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Poetry By [adnihilo]

The Summoner
The gathering clouds, the waiting storm
The darkness far deeper than the norm
The thunder rolls and beats real hard
The lightning flashes like a mirror shard
And at the center of this onslaught
Is a young child, who this storm brought
Her thin arms raised to the sky
One hand rotates to say goodbye
But her target is missed, her strength too weak
And she is struck, instead, with a thin streak
The town of evil, responsible for the death
Turned away without holding breath
For once evil won
And good undone
The child is taken up into the sky
Where her heaven is waiting nigh
So evil hasn't won
And good is not undone

Mother dear,
Now listen here
For you are not to blame
That my spirit, my soul, my flame
Is dead

I’ve been walking upright
While my heart squeezed tight
And burnt inside of me
And blew away, you see,
I’ve been walking dead

It would have happened eventually
Sooner rather than later you see
For it was bound to come
The death shall now benumb
What’s left of me

This is my goodbye
My life went awry
I’m sorry for the pain
And the fresh bloodstain
That I’ve caused on your heart

Black and white
Shades of gray, throughout my day, making my pain, that much deeper.
Shades of black, behind my back, make the struggle up, so much steeper.
Shades of white, show I’m the blight, undeserving, wish for the reaper

Sense both Tides

I can see both sides
I can sense both tides
How could any love be wrong?
But its what I have been taught for so long
Gay marriage isn’t fair, it isn’t right
For families and so they fight
Back and forth
South and north
They argue and struggle not getting anywhere
The fighting and hurting is what’s not fair
I don’t know what to think
There isn’t a missing link
I can see both sides
I can sense both tides
How can you ask me to decide?

Rose colored glasses

The sky is the limit
a wish or a dream
nothing is as it may seem

Life is enchanted
where nothing is wrong
where everybody gets along

I'm looking through rose colored glasses
the best that I've ever bought
the best, for which I fought

I've turned in my shades
for something much better
I’ve turned in my fetter

Nothing is perfect, for nothing should be
Life is about differences
Not about fences

So I've got my rose colored glasses
Firmly fixed on my nose
I hope my perspective shows

Castle of Blood
There is a castle made of blood
People go there when they die
Nobody cares and no one cries
Because, because they haven't any eyes

There is a torture chamber there
There are a hundred toys of pain
No body survives for very long
Because, because this is a morbid song

There is a lady all in black
She welcomes people to their hell
She's unlucky to see and unlucky to touch
She says, she says, "I hate you very much"

I know a place where there's no joy
I know a place where no one laughs
Laughing at all is not allowed
"Not in my castle" this she vowed

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