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Poetry By [hermione_aislin]

Free me from your chains
My wild heart needs to fly
Please don't have me caged

Love me sweet and love me tender
Love me now until forever
Say we'll last throughout the ages
Write our love on golden pages

Full moon so bright
Help me fight
I must away
For it is May
The time of flying souls
And fires burning down to coals

Bright pinks and yellows
Glisten through the morning clouds
Starting a new day

What I Need

I need someone to love and miss
Someone to hug
Someone to kiss
Someone to care
To always be there
Someone to have and hold
Through sun and cold
Someone to talk to
To lend an ear
Someone to say I'll always be here
But most of all of the above
I need a friend
And I need love

Fantasy Walk

While walking out at twilight past
I saw faeries dance by starlight
All in circles; none were last
Their magic unique to my sight

Brilliant colors floating by
So rich and full with animation
At times thinking it was a lie
But soon banished was that notation

So inviting was their song
So enchanting was the dance
I just had to join along
Had to join in the romance

The melody was soothing
To the body, mind, and soul
The stories told were moving
Friends their only goal

The party soon grew long
They started to retire
Quickly ended was the song
Swiftly put out was their fire

Come tomorrow they said
We shall make merry once more
Go rest now; to bed
Go rest in the moore

To the gate way they took me
With kind words of praise
Meet again we shall by the sea
See us you will throughout your days

And that I did
Till I can remember
Always a kid
No dying ember

No One

In my castle of cold stone
I feel abandoned; all alone

No one's coming; no one's there
No one's coming; no one cares

No light shows through this window pane
All I hear is the falling rain

No one's coming; no one's there
No one's coming; no one cares

I scream and yell and through a fit
None can hear; not one bit

No one's coming; no one's there
No one's coming; no one cares

I've lost all hope; there's nothing more
I cry and crumble to the floor

No one's coming; no one's there
No one's coming; no one cares

Trapped within my prison mind
No escape; there's none to find

No one's coming; no one's there
No one's coming; no one cares

I gave you my heart
You shattered it to pieces
I am hollow now

Last Act

I lie here on my bed
I wish that I were dead
Please let this be the end
I have wounds no one can mend
My talents have run dry
Which is why I want to die
People will spare no thought for me
They will just let it be
These thoughts drift through my mind
For none to find
I move on today
Hoping to find a way
But there’s no straight thought
There is no plot
This is the last act
And that’s a fact
Hold your applause till the end
Farewell my friend


Words swirl around in my mind
I never know what I might find
The things I create
Don't always relate
The stuff I dream up
Won't always sum up
I like it just the same
I write not for the fame
I use my skill
And all my free will
To make my art
Come straight from the heart

A Kiss

The taste of sweet honey on my lips
A love that fills my heart with joy
That I may get a kiss so sweet

With that kiss we are bound to love forever
A love so good that I blush bright red
When you come near
A love where I think of you night and day

But alas this love is not real
It is but a dream I wish
But this dream is so wonderful that it feels real

And when I wake
I wake with a honey sweet taste
On my lips
From a kiss

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