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Poetry By [deleted, gone]

BEFORE YOU START These poem were all written by me, a high school student. Dealing with comming into adulthood. Trying to sort out my feelings. If that is, I could even identify them. Everyone of them is about a real life obsticle (may it be good or bad) that I have gone through. From lossing those close to heart, my parents divorce, messy breakups, the glryious moment when I realized I moved on, days filled with love, worries about my friends well being, maybe even my own at times. Also friendship in itself . To sum it up, it's life, mine to be exact, and every aspect of the word. So, please enjoy with an open mind. Remember. The bad will always be followed by the good, GOD will always listen, even when no one else will, and please learn through me.

Poems on.....
"moving on"

I’m standing on the riverbank.
I’m counting ripples fade away.
I’m watching the water
lap at my feet,
like childhood memories.
Around my ankles,
like childhood friends.
Countless times have I stood
On this shore
Casting and reeling.
Casting my love to you.
Reeling in all you had
to teach to me.
Thank you for teaching me
How to fish.

I'm stuck inside
this picture frame.
I'm stuck inside
my mind.
I'm stuck inside
my clouded eyes.
Everything I see
is the same.

It's hard to believe
how fast the years flew
how quickly
I've grown older
how life, while filled
with its share of sadness
always gives way
to new gladness.

the pain i feel
their pain
brother and sister
shoulder to sholder
tears blend with tears
helping each other
through the endless night
another tear gas canister goes off
another granade launched
another friend dies
full of youth
we will not surender!
we must never give up!

Once broken hearted
my heart had locked its door
promising myself
i would cry no more
I'd given up hope
and then i met you
from the first day
I saw your smiling face
your glitering eyes
I felt my heart leap
with each moment pass
each word spoken
our very first dance
each time we held hands
thats when i realized
what true love is
I had never loved before
for this special feeling
is only with you
if I had one moment
to show you
how you make me feel
I could not do enough
if I had one word to speak
to tell you
how much you mean to me
I could not express myself
you'll never know
how sorry I am
to have not realized
this long ago
you have taught me to love
in such ashort time
please dont tell me
this is goodbye.

As I look into your eyes,
I see what i've been living for.
As we walk hand in hand,
I know we will never be alone.
When you hold me in your arms,
I know I'll be safe for ever more.
While I watch you pray,
I wonder what God has in store.
When I here your gentle laughter,
I know we will be happy ever after.

Everytime the phone rings,
I seem to come alive.
My heart begins to beat.
My troubles are pushed aside.
Everytime I hear your voice,
though the miles may keep us
from eachothers side,
I find a piece of myself.
Everytime I write you a letter,
I write of my day.
Thinking, if maybe you knew,
We would be together in some way.
Everytime we say goodbye,
everytime I end a letter,
I think of how I'm missing you.
I seal my love inside.

As I lay here in my lonely bed,
I think of you as the moon.
Thoughts and prayers
swarm through my head.
Wishing you would come home soon.
For as long as you are called away,
I will be a lonely fool.
You have found your calling
as God Almighty's tool.
Though I wish you were home,
safe and at peace,
this must be in his plan.
To fight with him,
to protect this land.
From any un-holy enemy,
which may come to hand.
So while you do,
what must be done.
While you fight wars,
that must be one.
I will lay here and think,
of what could be
and most importantly pray,
that he, our Father will watch over thee;
Watch over you, as you sleep,
Dry your tears, as you may weep,
Keep you safe, on land of foes,
and most importantly.
Hold a spot for you,
as only Heaven knows.
  -Written for my dear friend Damien who is in the United States Air Force. May he come home safe!

When I was lost in sin,
and all alone.
With no one to hold me.
No where to call my home.
When I was in my darkest hour,
the tears I cried,
growing sour.
I cried out.
tilted my head back,
looked to the sky,
and screamed for help.
At that moment,
what I felt,
the love that glowed
within my heart.
The glad tidings,
which weled within my soul.
The home I found,
held no windows, doors,
locks nor floors.
I found it in him
my Lord.

One man decides
Avillain must be stopped
His reign of power crushed
His gold and oil seized,
buildings and churches
burned to the ground.
Bring his country to its knees.
Who decides when it will end?
no more civillians blood
will be shed,
to soak into the ground?
When will one less familly mourn
the loss of thier first born?

The summers gone,
The warmth of the night
The stars in the night sky
The ones in your eyes
reading my soul.
What do you see?
Is it fear?
As the wind carries
your thoughts away.
An I crying?
Am I alone?
Am I smilling?
Am I with you?
Will I ever know the truth?

across the floor.
hand in hand.
Across the beach at sunset.
beneath our toes.
Stars spalkling,
in the moonlit sky.
Fiends sharing,
of the feauture.
Tonight a memory,
of high school.
The rest of our lives,
to charish.

The sun rose,
and she stood there waiting.
Her stern face hoping, knowing, praying.
Independence her left arm craddled.
Knowing this day would soon turn fatal.
We have stood against great foes before.
Now as her children,
we turn our woes into war.
They didn't know what her tears would bring.
Washing the weary,
and making our hearts sing.
We have have pulled together
before and forever.
Our eyes they turn to her great strength.
The heart of America held high above.
The freedom which brought us to
this land that we love.

