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Fallen Angel

Crawling in my forlorn appearance
I hide my soul behind these tattered wings
Tattered and broken as they are
Plucked of light, stained in tears and blood.

In quiet despair upon the cold earth
Smeared in dirt I crouch upon my weary knees
And clutched timidly between my fingers
Rests one last jewel of Hope.

A single unblemished plume plucked
From the silver light of dawn
A feathered ray of light from beyond
To illuminate the void that has me bound.

This precious barb of silk
Once lost as I was and forgotten
Blazes now to immerse me in radiant bliss
To wash away the pain, draw me from the abyss.

So now I fade away…
My tender flesh removed
My shattered wings released
My inner light unsheathed… escapes.

By the Campfire

A hasty fire burns a lover's light
Cupids torch ablaze amid the night
Whose warm flames tender reserved flesh
Whilst two lovers supple limbs enmesh
Upon the cold earth where shadows lie
Amidst their fervor curious creatures spy
In the dark recesses of the forest bound
By obscurity under starlight they are found
Lying within each others warm embrace
Making love under fair cherub's grace
By the campfire these tousled lover's ache
With throws of passion till the morning wake

Thus Aware

At church on Sunday preacher spoke
Of lord and life and in me woke
A fire bright within my heart
For then my demons did depart

As he took my soul that eager hour
To lie in God’s lap like a flower

There I laid in awe of sight
Of God’s glory full with light
And peace betook me then and there
In church on Sunday thus aware

To Never Return

He was my immortal love.
Eternal light fed his veins
And he gave himself to my fangs,
For that he was a tortured angel.

Like a plague who has found it's prey
My craving could not be quenched
For I was a vampire captivated,
Undead, dying in his arms

I drank deeply of his soul,
Devouring his flesh,
I drew him deeper into my abyss.

And with every bite, his light withered
And with me his wings delved deeper.
And the more I consumed,
The more I was torn asunder.

We were both lost.
I was to die
He was to never return…

Purple Butterfly

Purple Butterfly
With gentle wings
Purple butterfly
With hopes and dreams

You skirted across tall green grass
In the eve of my sorrow
Hovering through the air
As I came to pass

Oh how fragile and innocent you were
As you landed upon a blossoming rose
And there I caught you my dear friend
Cupped in my hands in gentle repose

Oh how I loved you my purple butterfly
And never did I intend to harm thee
Or ever damage your precious wings
For my love was true and given eternally

So my purple butterfly
I have learned to let you go
To be free once again
To love on your own

Please forgive me my dear friend
May God bless you on your journey
As I now face my ultimate end
Alone this hour before me

My Forever Angel
Upon the weepy willows of his castor opal shells,
Trickled silver wisps of moon light,
Cast in the shadow of purple spells,
Before the cobalt of dawn broke the night.

Under the glades of golden heather spears,
Wept this my forever angel,
Lost now to the darkest of fears,
Crouched at the threshold of somber hell.

For folded had I been in his weary sprouts,
Through the night, seeking everlasting peace if only in name,
And through the bleakness of it all, heard I his cries and shouts,
But who was I to ever blame.

“Look, said I, not into the wounds of your heart,
But cradle my broken wings before I forever depart,
And cry not,
But hear how heaven sings”.

And there below the vault of brilliant eyes,
So wept this my forever angel,
Words could speak no goodbyes,
My all to him was lost, in love I fell.

A Tethered Knight

It was but the eternal break of dawn and the velvet hues of the passing night
Were richly infused with the spreading spears of the golden arching sunlight
And as I awoke to this dreamlike landscape over the horizon before my very sight
The chill autumn air yawned and the drowsy spell of sleep still cradled me tight

Upon my ears now played the rousing sound of little angels in sweet song all around
As I slowly stirred to my stony feet under the shade of a mighty oak tree to which I was bound
My raw hands clutching the cool bark, my feet struggling to balance on the ground
My naked back hugged the tree as I rose, the tethered ropes choking what small hope I had found

I the knight of heart felt sacrifice was like the graceful Icarus whose wings were but broken
By my soaring flight to the summit of foolish indiscretion where my many sins were thus spoken
And the gods of mount vengeance took my very flame away and threw me down to be awoken
Here thus riddled in the glory of the resurrected at the mercy of the world as a twisted token

So as I stood again betwixt my mortal binds begotten by my vice and an otherworldly grace
Knowing full well the retribution for my escape, with full force I tore at this enchanted lace
And in the soft dappled light of this last morning my aching body would one final breath embrace
With but death as my kind keeper and freedom but a waste, a final peace betook my weary face

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