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Poetry By [Ylaraniala Majere]

Just Once!

The wind is blowing
The fire, it burns
Better not knowing
All of life's turns.

People, they think
"Try all things just once!"
Smoke, scream, drink
It's all right, just once.

Go crazy, head spinning
Who cares what it is
If you try it, you're winning
Just don't you dare miss.

So many believe
That losing your chance
Is a bad thing, don't leave
The mad peoples' dance!

For me, I am glad
That I'm not that way
I won't try things bad -
And like this, I'll stay.


Alone, alone, always alone.
No one here to know my name.
No one here to understand my soul.
Searing as always is the flame.

Hurting, hurting, always hurting
No one here to relieve the pain.
No one here to save my sanity.
Slowly, slowly going insane.

Drifting, drifting, always drifting
No one here to bring me back.
No one here to help me home.
Walking along the endless track.

Knowing, knowing, always knowing
No one here to care anymore.
No one here to keep me going.
Slowly my feet leave the floor.

Dying, dying, always dying
No one here to stop my death.
"No one here will care for me,"
I say with my dying breath.


What is it, the sound
That plays through your ears?
What is it, the sound
That deafens them?
Music, they say, music.

What is the feel
That opens your heart?
What is the feel
That clenches it?
Music, music.

What is the thing
That makes you laugh?
What is the thing
That makes you weep?
Music, yes, music.

What is the joy
That keeps me sane?
What is the sorrow
That makes me happy?
Music? Yes, music.


The quickest friend I've ever known,
The swiftest to make laughter shown
With dry humor and comforting smiles,
A man without those foolish wiles.
One who understands my pain
And understands the sun's foul bane,
The paleness of the full, sad moon,
The sharp sound of descending doom,
Flight of fancy, and the dark beast
Whose wings I thought forever ceased.
The one that understands the meaning
Of a soul's shadows, forever seeming
To hold in his sharp, brilliant mind
Whatever thoughts my brain shined.
My friend, dear friend, I miss you now
And I know that you don't know how
Much I miss you, no, you can't
But I don't mind, if you just grant
That we can talk once in a while.
Man I call friend, please make me smile.
Make me smile, make me laugh
Give me another draft
Of your poetic, comforting way
Please, oh please, answer me today!
You don't have to rejoin the Elftown pack,
Just come back. Please, come back.

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2004-07-14 [Lunitari]: hey your poetry's really good

2004-07-15 [Discordia]: Lovely

2004-07-21 [Ylaraniala Majere]: Thank you ^_^ These are my most recent.

2004-07-28 [Lunitari]: Ren: "lovely!!" lol...sorry...not making fun of the poetry..that's just hilarious to me...

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