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2008-06-11 20:09:32
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The Sample Battle!

so here is an example of how a battle would go between player one and player two:

P1 stats |P2 stats

Player 1: accepts Player 2's challenge.
player 2: "let the best man win!"
player 1: Goes first. Attacks Player 2 with 3 damage
Player 2: takes 3 DMG. hp=20. attacks player 1 dealing 4    DMG
player 1: takes 4 dmg. hp=17. casts fire on player 2 dealing 5 damage
player 2: hp=15. slashes at player one(4 dmg)
Player 1: takes 4 DMG hp=13. "grr" gives player 20 gold and flees.
player 2: WINS! gained 1 EXP and 20 gold.

that is how it is done basically. just as long as you let your opponent know what is going on you can play however you like. you don't have to follow the example exactly, but until you get comfortable use it. And even though the example was shown up here, the actual battles will take place below in the comments area.

think you got it?

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