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While I was browsing through the daily poem pages, I suddenly struck on an idea. I love reading all the poems, but they're just one big jumble! The page was not designed for poetry to be displayed, just for it to be put on the daily poem. So, I've created a wiki page designed specially for displaying poetry by Elftown poets.

This is the beginning of what will hopefully be a fairly substantial collection of poetry by the members of Elftown. Feel free to comment, criticise, rip it apart and bash it to pieces with a big mallet...etc. Lol.

To join, just follow the link below and add your name to the list!


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2004-08-25 [livingdeadgurl]: yup and thats why all our cats are such snot bags

2004-08-25 [Lunitari]: hmmm...good point. i had a cat of Butterball...that would scratch and bite my legs if i walked away from her....*growls* mean thing she was...

2004-08-25 [Your Crying Dollie]: yep

2004-08-25 [Lunitari]: lol

2004-08-25 [livingdeadgurl]: hehe

2004-08-25 [Lunitari]: yeah. she died. or at least, i think so. she actually just vanished

2004-08-25 [Lunitari]: that was sad....

2004-08-28 [Your Crying Dollie]: oh sad

2004-08-29 [jaguargal]: Bast-Goddess of cats. Sekhemet-Goddess of warfare and the desert ^_^ the 2 kitty gods ^____^

2004-08-29 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: ^.^

2004-08-29 [jaguargal]: My friend is obssesed with Egypt so I wannted to do some research that she didn't know about ^_^;

2004-08-29 [Your Crying Dollie]: which friend, fi? is it one i know?

2004-08-30 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: Well, it's hard to avoid research of Egypt w/o having something about cats, unless it's modern egypt.

2004-08-30 [jaguargal]: YES! It is the one Darby darb was po'd with XD

2004-08-30 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: LOL! Well, I'll leave you two ol' pals to chitter chatter...^_^

2004-08-31 [jaguargal]: lol ^_^

2004-08-31 [Your Crying Dollie]: lol. sorry, we go to school together

2004-09-01 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: lol... that's alright... ^_^ That's cool!

2004-09-01 [jaguargal]: mmhmm ^_^

2004-09-03 [Lunitari]: *rides by on an elephant* isn't it wonderful? he just wandered up!

2004-09-03 [livingdeadgurl]: ooo an elephant!!

2004-09-03 [Lunitari]: *pats elephant on the shoulder* yes. isn't he beautiful? his name is dumbo! Dumbo the flying elephant!

2004-09-03 [livingdeadgurl]: nooo not dumbo blech

2004-09-03 [Lunitari]: lol *shrugs* then is name is now Babar.

2004-09-03 [livingdeadgurl]: geez how unoriganal *sighs and shakes her head in disapointment*

2004-09-03 [Lunitari]: *puts hands on hips* listen, girly, I am riding an elephant and you call me unorignial? hmmmm? okay. his name is Kunta. How's that?

2004-09-03 [Doormat]: ....kunta....i dunno about you....but that sounds wrong.

2004-09-03 [livingdeadgurl]: much betta thank you hehe and p.s. dont be callin my gurly it sounds to uggg *cringes*

2004-09-03 [Lunitari]: Kunta? what's wrong with Kunta? Kunta Kinte. It really is a name.

2004-09-03 [Lunitari]: here then, you can have this...*throws pink at you* considering i hate it as well...*throws purple at you* have it too.

2004-09-04 [Your Crying Dollie]: AHHHH! RUN FROM THE PINK!

2004-09-05 [jaguargal]: Give her a break XD

2004-09-05 [Thorgin]: Whee! Pink! ^___^ *dances around in his pink feather boa*

2004-09-05 [jaguargal]: O.o

2004-09-06 [livingdeadgurl]: *passes out from a pink overdose*

2004-09-06 [Lunitari]: Beware the terror that is....PINK!! *screams and runs from a pink elephant* ahhhhhhhh!! *stops* okay...what is it with me and elephants? *zaps elephant into a pink bunny* there...that's better???? *screams* AHHHHH BUNNIES!!!!!

2004-09-07 [Your Crying Dollie]: RUN FROM THE BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!!!

2004-09-07 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Crouches behind a tree and chases the bunnies*

2004-09-07 [Doormat]: *pulls out a shotgun* "Weee! Hunting season already?" :)

2004-09-07 [livingdeadgurl]: /e wakes up and grins* ooo shotgun hehehe

2004-09-07 [Lunitari]: *runs from the bunnies firing over her shoulder* Die, bunnie, die!!

2004-09-07 [livingdeadgurl]: *gets shot in the arm* oww dammn you watch where your shooting..........o purrdy blood.....

2004-09-07 [Lunitari]: lol... *glances at [livingdeadgurl]* Oops! Sorry bout that! It's hard to shoot and run at the same time...

