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Poetry By [vampuric angel]

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-- she is rising--
She is rising. Yes,
she is rising. My

Earth is rising

Beware of an angry woman,
life is hers to give and take.

Everything has its limits, even
love, though what goes on is


and what survives belongs to
the light. And she is rising.

She is rising to the light:
moon and sun, grandmother and mother

to her soul, her heart.
She will not tolerate fools

or lies any longer.

Wisdom shines bright and never grows dim; those who love her and look for her can easily find her. She is quick to make herself known to anyone who desires her. Get up early in the morning to find her and you will have no problem; you will find her sitting at your door. To fasten your attention on Wisdom is to gain perfect understanding. If you look for her, you will soon find peace of mind, because she will be looking for those who are worthy of her, and she will find you whereever you are. she is kind and will be with you in your every thought.

--thou gaia art I--
the earth quivers whereever I go
in these zones of ripeness,
and sends out gentle visible waves-

through all things it vibrates in me,
wherever I happen to be
on the drifting floes-

you are the riddle under my feet
the depths in me, wherever I am
you are everywhere-

for Thou Gaia Art I

--Proud Queen--
Proud Queen of the Earth Gods, Supreme Among the Heaven Gods,
Loud Thundering Storm, you pour your rain over all the lands and all the people.
You make the heavens tremble and the earth quake.
Great Priestess, who can soothe your troubled heart?

You flash like lightning over the highlands; you throw your
firebrands across the earth.
Your deafening command, whistling like the south wind, splits
apart great mountains.
You trample the disobediant like a wild bull; heaven and earth
Holy priestess, who can soothe your troubled heart?

Your frightful cry descending from the heavens devours
its victims.
Your quivering hand causes the midday heat to hover over the
Your nighttime stalking of the heavens chills the land with its
dark breeze.

Mighty Earth, the riverbanks overflow with the flood-waves
of your heart........

--Pride-- This is from the intro to a book by silver ravenwolf

In darkness you paint us, but we will not hide.
We're the light of the country in which u abide.
We're fearless and strong, the protectors of life.
Hidden in the shadows, we conquer all strife.

We come from the old ones, our lineage secure.
We rise from the ashes, we always endure.
It's time you remembered that we were here first.
We healed your sick, yet suffered your worst.

From time immemorable we've woven our lore
cunning folks, healers, benandanti- there's more
we're black and we're white, we're brown and we're yellow
we're women and children and mighty Fine fellows.

We're her hidden children, the angels of light.
Our task is to teach and to help set things right.
We conjure and cast and whisper and pray
so you can enjoy your freedom each day.

We've long been your army, protectiing your back.
When you are in trouble, in secret we act.
The mother is watching, she hasn't missed much.
She's gathered her magick and given the touch
to witches, and pagans, and druids and such!

The times are a' changing and one thing is clear
the lord and lady have now reappered.
Two pillars, three points, and four quaters extend
Five is the number of maigickal blend.
By moon and by sun, by earth and by stars
realize this day the future is ours.

Pagan Pride

Dream it, live it, be it.


As the earth falls into winter,
a chill falls upon my soul.
I try to hide from the world
what it is not yet ready to see.
People think they understand and know me.
But they only know what i want them to,
and they understand only what they wish.
Thier eyes only see what they want to see
Their hearts makeup truths of what they want it to be.
But i know the truth and i see the reality.
because i am not one but many.
And the reality is life is harsh, unforgiving, and cold.
And so shall I be.
Do not blame me u created me to be like this
your unkind remarks, your cold empathy, your mal content.
SO know my heart plunges into the icy realm of uncaring.
and a chill falls upon my soul,
as the earth falls into winter.


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