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2008-06-11 17:48:00
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Welcome to town!

things to do:

Visit Inn: restore all HP and MP. cost- free

Visit the Magics Shop: things to buy:
Lv1 Heal spell-50 gold- uses one Mp, recover 10 Hp.

Lv1 Magic Missile(spells like fire, ice, lightning etc.) -50 gold, costs one MP, Deals 5 Damage

Upgrade spell to next level-100 gold. when you upgrade a spell, multiply the MP cost by 2 and The effect (i.e. amount of hp recovered or amount of damage dealt) by 2 as well. so if you were to level up the healing spell to level 2 it would cost 2 MP to cast and it would recover 20 HP and so on.

Visit the Bazaar Things to buy:
Herb-1 gold- recover 5 hp
M. Herb-1 gold- recover 5 mp
Potion-5 gold- recover 10 hp
M. Potion-5 gold- recover 10 mp
Large Potion of vitality-15 gold- recover 20 hp
Large Potion of Mana-20 gold- restore all MP
Revitalizing potion- 50 gold- restore all hp and mp

(armoury and weapons shop soon to be developed)

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