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2004-11-27 06:17:27
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Poetry By [memoryofashadow]

My Ode to the world-
Teardrops fall upon my hand
Because you'll never understand
My dreams shattered like broken glass
This pain shall never come to pass
Promises broken and untold lies
I can see them all in your eyes
The distance grows between us now
Though you do not know how
You think you know who I am
But you shall never understand-

Lying in shadows
Patches of sunlight
Burning my skin
Tasting the salvation
That's so far away
Dying within
Yearning for truth
While living in
Absolute delirium
Trying to restore
Some sense of meaning
Yet creating pandimonium
No longer can tell
What is tangible
Nonexistant reality
Close my eyes
Falling deeper
Into utter insanity
Succumbing to it all
Cannot even stand
Cannot even breathe
Withering away
Lost inside my mind
Nothing is left of me-

Who am I
You don't know
Does anyone
I don't think so
Do you understand
What I am
I doubt it
No one can
Close minded
Fools of truth
All have lost
A sense of youth
Blind to life
Full of blatent lies
Don't even fight it
You don't even try
Leave me be
Prisoners of deceit
Leave me in my world
As I surrender to defeat-

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2004-06-10 [darkstarr420]: Your poetrys good but yet i wonder why you feel this way?

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