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Poetry By [mornen dragonchild]

You walk through a creaky wooden door into what appears to be a delapidated church, pews stationed in marching ranks of five towards the alter. Your eyes are drawn toward said artifice, where you notice a large, old book covered with dust is lying. As you open the book, a bright blue-green light fills the chapel, and a draconian woman glides down from the rafters, arms extended in the universal sign of peace. "Read the songs of my heart, dear stranger, at your own pleasure or peril, and feel free to comment on any grammatical errors or misleading lines. If you wish to put any of my poems in your house or web-page, I ask that you merely ask and receive my permission before you do so, and that you give full credit for them. Please, have a seat." She motions to the pews as the crystalline tones of her harp-like voice fade away. She then leaps back up into the rafters to await anything you might have to say. You lean your head down, reading even before you sit down at the cushioned pew.

As She Sits By The Ocean

As she sits be the ocean
Hair flowing long and fair
Her mind full of worries
Of the creatures for which she cares.

As she sits by the ocean
There's a twinkle in her eye
First mistaken for tears
then known for kindness.

As she sits by the ocean
You can see her mouth moving
As she whispers the spells
For her magical healing.

As she sits by the ocean
She turns her face toward you
You are struck by her beauty
And no longer can you move.

As she sits by the ocean
A question she asks of you
"Do you know who I am,
Or has your mind gone blank too?"

As she sits by the ocean
You answer her saying,
"You are the Water Faerie,
Who takes away hurt and pain."


Green center of flame
Orange-flecked amber fire
Grey ash in the aftermath
Choking fury
Deadly claws
And fish breath
With whiskers of doom
Sharply keen ears
Clumsily graceful
The best friend that I have in my cat.

Some Haystacks Have No Needle

When you've lost something dear
And you are looking for it.
When you know that it's near,
You realize that you're a poet.

All of a sudden
You see irony in a batch
For underneath your pail of puddin'
Is a gigantic haystack.

You take your pail down
And cut the strings of straw.
Inside you find a wedding gown
And a lucky rabbit's paw.

You find a shoelace
You discover a beetle
When it occurs to you that
Some haystacks have no needle.

Freedom and Justice

Sniper's sight
Israel's light
Lebanon fights.

United we stand
We come as one
To cuff Osama ben Laden's hands.

United we stand
Divided we fall
We offer a helping hand
And answer Israel's call.

America the beautiful
Israel the free
Lost we are found
Blind we see.

Take Me

Take me somwhere else
Strong winds and tornadoes
Take me somwhere else
across the wide ocean
over the tall mountains
through the deep caverns.

Take me somewhere else
someplace calm and quiet
Take me somewhere else
someplace where I can think
where I can reminisce
a place where I can cry.

Take me somewhere else
where legend is truth
Take em somewhere else
where fae surround me
where centaurs share their wisdom
a place free of care.

A place of happiness and sorrow.
Aplace of laughter and tears.
A place of freedom and nothing but that.

Self Defense

Stomp his feet
Poke his eyes out
Crush his nuts
And wham,
          Body slam!
Twist his arm
Kick his knee
Smash his face
And wham,
          Body slam!
Kick his butt
Bind him up
Gag his mouth
And wham,
          Body slam!
Call police
Ambulance too
To pick up the lump
Of black and blue
Body Slam!

Have you ever loved?

Earth: Have you ever tasted the dew on the autumn leaves?
Lover: No, because my love fell dancing from those trees.
Earth: Have you ever felt it trickle down your throat?
Lover: No, because her blood in that dew does float.
Earth: Has it ever your dried, cracked lips appeased?
Lover: No, because her soul to my heart was the key.
Earth: Have you ever seen it sparkling on your coat?
Lover: No, because from my heart has every sparkle been smote.

Earth: Has the campfire ever warmed your cold face?
Lover: No, because that cheery light strikes me as a mace.
Earth: Have you ever felt its warmth through to your soul?
Lover: No, because my soul now is forever cold.
Earth: Has it ever kept you safe from your dark place?
Loveer: No, because the dark came upon me with too much haste.
Earth: Have you ever compared your love to that glowing coal?
Lover: No, because my love is gone my heart is empty, never full.

Earth: Has a soft breeze ever spoken to your heart?
Lover: No, because I stay locked in my eternal dark.
Earth: Have you ever felt Zephyr's sweet caress?
Lover: No, because he did not save her from her death.
Earth: Has it ever pulled together the pieces that flew apart?
Lover: No, because Apollo's arrows have found their mark.
Earth: Have you ever in your prayers that gentle wind blessed?
Lover: No, because prayers are for fools who have happiness.


