take a look. ^_^

2009-10-13 [Cillamoon]: Very pretty! Thanks for the invite!

2009-10-13 [DarkJenni]: your welcome. ^_^ And thanks.

2009-10-13 [sweet.tx.tea]: I really like these! :]

2009-10-13 [smakeupfx]: lovely stuff,  well done hun :D

2009-10-13 [DarkJenni]: ^_^ thanks all.

2009-10-13 [hanhepi]: cool stuff. :)

2009-10-13 [Aeolynn]: *becomes a stalker* ... *shifty eyes*

2009-10-18 [DarkJenni]: whoo *hides*

2009-10-27 [Lodemai]: Not bad! Keep it up!

2009-11-02 [small and mighty]: Oooh pretty :)

2009-11-14 [DarkJenni]: thanks everyone. ^_^

2009-11-18 [DarkJenni]: anyone want to make me a better banner???

2010-01-13 [Company Awesome]: I like your work. I have no banner skills though, sorry. :)

2010-01-16 [DarkJenni]: awww thats ok. thanks for your comment!!

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