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2006-03-05 13:58:09
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None of the Following Abilities are legal:Invincibility.Paralisis for more than 15 seconds,invisibility for more than 10 seconds,mind control,shields that can block all attacks, spells that can block all attacks, clones,poisoned weapons,cojuring monsters that can't be defeated, or energy steal.

If someone has an ability that you think is unfair tell [JoJo the Evil Monkey] and i'll check it out

Your Character sheet should look like this

Your Name:
Characters Name:
Characters Background(optional):

Once you character sheet is filled out send it to [JoJo the Evil Monkey] and i'll add you to our members list

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If you have any questions feel free to ask

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2004-06-05 [bone gnasher]: this is difficult to figure out how to make a character and how tos end it to jo jo the evilmonkey

2004-09-15 [angebob]: i am confused on how to make a char...

2005-05-29 [andromada]: i agree

2005-07-01 [BrandonDixon]: how do i make a character

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