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Poetry By [ludageke]

I don't trust my heart, I can only promise lies
I can't bring myself to understand a goodbye
I see the world through a tiger's eyes
I hardly blink as days and days slip by

A weeping begins but to my demise
How I long to touch the sky
A story begins in tears and cries
With a theme no lover could sadly deny

I don't know where my heart lies
As I am still, my thoughts will fly
My heart's giving up, but my spirit still tries
My love is weak but my sould won't die

Don't trust my tongue, it only lies
My thoughts are bowing, my mind is shy
My breaking heart in sad demise
The pen becomes my solemn high

I wave, the world slowly dies
Remind me again, what this means good bye?
I see the world through a tiger's eyes
I hardly blink as days and days slip by

~Under the Roses~

Vines cover her shame
Her face, the leaves' still frame
A part of the Earth, like a charming stain
She will lay forever, but not in vain
Her heart, the green have claim
Forget what wretched name!
Her misery and love were slain
She smiles as she embraces the rain
Amoung the thorns, grows her fame
Under the roses, her fears are tame
On the ground she does remain
The once-lonely girl and the Earth's forgotten pain
.. Beautiful...the same

Love's Crying Rhyme~

if an angel let me cry upon her cloud
if the tears formed a voice and sang aloud
if my soul captured you in disillusioned truth
then only then, what say you?

if my shadow allowed me to drift behind
if my soft sorrow and yours intertwined
if love itself was crying out in tune
then only then, what say you?

a magic rhyme of the angel's doubt
the dark comfort of my shadow's solemn bow
the creative touch of my forgotten gloom
love itself, crying out for you

Maybe Now-

maybe she can dream now
of her dancing days,
moving like a graceful swan in a haughty race
maybe she can see now
wild flowers and sunshine rays
that had once ever softly caressed her face
maybe she can breathe now
her cares all gone astray
her worries gone, disappeared without a trace
maybe she can leave now
for her daughter did not cry today
no she held her head up hgih, in honor of her mother's glory days

Dear Beloved, Dear Tragedy~

What unhappy tear I should taste?
For you my dear, we bow our heads and imagine grace.
For it is this you carried, aside your pride.
And perhaps it is this, for which you died.
I never knew the honor of your eyes while they were 'wake.
Yet, a part of me still feels the ache.
One boy felt the pain of the world while he was slain.
And now it is the world whose tears fall as autumn rain.
I think some hope died while you were washed with blood, but we would not let you die in vain.
Whatever the hate these men held may have hoped to kill,
Will never die because I remember you, Matt, and promise that i always will.

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