2004-09-07 [livingdeadgurl]: * pokes at the bullet hole*

2004-09-07 [Lunitari]: *glances at [livingdeadgurl] again* okie-tay....*bunny leaps out of the bushes and on my head* *whirls round and round trying to get the bunny off* help! help!!

2004-09-07 [livingdeadgurl]: *giggles* surves you right for shooting me!!!

2004-09-07 [Lunitari]: *glares* thankee...thankee very much. *bangs bunny off of head* *it hops straight for you*

2004-09-07 [livingdeadgurl]: *takes out her dagger and throws it at the buny hitting it right in the head killing it instantly the walks up to it and pulls the dagger out* hmm better *goes and sits back down

2004-09-07 [Lunitari]: lol *looks at bunny* no more bunny.

2004-09-07 [livingdeadgurl]: *cleans off the dagger then puts it back in her pocket* stupid bunny dont mess wit me

2004-09-07 [Lunitari]: lol

2004-09-07 [livingdeadgurl]: hehe

2004-09-07 [Lunitari]: *juggles*

2004-09-07 [livingdeadgurl]: *watches *

2004-09-08 [Your Crying Dollie]: ummm...moo?

2004-09-08 [Doormat]: SO THATS HOW YOU SAVED CHRISTMAS!....tricky b!$#%

2004-09-08 [Lunitari]: 0_o...strange sounds are coming from the kitchen...

2004-09-08 [livingdeadgurl]: strange sounds apear to be coming from everyone.......

2004-09-08 [Your Crying Dollie]: YES! i finally got my own poetry page! i rule!

2004-09-08 [livingdeadgurl]: yayness 4 you/////////////my poetry page is my house.....and my diary

2004-09-09 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: My poetry page in on Magic Realms Poetry ... I think that's the page. If that's not it, then it's Magic Poetry Realms

2004-09-09 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: Mine is just listed as Magic Realms - Archeress's Poetry because it was too long to use my full screen name. lol

2004-09-09 [livingdeadgurl]: lol oo ok

2004-09-09 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Is bored*

2004-09-09 [livingdeadgurl]: yupyup *agrease*

2004-09-09 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: Just wandering around my wikis seeing if there's any life in any of

2004-09-09 [livingdeadgurl]: nope prolly not

2004-09-09 [Lunitari]: *flies though the air* *falls to the ground* ow...

2004-09-09 [livingdeadgurl]: carfull man....

2004-09-09 [Lunitari]: *staggers to feet* *dusts off robes* Yes well...

2004-09-10 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: Dude, you gotta be carefull about how you go flying around here, there's places of low frequencey where you just Can't fly for nothin'!

2004-09-10 [Lunitari]: *cocks eyebrow* I see. Hmmm...Yes. People keep telling me that I should stop flying...and falling through roofs...

2004-09-10 [livingdeadgurl]: hmmm yes falling through roofs is a slightly less then good idea ........i think you need sum more practise after crashing through a roof one day you might scare the little ppl that you find inside they may have a heart attack! now would you really wont that on your conshons?

2004-09-10 [Lunitari]: lol

2004-09-10 [livingdeadgurl]: hehe

2004-09-10 [Lunitari]: *laughs* *pauses* have you done that before? *has image of [livingdeadgurl] sitting on a bench giggling madly: "Buahahaa!! Those old people! Hahahaaa!! They never saw me coming!!!"*

2004-09-10 [livingdeadgurl]: hehe .....maybe.......

2004-09-10 [Lunitari]: lol

2004-09-11 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: THen on the other hand... don't old ppl take up a bit too much space here? Why don't they move over and give us young'uns some damn space! LOL! (Just kidding of course...)

2004-09-11 [livingdeadgurl]: haha yeah but i think there is better ways then breaking there roofs giving them heart attacks i mean come we could be more creative then that i mean we would have dead bodies everywere!! hehe

2004-09-11 [Your Crying Dollie]: dead bodies? sounds interesting...what did i miss?

2004-09-11 [livingdeadgurl]: read youll find out mainly flying and falling flying and crashing into pplz roofs and giving the little ppl inside heart attacks killing them hehe

2004-09-11 [Lunitari]: *falls through the roof* *stands up* like that.

2004-09-11 [livingdeadgurl]: *looks up at the hole in the roof and waves her hand around in the air and watches as it fixes itselof then sighs a littl* yup just like that

2004-09-12 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Flies through a window just upon random choice*  Hey, that's kind of fun too, just so long as you don't cut yourself up too badly. *Looks at piece of glass sticking out of her arm* That looks painful... *Pulling it out and sucking on the open bleeding wound*

2004-09-12 [livingdeadgurl]: *thinks oo blood purrdy*

2004-09-13 [Lunitari]: *eyes [livingdeadgurl]* erm...okie-tay.