Iam coming.
Can you see me gathering on the horizon?
Can you hear me rumbling in the distance?
Can you feel the pressure of my approaching?
can you smell me on the strengthening wind?
Can you taste me on the air?

I am coming.
Can you see my silver dress?
Can you hear my grey silks rustling?
Can you feel my blue-white shawl across your neck?
Can you smell my airy perfume?
Can you taste my presence above you?

I am coming.
Do you know who I am?
I am the storm.
I am coming.

Me, Wierd wonderful me

Sagitta, Artemis, Passager, Paige, Mornen, Morwen, Gladiae
Trustworthy, temperamental, tactful
Daughter of Elf and Dragon
Lover of books and celtic music
Who feels trapped in someone else's skin
Who needs books as much as food to survive
Who fears being useless in the face of Danger
Who gives willingly all the love, friendship, and care her heart can give
Who would like to see obvious magic aplenty
Resident of her own imagination
Archer, Malia, Greenwood, Tanglewood, Esse, Dragonchild, Kat'Ana.


If all the world was mine to give,
And all the seas, my home.
If all the animals would forgive,
Man for destroying their roams.
If all the winds could blow to hell,
All your cares and woes.
If all the fires could burn away,
Your eternally mortal foes...

I would take your hand and fly away.
I would kiss your lips and try to say
That I love you with all my heart.
But none of that will happen, so we fall apart.


  A tree
Strong, steady
Tired, creaking, whispering
Reaches toward the sky

  A flower
Wavy, heady
Leaning, exuding, basking
Bending with dew


Thermopylae's gates
Smell of anger and fear-sweat-
Dead to the last man.

Mona Lisa's smile
Mysteriously knowing
The thoughts within me.


A woman sewing
Hidden in an o'erstuffed chair
Secretly hearing
Those things she should never know
Will be killed for listening.

Hail to the new moon!
Hail to the starry heavens!
hail to the still pool!
Hear the night owl cry in hunt!
Hear the coyote howling!

Insubstantial Things

Where does a forgotten kiss go?
To the sky, to fall as snow?
Where does yesterday fly?
To the sea, to evaporate into the sky?
where does a wasted wish return?
To the mountains of fire to burn?
Where does lost luck fall?
To heaven, to be found in an angel's psalm?
Where does a missing memory flee?
To a bee hive, to be born as the queen?
Where do we go when we die?
Are we taken to heaven, or is that a lie?

Circle Poem

Ocean sunset
Astral projection
Loud din
Deaf man
Water walking
Age of Wonders II
King Arthur
Lady of the Lake

Extended Metaphor poem

Ice crystals form
All of them in the same way,
But each one is different
From the others.

Like poems,
Each crystal forms a pattern
Of randomly random chaos,
Then showers itself down
In increasingly wider spirals of snow.

Some crystalline poems land on their predecessors
And create white blankets that
Burn the eyes when looked on and
Make everything colder and
Keep their grip on the landscape until
The glorious sun melts them into
Myriads of droplets that
Sparkle and glisten like
The very sun who created them...

The sun that will warm the backs
Of children screaming in mock fright as
The snowballs fly toward them with
The speed of rhythmic words soon to be
Written on paper to express the poet's emotions,
Before they explode into
Flurries of ice crystals...

My Little Brother

He's a thief, he's an ass.
He thinks he's bold as brass.
When he wants to get his way,
He thinks trains will let him pass.
If you give him an inch,
He takes the whole road.
Don't give him a kiss,
He's just a normal toad.
Don't give him a smidge,
'cause he'll spoil the whole batch.
'Round his head fly spawn of the midge.
In his clothes do roaches hatch.
Infested with lice is his bed.
Don't go near him,
His stench will make you drop dead.
This, my friend, is my brother,
Feel sorry for my poor dear mother.
For his treatment of us like dirt,
His breath I'd like to smother.

Cursed World

Winds of the cyclone
Poisoned air that we breathe.
Earth that we rape
And force to conceive.
Fire, wild and rare,
That we kill with ash.
Waters of the polluted sea,
Against our dirty ships bash.
Light that we block out
With our tall smokestacks.
Dark, used by assassins and rogues
To perform their wacks.
Life that is brought
Into this cursed world.
Death that is wrought,
Long tendrils 'round our necks curled.

Dancing Flame

Cursed dancing flame
Why do you tease me thus?
Leading me into a trance,
And then betraying my trust?

For while I stare into your center,
My hair has caught afire.
Now, because I leaned too close,
Stifled is my desire.

All poems and phrases herein are copyrighted to [mornen dragonchild]. Any reproduction or selling of said lines is punishable by death.

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