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2008-06-11 17:04:40
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In a time of great wonder, there is the Duel. those destined to become a duelist in the Magnificent Duel have travelled a great distance to prove themselves to be the new Magnificent Champion! many have tried to reach such a feat, but none have prevailed. The goal, nay, the dream of each duelist is to surpass the strength of the legendary Drahziel Generosa Magnificus and take the title of Magnificent Champion! grab your sword, you have been selected. your fate, as mapped by the stars, has led you to this place. Could you be the Next Champion? The only way to find out if the Blood of a truly magnificent champion flows within you is through battle. Are you ready?

Welcome one and all to the fighting extravaganza known as the Magnificent Duel! Where competitors of all class, creed, race and sex are pitted against each other. These are the proving grounds! NOW GO, FIGHT, WIN, DUEL! FOR GREAT JUSTICE!


IMPORTANT BEFORE YOU BEGIN-Magnificent Duel! Rules and such

if you are confused about the way the game is played, ask [. finding . resolve .] or view the Magnificent Duel! Sample battle to see how the flow of battle is.

Stop by the town at Magnificent Duel! Town

Go to Magnificent Duel! The Arena! to compete or watch!

To become a Combatant you must first prove your worth at the Magnificent Duel! Proving Grounds

Welcome! This is the lobby. feel free to relax and chat!

Username (or number or email):


2008-06-11 [. finding . resolve .]: Magnificent Duel! is still getting the kinks worked out but you can still join and start having fun!

2008-06-11 [. finding . resolve .]: If you wish to join I can give you the passwords to each page.

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