2004-09-13 [livingdeadgurl]: *looks over at [Lunitari] and growels a little*

2004-09-13 [Lunitari]: *glares at you* yes?

2004-09-13 [livingdeadgurl]: *giggles and scrunches her nose then pokes ya* nuthin

2004-09-13 [Lunitari]: okay....

2004-09-13 [livingdeadgurl]: sorry strange mood i iz in..

2004-09-13 [Lunitari]: *shrugs* don happy

2004-09-13 [livingdeadgurl]: *looks at you puzzled* what is happy???

2004-09-13 [Lunitari]: its a song. i just started to say "don't worry about it" and then the song came to

2004-09-13 [livingdeadgurl]: i know its a song im not that stupid.....

2004-09-13 [Lunitari]: lol. well... you just seemed puzzled so i explained my reason for putting it on here. i don't think you're stupid.

2004-09-13 [livingdeadgurl]: mhhmm ok

2004-09-13 [Your Crying Dollie]: ummm....moo?

2004-09-14 [livingdeadgurl]: moo like a cow or moo like a person moo'ing?

2004-09-14 [Lunitari]: lol 0_o meow

2004-09-14 [Thorgin]: Meow said the cow! And the cat went woof!

2004-09-14 [livingdeadgurl]: woot! those are sum kick ass animals!

2004-09-15 [Lunitari]: how now brown cow...

2004-09-15 [livingdeadgurl]: mmm brown cows are good kaloua and milk yumm...

2004-09-15 [Thorgin]: Nah. Kahlua and milk is not bad, but I prefer to keep the Kahlua pure

2004-09-15 [livingdeadgurl]: yeah me to well actully i prefer vodka to eather of them....strait up

2004-09-16 [Lunitari]: lol....nope. Godiva chocolate martinis...*falls over*

2004-09-16 [livingdeadgurl]: mmm yummy

2004-09-19 [Your Crying Dollie]: no no no! cows go quack, ducks go moo, frogs go cluck, and chickens go ribit!

2004-09-20 [Lunitari]: lol

2004-09-21 [livingdeadgurl]: oooo right sorry i forgottled

2004-09-23 [Lunitari]: bleh *cough cough, hack!* ow! *wraps up in a blanket* grooooaaaann....

2004-09-24 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Peeks in*

2004-09-24 [Lunitari]: *peeks out from beneaht blanket* hey...

2004-09-24 [livingdeadgurl]: hola

2004-09-28 [Lunitari]: oye

2004-09-29 [livingdeadgurl]: sup?

2004-10-01 [Lunitari]: meow

2004-10-01 [Lunitari]: nada de particular................woof

2004-10-01 [livingdeadgurl]: quack

2005-03-22 [farawaygone]: hello my name is Rachael I have just made my first wiki with my poetry in it Peachirach's Poetry and I would appreciate all of your opinions due to the fact that this is the first time I have ever shared my poetry with anybody.. thankyou and I appreciate your time.

2005-03-23 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: moo.

2005-03-23 [livingdeadgurl]: quack

2005-03-24 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: roar...?

2005-03-25 [Lunitari]: *oink* ??

2005-03-25 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: purr

2005-03-25 [Doormat]: constructive

2005-03-25 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: yea... isn't it though... more conversation and less animal noises would be nice, but... I can't think of anything really.

2005-03-25 [Nekko fox]: MEOW MEOW MEOW! I WIN! -Runs of giggling, foxtail fluffed happily-

2005-03-25 [Doormat]: /applause

2005-03-25 [Nekko fox]: -Hops up into a tree branch and starts meowing happily at nothing in particular-

2005-03-26 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Pounces on a leaf and look up at nekko fow and roars long and loud* ... I win. ^_^ *Climbs the tree and sits her big tiger butt next to nekko fox and purrs*

2005-03-27 [Nekko fox]: -Crawls up onto the top of her head and begins complacently cleaning his fluffy foxtail-

2005-03-27 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Looks at nekko fow oddly then shrugs*

2005-03-27 [Nekko fox]: -Meows placidly-

2005-03-27 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Goes to sleep*

2005-03-27 [Nekko fox]: -Falls off of her head and lands in a heap below her-

2005-03-28 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Looks down at nekko fox sleepily* Oops... *Blinks*

2005-03-28 [Lunitari]: righto....

2005-03-31 [Nekko fox]: -Looks up at Archeress- ello!...

2005-03-31 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: Oie...oie *Drops tail down* want back up...?

2005-03-31 [Nekko fox]: -Bats happily at her tail, enjoying the little game-

2005-03-31 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Swishes tail high in the air with a grin* That fun?

2005-03-31 [Nekko fox]: -Paws excitedly at the tail-

2005-04-01 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Raises tial out of reach for a moment before dropping it behind nekko fox* Hehehe...

