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2005-04-05 06:22:59
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Poetry By [Thorgin]


I stand alone in a foreign land
with the rain thrashing my helmet
Nothing to do...but wait
the trenches are filling with water
and the mud is sucking down my boots.
The guns are roaring and dirt and shrapnel
flying through the air.
Soon we go over the top...
I take an old photo from my coat
and I gaze upon it. I see my dear wife
and the little lad. He must be 7 now.
I'll never see them again I think as I look at
the edge of the trench.
All I behold is piles of dirt and barbed wire.
The officer shouts at us to stand ready.
I kiss the photo and put it away.
We gather together and position the ladders.
The guns turn silent before the attack.
There is complete silence, not a sound is heard...
then comes the order from the captain.
We run up the ladders and over the top.
The german machineguns rattle!
My comrades fall all around me.
I weep as I run as fast as I can.
There's a burning pain in my chest.
Screaming I fall to my knees
BANG! I hold my chest and falls forwards.
I close my eyes and my blood mixes with
the rain water and the mud.
I am dead! Another victim of this insanity.

The man of my dreams
(Dedicated to the man of my dreams, whoever you are)

To caress your cheeks,
To kiss your lips,
To hold you tight.
To look into your eyes
and know you love me.

To snuggle with you
and feel your warmth.
Feeling your arms around me.
Oh what a wonderful man you are.
I never want it to end.

To be close to you all night.
To watch the sunrise with you,
Seeing the first light of dawn on your beautiful face,
Knowing that you are mine
and I am yours.


Rubberducky Rubberducky Rubberducky Bubblegum
RubberMonkey BubbleDuck Hot pot of coffee
Little froggie jumps around
The clock is dripping
Chicken ticking
Carrot goes Ka-boom!

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2004-05-06 [nicoleta]: Yay!!! Finally.....very good ;+)

2004-05-06 [Thorgin]: Thanks. I will be puttign up some old poems. I hope i'll get inspiration to write some new ones though

2005-04-05 [Thorgin]: Hmm... I haven't put up anything in a while. I really should.

2005-04-05 [Thorgin]: There. Much better... I think. I put up my latest poem "Rubbercoffee" which is my first abstract one(and also a very silly one).

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