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2004-07-16 14:45:59
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Poetry By [Indigo Butterfly]

Leave Me Alone In the Darkness

Tear my soul out and set it free
Leave me all alone in the darkness for all eternity
My heart screams come back to me
My mind says go away and never come back 
There's nothing I can do
My heart is shattered in to tiny pieces all because of you
You don't care anymore
But what if I still do, what if i still have love for you

Tear my soul out and set it free
Leave me all alone in the darkness for eternity
Let me go, let me carry on, let the tiny pieces of my heart reunite
Black light surrounds me and I try to escape
But you pull me down
Please let me go, let me breath again, that's all ask from you
I fall on the ground and start to cry
Maybe I should just die from all this pain swelling inside

Tear my soul out and set it free
Leave me all alone in the darkness for eternity
Marks of pain are made everyday
I know soon they will all go away
I found someone new he is my angel and will help me make it through
I will not love you anymore for my angel has let me see the light

Lost In The Dark

The colors slowly started to fade
Darkness and coldness started to appear
Quietness crept into the world and fear was creeping up inside of me
No moon, only stars shining dimly up above
Eyes wide open searching for unexpected creatures lurking out of the shadows
My shoes squeaked against the damp black grass
Stopping every few seconds to make sure no one else was squeaking
The wind gently blowing against my body thinking someone was breathing against my neck
Started walking more quickly, more cautiously
Hoping I would make it they're soon
I heard a strange noise, stopping dead in my tracks, turning my head every which way
Nothing in sight, kept walking faster
Praying for light, longing for comfort
After long dreadful hours that seemed like days a speck of light peeped out of the trees
Finally joy arrived inside of me, a feeling of warmth all of a sudden
Colors slowly reappeared
Little birds sang their morning song

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