2005-04-01 [Thorgin]: *giggles at the sillyness*

2005-04-02 [Nekko fox]: -Rols over and tries to pounce on her tail-

2005-04-02 [Lunitari]: *slinks away*

2005-04-02 [Nekko fox]: -

2005-04-02 [Nekko fox]: -Turns around and dive tackles lunitari-

2005-04-03 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Pounces from tree branch on top of lunitari and nekko fox* ^_^

2005-04-03 [Nekko fox]: -giggles as he is nearly squashed flat-

2005-04-03 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Sits up licking her paw with a grin and swished her tail proudly*

2005-04-03 [Nekko fox]: -Squeaks underneath her, but it is small and in need of oxygen-

2005-04-03 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Gets up and looks at nekko fox slightly confoozled not knowing her tigerish size*

2005-04-03 [Nekko fox]: -Gasps for air-

2005-04-03 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Licks nekko foxtongue covering his entire face... gooberish grin*

2005-04-03 [Nekko fox]: -Meows, enjoying his much needed bath-

2005-04-03 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Curls up in a ball and goes to sleep*

2005-04-03 [Nekko fox]: -Hops up onto her back and curls up with a yawn-

2005-04-03 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Peeks up with one eye then drifts back to sleep* >^-.-^<

2005-04-03 [Nekko fox]: =(^.^)=

2005-04-03 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Rolls over onto her back in her sleep*

2005-04-03 [Nekko fox]: -Squeaks as he gets squished again-

2005-04-03 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Rolls back into ball again in a dream kicking at the air and purring*

2005-04-03 [Nekko fox]: -Gasps for air and hobbles off-

2005-04-03 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Still kicks at the air dreaming and purring*

2005-04-03 [Nekko fox]: -Collapses to the ground in a heap-

2005-04-03 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *jolts awake for no reason and starts to runn around like a goober*

2005-04-03 [Nekko fox]: -Coughs up blood and is still-

2005-04-03 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Looks at nekko fox ears turn forward in concern* Merp...?

2005-04-03 [Nekko fox]: -Continues lying still, most of his ribs crushed painfully close to his lungs-

2005-04-03 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *nudges nekko fox with her nose*

2005-04-03 [Nekko fox]: -Squeals in pain-

2005-04-03 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Jumps startled* MERP!! *Poutses* ^_^! *Gets idea and scampers off for alittle while*

2005-04-03 [Nekko fox]: -Lies in wretched heap on the ground-

2005-04-03 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *comes back with some magic stuff to make nekko fox all better*

2005-04-03 [Nekko fox]: -Moans quietly-

2005-04-03 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Uses magic stuff and waits watching intently*

2005-04-03 [Nekko fox]: -Sits up, and shakes his fur, now poofy AND sparkly-

2005-04-03 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Ears perk as if asking All better now? and swishes tail*

2005-04-03 [Nekko fox]: -Nods contentedly-

2005-04-03 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: *Grins and bounds around happy-clumsily*

2005-04-03 [Thorgin]: *giggles and turns into a little kitty*

2005-04-03 [Lunitari]: blah blah blah.

2005-04-04 [Nekko fox]: <img:>

2005-04-04 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: Hehehe... LOL! ^_^

2005-04-04 [Thorgin]: *giggles* That was funny.

2005-04-04 [Lunitari]: lol

2005-04-05 [Thorgin]: Back at home(refering to my mums house) we're still playing the original gameboy :D

2005-04-05 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: lol... nothin' wrong with that... it's all I have (As far as any og the gameboy systems are concerned anyhow.)

2005-04-05 [Thorgin]: I know it isn't in fact I like it. I think the best gameboy game ever is "Radar Mission". It rocked then and still rocks now!

2005-04-05 [Lunitari]: lol.

2005-04-06 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: LOL!!! No, I like goin' Old school... with Donky Kong... and stuff like that... the original Mario Bros.  YEA! LOL!

2005-04-07 [Nekko fox]: Go to and you can see more of those funny comix! ^^ I thought they were hilarious!

2005-04-07 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: Hehehe... lol I might go later... busyish now.

2006-01-21 [Pink_Pixie]: Hey everyone if you write poetry checkout my new wiki *Yours and Mine: ET Poets United*

2006-05-29 [Linderel]: Anyone alive in here? I've set up a new wiki for listing Poetry communities, and I put this wiki in there. Just thought I'd let everyone know.

2006-07-03 [Linderel]: Hear, hear! Springing forth with a challenge, the admins at Solemn Lines have decided to bring all poetry communities of Elftown together in a tournament of skill. During July, members of each community that answers our call will choose a representative among themselves - the procedure for that will be up to you, but make sure that come August, you're all ready to roll and cheer your champion on. Get ready, ladies and gentlemen, for the World Cup of Poetry, hosted by Solemn Lines!

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