You know me you say?
The dark of my heart.
The fall of my soul.
You preach,
you teach,
fight and repeat.
While you stand behind
the walls
barbed wire,
and twisting river of flesh-eating acid.
Which believeth you is my soul
You know me?
I think not.
You know but the color of my hair.
The color of my eyes.
The depth of your own soul decieves you.
Maybe next time,
instead of looking so hard,
to find a way to knock down
these walls which are me,
you will find
the door through the barriers,
the bridge over the river.
Then you shall know the true me
and not what I have been thought to be.
Then and only then will you know me.

My heart bleeds to hear your song.
One no others have brought along.
Hold me tight in your warm grasp.
Chase the demons from my past.
Stay by my side and watch me sleep.
View my dreams,
bury the ones which make me weep.

The summers gone.
The warmth of the day.
The heat of the night.
The stars in the night sky.
The ones in your eyes,
reading my soul.
What do you see?
Is it fear?
As the wind carries
your thoughts away,
am I crying?
Am I alone?
Am I smilling?
Am I with you?
Will I ever Know the truth?

Thrust deep I beg.
Do not miss.
This hole in my heart
is yours to give.
My love grows
each moment past.
So cast the first.
Make this heart of mine burst.
No longer can I take
the lonliness
of all of this.
You say in love
your heart is mine.
I am your shroud,
your disquise.
My love is pure,
Knowing no end.
You've broken my heart.
This is our end.

In the darkness,
I see light.
I can stay,
and I can fight.
Would you know,
or even care?
The name I shout.
The love I share.
I'd fight for you.
I'd lie for you.
I'd lay by your side
and die for you.
You know me not.
I know you well.
So instead I suffer
and cry for you.
Will you find breath?
Will you find love?
Will you find the one
you've been dreaming of?
She isn't real,
She's just a shadow.
She wont be beside you
when you wake tomarrow.
I am here to ease your sorrow.

I look around
at who I see.
Those who say
they can't see me.
Then I turn
and there you are.
My friends
who will always be.
As time ticks by,
we have been tried.
Beating death and sorrow,
to meet our tomarrow.
We've had our times
with teenage drama.
Broken promises,
heartached saga.
Through it all,
you have been great.
Though I try hard
to re-create
the love and affection
you show to me.
I leave this in rememberance be.
You are my friends,
My familly.


I know men who were makeup.
Women with short hair.
Boys who carry purses.
Girls who don't care.
I know cruel remarks,
unkind jokes,
about the tight pants
someboys wear.
Snikers that state:
"What a freak, is that boy gay?!"
Yes my friend, he is.
What have you to say?
For who knows
where he'll be in 5 or 10 years?
Be it a famous lawyer?
A Dr. in N.Y. state?
May he clear a free man.
Or invent cure for aids.
Who are you to say,
"He's a waste of life,
just another flammer."
You'll change your tune,
when he fights
your disclamour.
For his is a life
not unlike yours,
or mine.
Each life is sweet.
May you be...
gay, bisexual, lesbian, or straight.
Each life is sweet
all carring,

A world full of ridicule.
A world full of shame.
To love, or to die inside,
its all the same.
I sit here and pray,
for a world of love.
For exeptance from you
and the one above.
My intensions are pure.
Your feelings are clear.
In order to love
and be loved
in this world that you fear.
I can't be myself
I'll push it away.
I'll keep you from shame.
This way that I feel.
This love that I share.
How can something so purfect,
cause so much pain.
Supress the love
so deep inside.
I'll live here
inside my endless rain.
My tears that fall
will never be the same.

All of your false promises,
You said throughout the years.
I thought, you said in love.
Now i realize, as i wipe my tears.
You just wanted to get,
in my pants.
well, tough,
I see through it all.
You never really cared.
Im done with you.
I hope you get syphillis.
Im really not that mean, but he broke my heart.
Next time it will be real.
Next time it will last forever,
as TRUE LOVE should.
Good ridance!

how you can remember,
thoughts from years ago.
While yesterday,
its just a recant blur.

I'm sorry
I told the truth
without holding back
I spoke to you
anf told no lies
opend to you
you closed your eyes.

The musics growing faster
pushed and shoved
I'm flying round
blured faces in the crowd
fist against my mouth
I bleed
still the pain
means nothing to me
feeds my hunger
music pumping harder, lust
in my blood
I feel the beat.

Goodbye Angel
I watched my angel
fly away.
Far from my reach.
All I had was a name
the past
he had preached.
The man I prayed for
day and night.
Everything a friend could be
was he.
Everything a lover could be
would he be?
The governments pawn.
God's tool.
My man
he'll never be.

If I could
I'd wipe away your tears.
If I could
I'd take away all your fears.
If I could
I'd tuck you in at night.
If I could
I'd never leave your side.

I'm stuck inside
this picture frame.
I'm stuck inside
my mind.
I'm stuck inside
my clouded eyes.
Everything I see
is the same.

It's hard to believe
how fast the years flew
how quickly
I've grown older
how life, while filled
with its share of sadness
always gives way
to new gladness.

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