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Poetry By [Solan]


Deception is an art, my friend
For in our lives we do pretend
To be so modest, pure and true
Lies stick to us as perfect glue

Pick a gender, choose an age
Start pretending what you're not
The pain of people is my wage
Their downfall plays my perfect plot

But what they never realize
Never have nor ever will
Them deceiving their own eyes
Is in the end my greatest kill


Muscles flexed around the bones
Breaths in calming constancy
A heart that gives off steady tones
A work of art and potency

All confused and aimlessly
My mind revolves around itself
Thoughts flatter themselves shamelessly
That all only on my behalf

Of love and hate my feelings tell
Of things a thousand more
Of troubles that noone can quell
It's hard to keep a score

All three divided, but still one
Are what you are and may become

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