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All participants must know the rules and regulations as well as learn the basics of combat!

If everyone can follow the rules, the game will go smoothly. trust me, these rules are simple.
1. No Whining! if you lose you lose, there is nothing you can do about it!
2. DO NOT CHEAT! cheaters will be removed. by cheating I mean altering your stats to your liking or moving out of turn etc.
3. be considerate to other players. do not abuse other players.
4. Arena matches between players must be agreed upon. there will be no matches outside of the arena and no attacking players out of the blue.
5. follow the right way to play the game and announce clearly what you are doing.
6 players cannot challenge or be challenged by players 4 levels higher than they are.(example: a level 5 cannot challenge a level one and vice-versa)

~How the game is played out~
so you want to become a player? alright, there are some guidelines you must follow. first I will go over your stats:

HP: this stands for health points. this is how much damage you can take before you are KO'd. when this reaches 0, it's game over. hp can be recovered by using items or visiting the inn

MP: Magic points. This is how many spells you can cast. when this reaches 0 you cannot cast any more magic until it is recovered. like hp, mp can be recovered by using items or visiting the inn.

DEF: Defense. this is how much damage you can block when you defend. note, this only is in affect when you use defend, it is not always on. when you defend, the amount of damage received will be reduced by this number. the difference of the two will be inflicted upon your hp. in the case of the attack not being higher than the defense, no damage will be taken.

ATK: Attack. This is how strong you are. this stat governs how much physical damage you can deal.

SPD: Speed. how swift you can move. at the start of battle, the player with the higher speed goes first. in the case of a tie, the player with more EXP goes first. in the case of another tie, decide amongst yourselves who will go first.

What does this stand for? An overview of the other possibly confusing terms and such.

EXP: Experience points. with enough of these a player can level up, thus increasing the players strength and ability.

Lv: this stands for level. the level is how experienced the player is. the higher the level, the stronger the player.

Tnl: This stands for, To Next Level. this means how many EXP you need to reach the next level.


now onto the important stuff, how does battle play out? here is how you do it.

1. first off, you must challenge the player or accept a challenge.

2. to start, the person with the higher SPD stat goes first.

3. that person can choose to do one of the following things: Attack, Defend, Cast Magic, Use Item, or flee.

4. after that player moves it will be the next players turn. that player has the same choices the other player had.

5. the battle goes on until one persons HP drops to Zero.
It is important to keep track of your HP and MP during the course of the battle! Also important; DO NOT USE DEFEND AT THE LAST SECOND! (example of last second blocking:
player 2: casts heal on self, recovering 20 HP. Mp=4
player 1: Attacks Player 2 dealing 5 damage to HP
player 2: blocks the attack at the last second
the only way player 2 could have defended is if he used defend before player 1 attacked.)

6. be sure to announce your moves to the other player in detail. it might be a slight pain in the ass but it reduces the amount of confusion.

7. so after a player is KO'd, they must acknowledge their defeat. Please, don't be a sore loser. and as they say, to the victor go the spoils! the winner of the round receives 1 (one) EXP and 1/2 (half) of the felled foes gold. NO IF ANDS OR BUTS!

Any Questions, Ask [. finding . resolve .]

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