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2008-05-19 18:45:31
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Map Arena

RoL Arena Archive for past battles.



Map designed for tug-of war type battles.
Each position is heavily fortified.
Magic circles heal HP or count as Capture the Flag Beacons.


To encourage you young warriors to try and fight something different than Circus Maximus, I have put a reward down on other types of combat. After somebody manages to earn the current reward, a new one will be placed. Remember you get the usual reward as well as this bonus reward!

Current promoted Combat Mode is:

Two teams fight through a number of rooms. First one at the last room wins! Reward: 100 GP per room. An extra gift is added if nobody dies.

- Celia

Celia the referee was waiting in a corner, wiping some dust of her armor as no combatant had entered this arena since its creation. She was rather bored by now.

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2006-06-23 [Duredhel]: As usual, suggestions are welcome, as well as player-made maps.

2006-06-23 [Grengo]: Nifty

2008-01-31 [Grengo]: Incentives to enter other modes, eh? Well played. (b-.-)b

2008-01-31 [Blood Raven]: There will be a survival match in the Rysallean Arena soon. People can take bets on how long the fighters will survive :)

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