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Make Me A PSION!

Auditions for Psionic Characters

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  - Psionic Characters :::
     Welcome Page and Members List

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     Professions & Ranks of Psions

  - Psionic Races :::
     Species with Psionic Tendencies or Inherent Powers/Talents

  - Psionic Powers :::
     The Powers of the Mind

  - Psionic Feats :::
     Unique Abilities Gained by Experience and Rank Progression

  - Psionic Mechanics and Basic Rules :::
     How do Psionics Work?

  - Psionic Prestige Guilds :::
     Guilds, Special Groups and Organizations of Psionic Repute

  - Example Psionic Characters :::
     Some Psionic Character Examples for viewing & comparing

     So you want to play a psionic character...good for you. They're fun. But every psion has a tremendous potential for powerplaying, so this is the check-and-balance system that the WSFR uses to regulate them.

     Remember, we want good players, and as many as we can get. This is not an attempt to throw you out. This audition is mainly checking for powerplaying...if you're a fair player, we'd love to have you succeed, and you probably will.

Basic rules for psions:

  - Don't always blurt out other characters' thoughts and generally make an ass of yourself. Use discresion.

  - You're psionic. Not invincible.

  - You don't know everything going on around you. Reading a few peoples' minds doesn't make you omnipotent, even if it does give you a head-up in most fights.

  - It is quite possible for a skilled non-psionic player to defeat you. Read other characters' histories and skills, especially before deciding the outcome of their attacks.

  - Take your own skills into account as well. Your telepathy may be exceptional while you're bad at telekinesis, or whatnot. It's unlikely that you're good at everything.

  - Remember that telepathy is more common than telekinesis, and that the latter only rarely appears without the former. Exceptions are welcome, of course.

Post your character's name and a brief description of his or her powers here:


Psionic abilities:

After you've done that, just begin playing below. Of course I'll know when you begin and be ready...telepathic you know. It's over when I believe that I've seen enough to gauge your style and ability, which is probably quite quickly, just a few edits.

The reviewing officer here is [Torr-maat] / char@wiki.
Overseen by [xido] and the Wiki Fiction Roleplay Guild.
Previous Mod: [Nightshadow] / Felina Deyono (Resigned - Sabbatical)

MMAP Auditions:

  - MMAP Audition - Melcinítan
  - ...

The room is fascinating for its every corner...weapons of all sorts and artifacts from all over the universe line the walls. On the far wall, though, a large area is bare, serene and simple. In the midst of that Spartan section, on a well-made but utilitarian grass mat, sits the guild's long-eared psionic reviewer. She watches you quietly.

Username (or number or email):


2005-07-11 [melcinitan]: Not written in past tense?

2005-07-11 [Nightshadow]: That's correct, and consistent throughout the guild games I've participated in. Present is more logical to RPGs .

2005-07-11 [melcinitan]: okey, it's just that the most rpg's i've been in are in the past tenst, so forgive me if i make some mistakes

2005-07-11 [Nightshadow]: Hm. That's interesting. Most that I play are drives me straight up the wall to play past, despite being a wannabe novelist. ^^;

2005-07-11 [melcinitan]: ^_^   well, i have quite some problems with using the present form, then again i also have problems if i play in dutch rpg's, because i still tend to write along in english every now and then :P

2005-07-11 [Nightshadow]: Hee...I feel your pain, believe me. Not in the language switching thing...just switching between tenses. Confusion! @_@

2005-07-11 [melcinitan]: indeed, it can get really confusing

2005-07-13 [Nightshadow]: Huh. I didn't realize Skandinvirr was its own world. O_o *wonders where this fits into the system and realms of existance*

2005-07-13 [Nightshadow]: Melcinítan. For my own reference.

2005-07-14 [xido]: More than likely in a mostly-unexplored vast of some tendril of the Selenar System, orbiting some unknown, uncharted star.... but it is a guild world, listed on WFR Games.

2005-07-14 [Nightshadow]: I did see that. Thanks for clearing that up. :)

2005-07-15 [Nightshadow]: Sorry I wasn't on last night. Called away suddenly. ^^;

2005-11-30 [xido]: I love this page... I want to make it an official WFR/WSFR guild page that can be used for training and assessing all psionic characters pre-wiki.... It could be moderated by someone else if you so choose, Ems. I am currently re-shaping WFR's staffing and page-formats....

2005-12-02 [Nightshadow]: Mm...I'd be happy to keep modding it, just know that it'll be another two weeks before I can be in ET heavily until then. ^^ Actually, if you're reorganizing anyway, and since people actually listen to you, a message will be headed your way in about ten minutes here. :3

2005-12-22 [xido]: added as a WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs  And thank you, though sometimes it also makes me look like a tyrannical dictator... But I like doing it, so I just keep being a jerk.....  *shrugs*  x.op

2005-12-22 [Nightshadow]: Whatever works. You're talking to someone who's banned four or five people in the last two weeks. XP

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