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Poetry By [~Galadriel~]

[~*~In YoUr DrEaMs~*~]
You know one of these days you'll wake up,
And realize that everything you've done was messed up
How can you sit there and ask someone else to be perfect
When perfection is something you lack more then anyone
How can one person do everything so wrong
When trying to do everything just right
If you only knew how badly you've screwed up my life
The mental pain that forever crawls deep inside
The physical wounds from the beatings I didn't deserve.
It all hurts so badly
Part of me can't help but to hate you, both of you
And the other part of me has to thank you
For showing me what I don't want to be.
It's a shame I had to learn by barely holding on to my life,
Grasping on to each day as if it were my last,
Loving every minute of every chance just to get away
Hoping to fall asleep in my happiness
And never have to wake back up to the sorrow
Or the horrible sounds of my other sibling screaming
Because I couldn't get there in time to take the blame for them
Watching silently as they each tremble with fear
Knowing that they're soon to be next
Watching as each of us think the same thing
‘Gee I'm glad that's not me'
Even though you hate to see it happening to someone you love so dearly
The pain is just too much to wish upon your self
To be able to hear your own bones crack
Learning to just take it all in without even the slightest word
Not even a cry.
You wait and save your tears for when the evil is gone.
In the one place where you know you're safe.
[~*~In YoUr DrEaMs~*~]

[$$-:¦:- * °.:. ·· ..* ..::.. *.. ·· .:.° * -:¦:-$$]

[~*My RaP*~]
Hard Times~Overcome
Å Šouljah~I've Become
Love~I Want It
Šex~It aint shyt
Pimp's~On Dis Bitch
Šarah(me)~U Luv Er
Place Nothing~Åbove Er
Me~#1 on yo list
I'm Bling Blingin-Like Tha Watch On Yo Wrist.
Drugs~Keep Me Goin
Špinners On My Ride~I'm Rollin.
….lol….it's big pimpin…WORD

[$$-:¦:- * °.:. ·· ..* ..::.. *.. ·· .:.° * -:¦:-$$]

When I look into my future
I can't help but to see you
Somehow I know
That we'll still be together
In the years to come
Whether were friends or more then that
I know deep down we'll still be
But for some reason
I can't help but think
We will only be friends
No matter how much I long for us to be more
If I could,
I would spend each passing day with you as if it were my last
I would hold you every chance I got
I would stare deep into your eyes
Looking straight into the many depth of your soul
I would embrace your heart as if it were my mine.
When that day comes
When we actually get to lie next to each other and rekindle,
I'll never let you go
For I'll have you in my grasp
And I'll never let you slip into the darkness.
~By Sarah Martin
~Written 4 my best friend Terran Brown

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[~*Doesn't Matter*~]
It doesn't matter,
Black or white,
It's who you are,
And what your like,
It's not about the color of your skin,
It's who you are
Deep within.

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[~*Roses are dead*~]
Roses are dead,
Violets are too,
I'm still in love,
But not with you,
Simply b/c,
You have no class,
All you can do,
Is kiss my ass,
You sit around,
And talk your shit,
So fuck you and your little ass dick,
You tell your homies you played me like a bitch,
And I tell my girls you have a little dick,
I thought you loved me,
I thought it was true,
Well guess what motherfucker,
I played you too
~This poem I got from my best bud Samantha Simpson

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2004-04-20 [Sheona]: Wow! Your page is pretty! I like alot ^_^ I really liked the poem called doesn't matter. You managed to say so much with so few words.

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